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Thursday, January 4, 2018


1 - ZACH ATTACK: Zach Collaros has only been a Roughrider for 24 hours and the Rider Nation already loves him. That's the sense I got from surfing social media after Wednesday's trade which sent the 29-year old from the Steel City to the Wheat Province. He's young, he's proven, and he's spicy. I don't expect getting his contract re-worked will be an issue at all. And ardent fans will recall I called this move on December 7.

Meanwhile news came out first thing Thursday morning that the Riders have released QB Kevin Glenn. I'd be shocked if he didn't sign with Edmonton.

The cool thing for K.G. is that he can always say he started for the Riders in the first ever game at New Mosaic Stadium.

2 - HERE WE GO: Even though I'm in Arizona, I did no less than four radio interviews Wednesday on the Collaros trade and one of the questions I got was, "What version of Collaros do the Riders think they're getting?" It was a good question. They're not pulling off the lot with a brand new Mercedes. This model has 75,000 miles on it and has been in a few accidents. BUT it still looks great and will get you where you need to go in style. Mark Saskatchewan down as a serious 2018 Grey Cup contender. Zach Collaros was all they were missing.

3 - BURNING BRIDGE: So many fans asked where this trade leaves the popular Brandon Bridge, and if he regrets re-signing with the Riders in December. To me, Bridge was going to be a back-up no matter where he signed but he's thisclose to being a starter. My guess is Collaros gets the #1 reps in minicamp and training camp but if he's out-performed by Bridge, the depth chart will change in a jiffy. What a combo!

4 - GO JOHNNY GO: The trading away of Collaros is a serious sign that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are making room for Johnny Manziel. Johnny Football remains big news here in football-mad USA and it's pretty clear that all of America is pulling for his comeback. But this isn't going to be a snap and Ticats coach June Jones did Manziel NO FAVOURS by saying he could be the greatest CFL'er ever. Sheesh! There's going to be enough pressure on the kid as it is as he battles a wide range of demons. But I'll give June a pass because he's a nice man and had good intentions with his comments.

5 - FIESTA, FIESTA: We came down here for the Fiesta Bowl and Regina's Brayden Dickey (Lenius) was on the losing end of Penn State's 35-28 triumph over the Washington Huskies at University of Phoenix Stadium. The 6'3" tightend is the son of former CFL WR Troy Dickey and was raised well by his Mom Shauna. He got onto the field for about 15-20% of the Huskies plays and sprung key blocks on two TDs. He won't be in the NFL, but he'll be a surefire high draft pick in the 2019 CFL Draft. Hopefully it's by Saskatchewan.

6 - GO PATS GO: The Regina Pats won their fourth straight game on Wednesday - 3-2 at home over Brandon - and are coming back to life. I maintain complete faith in John Paddock and expect this whole Memorial Cup thing will turn out just fine. It feels good not to give up on someone or something. Go Pats Go.

7 - HAVING SAID THAT: The Pats have officially pulled the plug on their outdoor game against the Moose Jaw Warriors which was scheduled for February 18. Kudos to QCSEG for dreaming big but as one Regina sports type said to me, "People bitch about paying $20 to watch the Pats now. Why would they pay $100 to watch them outdoors in the cold?" I'm not a fan of outdoor hockey games to begin with so Wednesday's news was met with a shrug of the shoulders. Next.

8 - I TAKE IT BACK: A few weeks back I wrote that the World Juniors were a snooze fest until the medal games but last week's outdoor game between the USA and Canada in Buffalo was must-see TV. The game was fantastic but it would've been a dandy indoors too and that would've eliminated the blizzard conditions and terrible ice. The TSN commentators said, "If this was an NHL game, it would've been called." So ... the junior players aren't important enough? That whole thing bothered me a lot.

9 - HOWLIN' FOR YOU: It's very sad that there was no desert rivalry created between the Arizona Coyotes and Vegas Golden Knights. It seemed like a natural. There could've been but in this inaugural season for Vegas, the Coyotes have rolled over and played dead. They are dead-last in the NHL standings with not a lot of hope although the notion here in the Valley is "They'll be good in 2-3 years". They may be the Houston Coyotes by then. But don't let that stop you from joining us for the Riderville Arizona Tour IV on February 22 in Glendale!

