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Thursday, January 18, 2018


(Vancouver) The BC Lions Football Club today announced that Uzooma Okeke has been added to the team’s football operations department as its southeast regional scout.

Okeke, whose career in the CFL dates back to his days with the Shreveport Pirates in 1994, is a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame (2014) and was most recently part of the Montreal Alouettes player personnel staff.

“Having established more than 10 years of effectively scouting both Canadian and American players makes Uzooma a very valuable addition to our personnel department,” said GM Ed Hervey from Los Angeles where he is currently attending practices in advance of Saturday’s NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. “His remarkable playing career combined with his dedication to the role of a scout has given him a distinct eye for talented football players uniquely suited for the CFL.” 

A graduate of SMU, the hulking offensive tackle was a seven-time CFL All-Star and earned the league’s Most Outstanding Lineman award in 1999. He appeared in four Grey Cup games with the Als, winning in 2002. Following his retirement after the 2006 season, the Texas native joined the Montreal front office where he served through 2017.

The Lions also announced this morning that free agent camp dates in March and April are booked in six U.S. cities including San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and Seattle. The club will also stage a three-day OTA in late April at its practice facility in Surrey. BC Lions Training Camp presented by Sun Peaks Resort begins just over four months from today on Sunday, May 20 in Kamloops, BC.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I see... I see other teams now following the footprint of Mr. Chris Jones on how to build a championship football club. Free agent camps across the USA and beyond.

Doq Martin

Anonymous said...

Guess I personally have to make the phone call. Get Roughriders superstar football extradinaire Duron Carter signed here at Sask. Ill keep Riderville posted, I'll get him back on 2 year+ deal.

Mr. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Wow you think that and I am sure tomorrow you will come on and tell us he is responsible for the forward pass.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the pass where he passes the long bomb to himself and then proceeds to put 6 big uns on the scoreboard. Fantastic! Yeah Roughriders!

Anonymous said...

When has Jones built a championship team...never. Ed Harvey built the Eskimos team and before that he was an assistant or defensive coordinator so he has not yet built a championship team.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster that questions Jones building a championship team. Hasn't happened yet.

Anonymous said...

Man. That Schmo fan is sure still pissed about Jones leaving the Schmos, isn't he.

Remember when he told us that Glenn would never sign in Edmonton lol. What a tool.

Anonymous said...

Ha, a 'tool' is something usefull to do a job. The EE fan that keeps commenting here is useless, therefore not a 'tool'.