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Monday, January 15, 2018


Kevin Glenn has hit for the CFL cycle.

The 17-year veteran quarterback signed with the Edmonton Eskimos on Monday. The CFL said that makes Glenn the only player in its history to have had his rights held by all nine franchises.

Glenn envisioned achieving the milestone by signing a one-day contract with Edmonton, then retiring. But the 38-year-old Detroit native will provide depth behind incumbent Mike Reilly, the CFL's outstanding player last season.

"I didn't think it would come about like this,'' Glenn said with a chuckle during a telephone interview. "But it's a much better feeling this way.

"The way I joked about it wasn't legit, it was to make the cycle complete. This is legit.''

Glenn hasn't played for every CFL team. He was with the Ottawa Redblacks and Toronto Argonauts but was traded by both clubs before ever suiting up.

He played three separate times with the Saskatchewan Roughriders (2001-03, 2015, 2017) and twice for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2004-08, 2016).

Glenn fills a need for Edmonton, which dealt the rights to backup James Franklin to Toronto earlier this off-season for a 2017 second-round pick and Canadian offensive lineman Mason Woods. Franklin later signed a two-year deal with the Grey Cup-champion Argonauts.

Edmonton (12-6-0) was third in the competitive West Division last year before downing Winnipeg 39-32 in the conference semifinal. But the 2015 Grey Cup champions' season ended with 32-28 loss to the Calgary Stampeders in the division final.

Glenn has never won a Grey Cup but has high hopes for the Eskimos.

"They're pretty good,'' Glenn said. "To be approached by a team like that says they're looking for a couple more pieces they think they need in order to get to that next point.

"I can help them get there.''

Reilly is firmly established as Edmonton's starter but Glenn said he doesn't have to be playing to contribute.

"You need more than one quarterback and I think everyone in this league understands that,'' Glenn said. "Sometimes people don't see or talk about it but behind the scenes, especially as a starter, being able to come to the sidelines and get insight on what's going is valuable because you don't know it all and don't always see it all.

"When you've got guys on your team who can help you do that, it just makes your life a lot easier.''

Glenn threw for 4,038 yards and 25 touchdowns last year with Saskatchewan, helping the Riders reach the East Division final. He has appeared in 268 career regular-season games and stands sixth in CFL passing yards (52,867) with 294 career TDs against 207 interceptions.

Saskatchewan released Glenn after acquiring Zach Collaros from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. But the veteran quarterback didn't spend much time feeling bad - he was en route to Miami for a friend's 40th birthday party when he got the news.

"I didn't have time to sulk and dwell on what Saskatchewan did,'' he said. "But there is a silver lining when you make history and sign with a team you feel is pretty darn good and has a shot to go out and win it all this year.''

Glenn's historic achievement, though, could be short-lived. A group in Halifax is looking to bring a CFL expansion team to the Maritimes possibly by 2020.

"Now, we might have to be coming out of retirement to sign that contract if that happens,'' Glenn said. "If it's 2020 or 2021, my wife will have made me retire by then.''

(Canadian Press/Dan Ralph)


Anonymous said...

Dam it! Now Glen will never get a Grey Cup ring.

Anonymous said...

Where is the loudmouth troll Shmo fan who said it would never happen cause Edmonton was too "great" to hire Glen?

Anonymous said...

Wish him best of luck except when playing the Riders!

Anonymous said...

No picture of him with the Bombers? Those were his best years - and man was that a loooong time ago.

Anonymous said...

Haha the best part of this is ALL the jackass guus on this blog and 3downnation who so boldly said the Esks will NEVER sign Glenn....he's terrible...NEVER HAPPEN LOL...suck it losers.

Anonymous said...

I specifically said after we signed Zach that Glenn was Edmonton bound.

And his repose was ...

"Glenn will not become an Eskimo...they have Zach Kline and Eli Jenkins for the future coming, no reason to have Kevin Glenn in the Green and Gold. They aren't signing him just so he can say he played on all teams either so give it up".

I'll just leave that right there boys...

Suck it Schmos fan. Turns out us Rider fans know your team better then you. Try to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Puts to bed any notion that Kevin Glenn will not be voted into the football hall of fame! A QB who has signed with all 9 CFL teams is famous for that in and of itself, for sure - not to mention yards thrown etc. Rob Vanstone spiked the argument against Glenn going in by pointing out the list of O-line men who are in there.

Anonymous said...

