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Thursday, January 25, 2018



Thursday, January 25, 2018 — As per league rules, all players entering the CFL must sign a minimum two year contract. James Wilder Jr. is currently entering the second year of that entry contract. We have not had any discussions with James about extending or restructuring his current contract. Nor have we had any discussions with his representation. League rules also state that teams, whether in the CFL or NFL, are prohibited from contacting any player currently under contract.

We appreciate all of the contributions James made to the Argonauts last year. We certainly hope he changes his stance and would welcome his return.


Anonymous said...

James Wilder practically single handedly got Toronto to the Grey Cup and then contributed heavily towards their win and that's the thanks he gets. There will be no more 'poor Argos' in my mind.

Anonymous said...

His contract probably has a clause stating if he doesn’t play for the Argos, he can’t play anywhere.

So he’s just exercising a clause in the contract. Just business, not a character issue.

Teams exercise contract options as they see fit. Players should also.

And his reasoning makes sense to me. I’m sure he has a plan. Good for him!!!

Anonymous said...

For $45,000 US? Why risk his future for peanuts?

Anonymous said...

Argos are contractually correct in enforcing this, but morally incorrect in enforcing it.

If a player has a chance to play in the NFL a player should be allowed to leave try out(especially if he is making the league minimum). If American players realize that the CFL presents a real opportunity to make it in the NFL the calibre of players coming from the states can only increase and thus make the CFL a better league.

The CFL needs to do something about this. Maybe the CFL could let a player go try out for the NFL, but if he comes back mid season, he doesn't accrue a year on his contract (in this instance if Wilder goes to an NFL camp and gets cut and comes back to the Argos, he would have to play the remainder of that year and the next full year under the same terms of his original contract (on a per game pay basis)).

Rider Woman Prider said...

$45K US Dollars for half a years work ain’t too bad. Once he completes that he can sign anywhere as a free agent.
I would take what Toronto is willing to add to it. Then weigh my options next year. There is no guarantee that he makes an NFL club. If he cuts and runs and wants to come back later. He’s going to start well below $100K again.

Anonymous said...

And if he blows out a knee?