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Sunday, January 14, 2018


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Regina, SK – Anaheim Ducks prospect Josh Mahura tallied five points (1g, 4a) to lead the Regina Pats to an 8-2 win over the Calgary Hitmen on Saturday night at the Brandt Centre.

Jesse Gabrielle (2g, 1a), Sam Steel (1g, 2a), Jared Legion (1g, 3a) and Cale Fleury (3a) added three points each helping the Pats improve to 3-0 against Calgary this season.

Cael Zimmerman and Riley Stotts provided the Hitmen goals.  For Zimmerman, it was his fifth of the season while Stotts counted his 10th.  Stotts now has points in six of his last seven games. 

The Pats outshot the Hitmen 47-35 and improve to 23-19-4-0.

Quick Hits
- Josh Mahura eclipsed the 100 point mark for his career with a goal and four assists.
- Jesse Gabrielle scored his first two goals of the year as part of a three point night.
- Sam Steel has two goals and two assist in two games since returning from the World Juniors.

What’s Next?
The Pats are back in action on Wednesday night in Prince Albert. Puck drop is at 7 p.m. on 620 CKRM and Access 7. Next home game is Friday January 19 against Moose Jaw. Tickets are available at, the Brandt Centre Box office or stop by any Regina Safeway where Fun Zone tickets are just $13 plus tax.

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william weppler said...

That was a "nice to see" - reminded me of last years team the way they put the puck in the net. I know the competition was not that strongest but shows they can score a lot of goals.

Really like the new D combinations and for some reason the D are even handing out some great clean hits, which is something that has been severely lacking this year. Maybe it's confidence in their D partner knowing they are backing them if the opposition player manages gets by them.

By next Friday the boys will have another game and a few more practices under there belts so will be interesting game against the Warriors.

GO Pats GO!

Anonymous said...

Where's old man Weppler and his "It's just one game for the goalie" rhetoric. Nice vote of confidence too by the way.

Perhaps Weppler and you too Mr. Petersen should realize that the right move was made with this trade for Brown. It also gives them a 20 for next year as they start what will be a major reconstruction of this team as they look to stay competitive.

Anonymous said...

Brown who? This new kid has proven himself already.

B.O. Don said...

I believe its Mr. PEDERSEN

Andrew Wiens said...

I find it funny that so many Pats fans think that the most recent trade with the Blades was about replacing Brown with Kubic. News flash Pats fans: Paddock traded Brown so he could clear up an overage spot for Hebig. Paddock would still take Brown over Kubic all day long if he had a choice and it's pretty easy to see why. Brown was ranked 26th in the league in save% on a team that played very substandard hockey in front of him the first half of the year while Kubic was ranked 40th in save% on a team that was playing decent hockey in front of him. Brown has 32 games of playoff experience to contrast with Kubic's ZERO games, and Saskatoon was, for the most part, sitting Kupic in favour of a 16 year old. Had Kubic been the Pats goalie for the first half of the season Pats fans would have made him the team whipping boy just as readily as they did Brown.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I know it’s one game and the players are excited with their new toy but...... I’m pretty impressed with the team makeup!

Anonymous said...

That was a fun game to watch last night. The guys needed a game like that to gain some confidence and to have some fun. They will only get better and better as they start to really get to know each other and build that chemistry. Paddock made a lot of changes and it was a bit scary but I have always trusted him and have complete confidence that we are back on track. Already looking forward to the game against Moose Jaw next Friday. GO PATS GO!!

Anonymous said...

Brown watching now, as a 16 year old carries the mail in Saskatoon, while Kubic stops 92 of 95 and goes 2-0-1 in his last two starts. In fact, since joining the Pats, Kubic has a 2.31 GAA and 0.940 save% - 2nd best in the entire WHL in each category, behind only Carter Hart. Excellent upgrade Mr. Paddock! Probably see the two best goalies in the WHL (Kubic & Hart) in the WHL final.

Anonymous said...

Brown hasn't even played and won't in Saskatoon , with their star 16 year old goalie carrying the load.

Andrew Wiens said...

Except that Hart has earned his 'best goalie in the WHL' accolade through 2 and a half seasons of work, dozens of weekly honours, the title 'WHL goaltender of the year' twice, two world junior appearances winning gold once, and by being selected 48th overall by the Philadelphia Flyers in 2016. I will be waiting for the anonymous idiot(s) above to list Kubic's accomplishments other than his TWO good games with the Pats.

Anonymous said...

