Realty One

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Keith Hershmiller Photography
REGINA - Jared Legien scored twice and added an assist as the Pats extended their win streak to four games with a 3-2 victory over the Brandon Wheat Kings on Wednesday night at the Brandt Centre.

The Wheat Kings opened the scoring on the poweprlay in the first and led 1-0 after one.

Matt Bradley tied it up in the second with his 25th and it was a 1-1 game after 40 minutes.

In the third, Jared Legien picked up his 15th on the powerplay and the Pats led 2-1, however Brandon responded three minutes later to tie the game. With just under 10 minutes left, Legien took a pass on the left wing, drove the net and finished on the back hand for his second of the night, 16th of the year to give Regina the 3-2 lead and that was the final score.

The Pats outshot the Wheat Kings 61-30, the powerplay was 1/4 and the penalty kill was 1/2.

Legien put up three points, Matt Bradley had a goal and an assist while Tyler Brown made 28 saves.

Quick Hits
- Jared Legien has points in all four games with the Pats (3G, 3A).
- The Pats improve to 4-0-0-0 on home ice against the Wheat Kings.
- The game was the 250th of Matt Bradley’s WHL career.

What’s Next?
The Pats (20-18-3) will be back in action on Saturday night in Swift Current against the Broncos. The game will be televised on Access 7 and the radio broadcast can be heard on 620 CKRM.

The next home game is January 7 against the Prince Albert Raiders at 7 p.m. at the Brandt Centre. Tickets are available at and the Brandt Centre Box office.

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Anonymous said...

Absolute humiliating black eye for Regina. And of course us season ticket holders will receive info via email at some point (because they really don't know the details yet, just making it up as they fly by seat of their pants) What a disgusting mess this has turned out to be.

william weppler said...

A solid outing in this one...Brandon would have been embarrassed if not for their tender tonight.

So far a great post-Xmas run and just what they needed to get some confidence back. These are such big points down the stretch as going to face the Broncos and Warriors a lot over the next 2 months.

Might be tough for Oksanen and Lockner to get back into the lineup with the way some of the "lesser knowns" have stepped up their game up lately. Legien is showing why JP made the trade and is really fitting in with Bradley line. Fleury has been solid since he came here and Mahovlich is getting more confidence and more ice time (on PK now too). 3rd line (Sidaway-Morriseau-Dubinsky) played really well tonight, and I thought Dubinsky should have got the "hit of the night" with the way he steam rolled Wheaties player in the 1st period! As JP said he plays smart and gritty for his size and age (turned 15 Dec 4th).


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this pats team can beat anybody else besides Brandon and Prince Albert I guess we will see this weekend ,but still expecting up to make some major moves before the trade deadline especially in net .I am puzzled as to what is taking JP so long to improve this team as the trade deadline fast approaches.

Anonymous said...

trade deadline will be quiet until players like Yost, Wagner and Hobbs are known for certain they are not coming back. Maybe Hobbs as Washington is deep with D on the farm and Hobbs can play a big role down the stretch. Jost isn't coming either, too bad as it worked out well for the Oilers and Draisaitl a couple of years ago. I like Brown but a 20 year old spot needs to be freed up for a big steady D man. You can get same type of goaltending from some other 19 years olds, Skinner or Ferguson ? This team will be just fine, starting to gel. I think they need 2 more D men and 2 more forwards, one with size that can play. We will see what happens in a week!

I don't trust the Warriors and Hunter when the going gets tough, I can see them being a first round casualty. We will catch Brandon for third and play Swift Current, Broncos are a fantastic 2 line team, if you can shut down the top 2 lines they are very beatable.

Anonymous said...

Legien is proving he's a solid addition. Where would we be without him in the second half. We don't have much offence and a few guys out or away. Brown was awful again last night. Their second goal was a weak effort short side goal. He caught a break on the third Brandon goal again on the weak side. The called it off for the net being knocked off that he knocked off. The radio guys said it was by a fraction. Those same plays have also been allowed. It sad when you outshoot a team 61-30 and struggle to win because of marginal and erratic goaltending.

william weppler said...

I disagree 1st No Name.

Give the Pats Organization credit for trying to make the whole weekend a great(er) experience, but also give them credit for listening to their fans who had concerns and were taking a wait & see approach, which the Organization couldn't afford to wait on. After the debacle with the cold weather, and particularly the very dangerous ice conditions, in Buffalo it is likely a good decision. Imagine if one of the players' career would have been cut short because of a injury caused by the rutty ice surface! It will still be a great weekend and the rafters should be lifting off the ole Brandt Center for the Warrior-Pats encounter in February.
I pick the very talented Warriors to come out of the Eastern Conference but don't know enough about the West yet, as Teams seems be a bit more even out there right now.

Season ticket holders get their tickets for the regularly scheduled Warriors game as usual so not out anything.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why people are so worked up over this outdoor game. The ownership group took a swing at a big event and it didn't work out. The cost of staging an event like is off the charts and their pricing was probably based on recovering costs and maybe turning a small profit. I can guarantee you the owners weren't going to get rich off of it.

I'd rather have an ownership group that takes risks and tries new things than a group who roles out the same ole same ole every year.
In the past few years they have delivered a state of the art score clock, eastern conference banner and won a memorial cup bid. What do you want?

william weppler said...

Here we go again. A win against a contending team and we complain about Brown who lets in 2 goals...the 2nd of which deflected off our D mans stick so not soft at all.
What does it take to be satisfied after 4 wins in a row? Next it will be the Brandt Center coffee is served to hot!

Anonymous said...

No team has ever cancelled an outdoor game after making plans for it. It is just the bitching and moaning of everyone in Regina about the price whenever something comes here. Do 90 percent of the people here live on welfare?

Outdoor games in other cities don't get cancelled, but they do here because of the bitching and moaning. What a joke you are Regina! Be proud of yourself!

Anonymous said...

I will admit it does suck that the outdoor game was moved indoors, I was looking forward to it and i appreciate the effort and money that the pats ownership group put into trying to make this happen, but reality is Regina just isn’t a big enough market to draw 20 plus thousand fans willing to spend the kind of money it would take to justify putting it on without ownership taking too much of a loss. I love junior hockey and at the end of the day that is just what it is junior hockey not an nhl game.

As for the welfare comment, take a look at the bigger picture, the economy is not that strong at this time, the outdoor game also has to compete against the Riders, mem cup, Brier, Eagles etc for peoples money and tough to justify spending that kind of money on a pats game for most people that live in Regina, especially when there is 35 other home dates to catch a pats game for a lot less money.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 19 says " Do 90 percent of the people here live on welfare?" Go downtown on the 20th of any month late in the day and check out any bank.

Anonymous said...

As much as I love steel he isn't the same player this year and I would consider trading steel to get a package that includes starting goalie a top forward and a dman what are your thoughts

william weppler said...

Holy Mackinaw - I thought the pot law wasn't in effect until July 1st, 2018!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those people on the 20th of the month could find their way to a precious Riders game couldn't they. Of course they could! This city is a joke. They talk about Saskatoon not supporting teams. Unless there is a beloved /=S=/ on it, they don't support squat.

Been to a Rams game? How about a Thunder game? The Pats wouldn't have f-all for crowds if there wasn't a Memorial Cup carrot dangling in front of people.

As stated, this city is a joke!