With all your raves about Glenn last year & the MOP in Edmonton, I guess it's pretty obvious who has the best QB tandem in the CFL. Jones insisted all year Glenn was #1 so now they have the best QB in the league backed up by the Rider's best last year. Why would Rider fans be laughing about that? Sunderland was smart enough to trade the QB everyone was saying HAD to go to the Riders for a Cdn lineman & send him east. Jones didn't even try to trade Glenn to either Wpg or Edm but released him & got nothing. If he'd waited, he might even have got a deal from Mtl or Hamilton. He was under contract. What's the hurry? In Jones you trust.

Anonymous said...

Esks signed him....doesn't mean he will be on the roster come June. Realistically he never threw a pass in an Argos or Red Blacks uniform. Contracts are transferable I guess, but never really wore the jersey for all 9 teams. Maybe if he hangs around long enough he can sign with the Atlantic franchise in 3 years.

Anonymous said...

The idea that being on all 9 times is an 'accomplishment' that should have anything to do with being in the HOF is plainly idiotic.

What should get you in to the HOF is greatness, and as Kevin Glenn is clearly not great he should never be in the HOF. He's a loser who plays like crap in the big games. Putting him in the HOF would be a slap in the face to all QB's who are currently enshrined.

Anonymous said...

Grey Cup hosts stock up on veterans who can get you to the playoffs. That is Glenn's specialty as a backup. Then let Reilly close the deal at home. Sounds like a plan to me.

Anonymous said...

He was released out of respect.

Glenn came here knowing the plan Jones had and Glenn did what he was asked to do.

Glenn knew he wasn't the future and Jones set him free so he would be able to negotiate with whatever teams came calling.

That my friends was respect between two individuals that's none of our business.

Anonymous said...

Glenn is an excellent choice as a plan B if your starter goes down while your future is developing.

While Glenn isn't known for winning the big games, he should be more than capable of driving the car if need be.

Anonymous said...

"Glenn will not become an Eskimo...they have Zach Kline and Eli Jenkins for the future coming, no reason to have Kevin Glenn in the Green and Gold. They aren't signing him just so he can say he played on all teams either so give it up".

Ops...there it is again

Anonymous said...

Riders are all talk as per usual and they just traded for Collaros who has lost 12 straight games and will no doubt lose many more with the riders as they will no doubt be in 4th or 5th for many more years to come as Glenn finally gets the ring he wanted as a 3rd stringer in Edmonton and retires a champion just like your riders favourite QB of all time in Mr.Burris .

Anonymous said...

Well Kevin Glenn you will not be the starter but you will have a very good chance at your first Grey Cup ring now.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when athletes don't know when it's time.

Anonymous said...

Hank Snow's great country song 'I've Been Everywhere' should be updated and sung by Kevin Glenn. Could be a big seller or fund raiser.

Rod Pedersen said...

Not everyone is union-focused. He does what's best for him, and it's worked ideally for him. More should have that mindset.

Scott Thompson said...

Extremely well put Rod. 17 seasons in pro football. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Agree with that statement. I don't think though union-focused is the proper terminology if it were then the union/association contract would have a page in there with salary grids. For example a starting O-Lineman gets this in year one, and this in year five. There is a salary cap and it's up to the player to negotiate wage. In turn the team can decide to pay him $100K or $1M however if you pay your QB $1M he better be able to run as there will be no O-Line protection of any quality.

Kevin Glenn looks after himself on the business side and by all accounts is the consummate professional when he is on a team. His approach has kept him in pro football for 18+ years, and he does get results.

If more people did what was best for themselves instead of worrying what other people are doing they'd be better off. As well nobody forces you to stay in an organization. If you don't like it and can get a better deal financially or work/life balance or an opportunity to grow then you take it.

Read Lorne Harrasen's book about his career. He made good money at CKRM, at the end he went to work in government, made less money, but had time to volunteer more. He did what was best for himself.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what is Kevin Glenn doing that Jaromir Jagr hasn't done the past 10 seasons? He's turned himself into a specialist that is salary cap friendly. When this ride ends he will have the rest of his life to get into the real world, and as any former athlete it sucks.

Anonymous said...

Eff the union and all unions for that matter.

Anonymous said...

3rd stringer?? Oh please please Mr Eskimo fan who was one who said Glenn would never be in Edmomton...enlignten us poor dumb rider fans with your reasoning oh wise one

Anonymous said...

How many Grey Cups won? How many big games choked?