Brown finally started for Saskatoon Sunday and let 4 goals in on first 7 shots in first period! Go suck it, all you Brown backers, I'll take out current goalie Kubic anyday_)

Anonymous said...

Brown finally gets a start in Saskatoon and he gives up 5 goals on 14 shots half way through the game

Andrew Wiens said...

In Jordan Papirny's first game with the Broncos last year he let in 5 goals on 9 shots versus the Tigers. In the end Papirny turned out to be a terrible pick up by the Broncos didn't he Brown haters? One game or period doesn't define a career.

Andrew Wiens said...

Still waiting for Kubic's resume - anybody? Anybody at all??

Anonymous said...

Brown deserves much more from Pats fans then to be mocked for having a bad outing against the Ice.

Anonymous said...

Really shocking just how ignorant people like Andrew Weins are. I don't mean that in the insulting way. Just the Websters factual way;

ignorant: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

Ryan Kubis has a much deeper resume than Tyler Bowbic's resume is a strong team in front of him, but that is remedied now, evidenced by his spectacular numbers since joining the Regiment. Tyler Brown, by contrast, has always had the luxury of a powerhouse team in front of him, but was exposed tonight in Kootenay in front of a less superior team (allowed 7 goals on first 21 shots).

Ryan Kubic's outstanding resume:

- at 14 yrs old played for Team Manitoba U16, posted a 2.94 GAA and .907 save percentage
- at 14 years old was on the Western Canada Cup All Star Team after winning a brinze medal for his squad
- at 15 years old he played his first WHL games
- at 16 yrs old he cracked a WHL roster
- at 16 yrs old he back stopped te Brookings Blizaards (NAHL) , posting an impressive 2.74 GAA and .907 save percentage in a 20 yr old league
- at 16 yrs old he wore his countries colours in internatuonal play at the World U17, posting a 2.84 GAA for Canada White
- at 17 yrs old he played the full year in Vancouver, named the starter, playing 50 games and named Rookie of the Year
- at 18 yrs old he was again the Giants starter, playing 56 games and named unsung hero for the season
- at 19 yrs old he was aquired by the Blades and subsequently pursued and aquired by the Memorial Cup host Regina Pats

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that. I like informative posts. Read it all.

Unlike posts by Andrew that just spew hate toward a 19 year old kid. Or to Mr. Weppler. Why so much hate Andrew. What went wrong in your life.


Anonymous said...

What a Bunch Of Poor Sport Jerks in Regina. Brown is gone, he is now in Saskatoon and you assholes are still bashing him. Give the kid a break and worry about your own team. I hope he turns out to be a #1 goalie somewhere and haunts Regina to the end. Be ashamed Pat fans because you should be.

Andrew Wiens said...

In your original post you said that Kubic had a 0.940 save% which is second best in the league, therefore making him one of the two best goalies in the league along with Hart. Based on that logic I could look at any goaltender in the league and just take his stats from his two best games and, viola, give you the best tender in the league. For instance, Stuart Skinner has a 0.980 save% in his first two games with the Broncos - why doesn't that make him the best tender in the league?

Also, I asked for a resume, and it's pretty obvious from the context of your post (in which you compared Kubic to Hart) that I was asking about his WHL accomplishments which would be the most relevant to showing he is a goaltender with a skill level comparable to Hart's. You gave a bunch or irrelevant data regarding his pre-WHL experience while the WHL accomplishments that you listed barely set him apart from any other goalie in the league, let alone the elite ones.

And by the way, Travis, if my comments on this blog about the Pat's goaltending can be considered 'hateful' then it's odd that you haven't had any problem with the ignorant comments regarding Brown that have been continually appearing on this blog for the last year or so. Maybe the previous anonymous poster who appears to be a fan of Websters could look up the meaning of the term 'double standard' for you.

Anonymous said...

2-0-1 equals three.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post on Kubic's resume. I know lots of ill informed posters on here that don't realize a goaltender is not made overnight. Kubic has a vast body of work with a wealth of experience and success that spans a long period of time. I wonder how many WHL titles he might've had already had he the opportunity to play with a team like Brown has had in front of him these past two years. With Kubic back stopping those teams, we would've at least beat Seattle last season. Thanks for the very informative post. Much appreciated - a real breathe of fresh air!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Wiens wrote

"the WHL accomplishments that you listed barely set him apart from any other goalie in the league, let alone the elite ones"

Really Andrew? How many times has Brown wore the Maple Leaf in International play? Or for that matter, how many starting goalies in the WHL have that accomplishment on their resume? Some people really to pull their heads out of their asses. Jeesh!