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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Johnny Manziel's agent has given the Hamilton Tiger-Cats until Jan. 31 to sign the former Heisman Trophy winner.

In a statement obtained by The Canadian Press, Erik Burkhardt said the Ticats had until the end of the month "to work out a fair deal to make him their quarterback.''

If an agreement can't be reached, Burkhardt added ``we will turn our focus to several other professional options readily available to us.''

Manziel gave Burkhardt props on social media while boldly stating he'll be playing football somewhere this year.

"I'll keep grinding and let Erik Burkhardt work this thing out,'' he tweeted. "I have all the faith in the world in him during this process.

"One way or another I am getting back on a football field this year. Believe that.''

There was no comment Monday from the Ticats.

Burkhardt, who'd been silent on the Manziel front before Monday's bombshell statement, didn't specifically stipulate what constituted a "fair deal'' but he insinuated he wanted to make Manziel one of the CFL's highest-paid players.

In the statement he said: "I will tell you that we believe 'fair deal' means on par with what Hamilton has paid their QB in recent years, despite not having much on-field success.''

Former Ticats starter Zach Collaros was scheduled to be the CFL's highest-paid player this season with a salary exceeding $500,000. Hamilton dealt Collaros to Saskatchewan last week and Collaros was expected to re-work his deal with the Roughriders.

Manziel has been on Hamilton's negotiation list since his college days at Texas A&M. He captured the 2012 Heisman Trophy as U.S. college football's top player before being selected in the first round, No. 22 overall, in the 2014 NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns.

Manziel has been out of football since March 2016 when he was released by the Browns after posting a 2-6 record as their starter.

On Dec. 28, the CFL announced it would approve a contract for Manziel if one was negotiated with Ticats. That gave Hamilton 10 days to make an offer to Manziel in order to maintain his rights.

The Ticats announced Sunday they'd made a contract offer to Manziel, meaning he'd remain on their negotiation list for up to a year. That would give Hamilton plenty of time to reach a deal with Johnny Football.

But on Monday, Burkhardt issued a firm deadline to Hamilton officials while calling the CFL's negotiation list practice "an archaic and restrictive rule.'' Teams in Canada can have up to 45 players on their negotiation list, giving them exclusive CFL rights to those listed although clubs can add, remove or trade players from the list at any time.

"Their teams can claim an amateur players' rights, and essentially hold those rights into perpetuity, without any consideration or compensation for the player,'' Burkhardt added.

Burkhardt said he and Manziel were in Hamilton to meet with chief executive officer Scott Mitchell and new head coach June Jones.

"All of these interactions have been very positive and served to reinforce Johnny's excitement for coming out to play for the Tiger Cats,'' Burkhardt said.

But Burkhardt also added he asked for and received permission from Hamilton to discuss a potential trade with another unspecified club. Burkhardt added both he and Manziel met in Texas with officials from that team but Manziel opted to deal exclusively with the Ticats because of his "strong relationship with coach Jones and Hamilton executive Kent Austin.''

In August, Manziel worked out for the Ticats, who passed on making him a contract offer at that time. But Manziel's camp activated Hamilton's 10-day window, forcing the CFL club to make a decision on whether to sign or trade him.

The CFL then stepped in and extended the window for further evaluation.

The following month, Manziel met with commissioner Randy Ambrosie to discuss a resolution, which included Manziel having to fulfil certain requirements to join the league. Shortly afterward, the CFL announced the Ticats would hold Manziel's rights until Nov. 30, before extending the process again into January to continue with its due diligence.

Earlier this month, after signing a three-year contract to remain as Hamilton's head coach, Jones boldly gushed about Manziel's potential.

"I think he'd be the best player to ever play up here,'' Jones said. "He can throw it and he can run it like nobody ever has been able to do.''

Hamilton (6-12) finished third in the East Division last year and missed the CFL playoffs. The Ticats were 0-8 under Collaros before Austin resigned as head coach and was replaced on an interim basis by Jones.

Last week, the Ticats signed quarterback Jeremiah Masoli - who went 6-4 after being named Hamilton's starter by Jones - and receiver Brandon Banks to contract extensions.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Johnny Manziel is he third coming. Todd Marinovich begat Ryan Leaf who begat Johnny Manziel

I listened to SportsCage on my way to Estevan from Regina which passed time quite nice so thank you.

My two cents is Johnny Manziel flat out is a loser. It has nothing to do with drinking, drugs, domestic violence. Whether he's sober or not he is the same loser he'd be drinking so he might as well drink as he lives in fantasyland. You see his ilk in many of today's youth he just has more exposure. This guy comes from money and has in the most literal sense never lacked for a thing. He enjoys doing what he's doing which is nothing and essentially being a cartoon. There is no way he'll play in the CFL where humble and gratitude are the key words. I don't see this guy humbling himself like a Duran Carter and saying he blew chances and thank God for SJ Green to straighten him out. Who is Johnny Manziel going to listen to?

I am shocked Kent Austin is even negotiating with this guy. he is a grown man, he blew his chance, and it's not going to end well for him not in football or life.

Anonymous said...

LOL Anon #1. You're probably the 1st to put "humble" & Duron in the same sentence. Carter is a lot of things but that's not one of them. However, he's not Manziel either. Manziel & his agent don't get that Johnny's best chance now to ever get to the NFL is to play & the best place for that is the CFL. Prove himself here & the payoff comes later. Here he's just another high profile washed up NFL'er who could be a hit or miss in this game. This is the offer. Take it or leave it. We have your rights for a year. A Jan 31 deadline means nothing.

Tyler Welder said...

You must really know him well for such an insightful look into his personality. Thanks for sharing your negative thoughts on a complete stranger. Sad

Anonymous said...

He hasn't played football in 2 years. Why do people still call him Johnny football?

The way he goes about things (looking to be a headline rather than being a good player) he should be called Johnny kardashian

Anonymous said...

Zack Collaros landing in Regina on Tuesday with pen in hand to sign his new Saskatchewan Roughriders player contract. You heard it here first_ RODPEDERSEN.COM


Anonymous said...

The ruckus that broke out involving the humble Carter & another player because Carter couldn't stop talking about his 200 yard game which the team lost shouldn't have set off the teammate or coach involved because he was just his humble self. The boasting about being the greatest though he never has been close to a receiving title? Further proof of his humility. His taunt that NFL better be watching prior to the East final? Carter at his humble best. The reason he was let go by the Als before the season ended? Too much humility. Jones' admission he talked to Duron every day this season - why that was to learn how to be humble from Duron, not to keep Carter in check. Three colleges in 3 years? The coaches couldn't handle all that humility. Being called the worst teammate ever by an NFL player? Humble Duron is just misunderstood. Shall I go on, Tyler? I'm sure we'll hear more from the humble Carter within the month speaking, very humbly, of how good he is. There's a reason he wears out his welcome everywhere he goes. It'll happen in Regina & soon. Mark it down.

Anonymous said...

This pursuit of Johnny Manziel seems so out of scope with the philosophies Kent Austin and Eric Tillman. I am basing that on what I learned about them when they were here in Saskatchewan. Why would they want such a distraction on their football team? I can't help but think it is Bob Young and ownership forcing the Johnny Manziel thing in Hamilton. It just makes no sense to me at all as to why all the Ti-Cats football people are so in love with Manziel. But it makes perfect sense as to why and owner would want such a big name.

Anonymous said...

Is it safe to say he met with Montreal and didn't like the "Consequences"????

Anonymous said...

FAJARDO, nice guy, good guy. He won the Toronto Argonauts a Grey Cup championship don't you know? Ricky Ray - old bagage, training camp fodder.

Anonymous said...

Word just in, Johnny Manziel has been elected to the CFL Hall of fame

Anonymous said...

Hamilton's QB last year was the highest paid player in the league. Manziel wants to be the highest paid player in the league as a CFL rookie. Hahaha. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

You best get yourself a cloak and gavel. You are one incredibly judge full person.
Dude Johnny is doing anything. His Agent is making all the noise.
Frankly it’s about time someone challenge the CFL and their ridiculously one sided contract rules. They are so outdated.

CM said...

June Jones must never have watched Theismann, Moon or Flutie play. And Theismann was an NFL MVP and Super Bowl champ. Manziels agent is correct the negotiation list is ridiculous. It should be limited to maybe 5 players and you can't keep them on for more than 1 year. As for his client he'll either take a reasonable deal or he wont play up here. No leverage. As for Montreal, cant see any success with Kavis Reed there. Im sure he'll be pushed out if Sherman has any success.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about Duron Carter. It ain't braggin' if you can do it and he does it. On Offense and Defense. Milt Stegall did the same thing he got it done on the field and proceeded to tell people he could make a $10 pair of jeans look like a million.

There seems to be this issue with Johnny Manziel that somehow or other substance abuse is his big problem. That is not his problem that's his solution as he doesn't want to deal with his problem. I can tell you right now based on his profile this is a guy that doesn't in the least sense want to play football. He's been out for 2 years doing absolutely nothing, he hasn't changed, but he's the type of guy that can't move on.

Anonymous said...

Johnny knows he has leverage with the amount of revenue he will bring in for jersey sales and ticket sales just from his name alone. Can't say I blame him...

Anonymous said...

Ricky Ray just won his 4th Grey Cup and an argument can be made he is in the top 2 all time for two historic franchises. Cleveland is the franchise that fired Bill Belichik AND Nick Saban during their first incarnation and then drafted Johnny Manziel.

Tim from Kansas said...

So the reason people still talk about Johnny Manziel, here anyways, is simple. He ran for 1400 yards and passed for nearly 4000. In 1 year. In the same year. In only 13 games. He was about 19 years old. Leaf and Marinovich never did anything even remotely close to what Johnny did, that was not a serious comment, Johnny was about the most amazing college player ever.

Most times when I hear someone say "people in the US are all talking about _______" they really aren't. But they are talking about Johnny and they're interested, and most are kind of pulling for him to get it going again. It's easy to trash him if you want, and I know his act is dumb and he was an a$$ in Cleveland. But if you watched him in college you would know that he was totally legit as a football player. He was very young in Cleveland on a horrible team. He's still only 25 I think.

A coach's job is to bring in good players and let them compete. If Johnny is better than the other guy, he stays, if not, adios. I think there's way more upside than down side to bringing him in. I wish Coach Jones would go get him. If Johnny gets his game on track like he did in college, it possible his team might win 10 Grey Cups. It would really suck if that team was Hamilton.

Happy New Year to the Rider fans.