10 - WASTED KNIGHTS: Nobody in sports wants to give their rivals credit for anything but come on; the fact the Vegas Golden Knights are atop the NHL's Western Conference in January is nothing short of miraculous. On Dec. 20 I said they were Stanley Cup contenders and people laughed. Some are saying it's bad for the NHL while others say the expansion rules were bent too much to give them a chance. How about giving Bill Foley, George McPhee and Gerard Gallant some credit for knowing what they were doing? Meanwhile the fact the Knights have the NHL's best home record shouldn't be a surprise. Every night is Saturday night in Vegas and that plays into the home team's hands.

Y'er welcome,


Jason Fleury said...

BC had the "problem" of having Travis Lulay as a backup QB. Having Bridge as our backup seems like a good "problem" to have.

Anonymous said...

The outdoor game of the Jrs was a joke! It goes to show people are more concerned about revenue than game quality. How can you say it was good. All these outdoor games, NHL,Juniors etc should be BANNED

Anonymous said...

1. Good call, Rod. I'm pretty sure Collaros gets a new contract done. When doesn't it happen when a team acquires a player's rights? That's why Franklin was as good as gone when traded as well. As for Glenn, no surprise he was released. To those who say get something for him, every team knows he was getting released. Glenn has a desire to sign with Edmonton to complete the cycle & would be cheap for that reason & good insurance. And the Grey Cup's there so yeah. But they like young Kline. Still, one year with Glenn is a good idea but I suspect Wpg will be putting a bid in, msybe Mtl. Edm would give Glenn a good shot at a Cup.
2. Collaros may well be the missing piece if he stays healthy & the OL protects him. Only BC & Mtl gsve up more sacks so we can't have D's put him on the ground. Both the OL & run game need to improve. Whether you like the backs or not, fact is worst in the league last year.
3. You said it. Bridge would be a backup no matter where he played. If he wins the competition, the bad news is you have a backup starting. Tnat's the truth of it.
Could be a good season for the Riders but Collaros is only a part of it - a big psrt & good for the Riders landing him. But we need an upgrade st OL, DT & some pieces @ DB. There's not much to choose between the Western clubs. As usual, free agency will be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Good post Roddy. Collaros could be a game changer, O line needs to provide protection and time to find open receivers. Feel bad for Kevin Glenn he had a good run and his career lasted much longer than his critics expected. Regina is going to be beat up about the cancellation of the outdoor game. It's alright to dream big but you have to understand your market. Whoever thought this would fly at QCSEG should be fired, ticket prices for a Junior and Alumni game were ridiculous. Next question how do they accommodate the 10,000 fans who supposedly bought outdoor game tickets in a 6400 seat indoor arena?

Evan Wiome said...

When was the last time there was this much CFL news in January?

Anonymous said...

No value in trading KG? I won't be surprised if he ends up on a contender in the west. He is still the best insurance policy to get you to the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Uh, what exactly do you mean by “spicy”? Regina’s newest bachelor on the prowl?

And what, no credit to your nemesis Kelly on his role in making Vegas a top team? The guy has an eye for talent, no doubt about it.

Gunderson’s Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Just as likely Ray ends up in Edmonton, Rod. Ray has said during his injury plagued years he'd like to coach. He & Maas are still best buddies, Edmonton is closer to home & they have a vacant QB coach position. With Franklin signed, fans much more likely to want to see Ray back than Glenn. A long shot - maybe. But don't think it hasn't been discussed between old friends. The Edmonton media had broached this even during the past season. Ray as backup/QB coach with part of his compensation as coach would be a match made in heaven. Trumps the Glenn story of playing for every team & Esks would take Ray over Glenn all day long. No offence to KG who is liked by everyone.

@mrt_man said...





Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn off to Calgary as the qb who takes the Stampeders over the top in a 2018 Grey Cup win. Stampeders addressing qb team insurance as Bo recupperates post surgery.

Lewis Grant said...

Folks, we paid as much in trade value for Collaros as the Argos paid for Franklin. Who thinks that's a good idea?

And I'll bet that Franklin will be paid FAR less this year than Collaros. Who thinks Collaros will be happy with a 50% pay cut? (And even that rate of pay would be too high.) We haven't heard anything yet about a renegotiated contract. If they haven't done it yet, then Collaros has the hammer in negotiations, because he knows we look like utter idiots if we trade a 10th overall pick only to release him.

Anonymous said...

#2 "Zach Collaros is all the Riders were missing" - Agreed. While I'm not a Collaros fan per se, the main thing the Riders were missing last year was a QB of the same calibre as Collaros.

This is what was so dissapointing with last season - the gap at QB was obvious as soon as it became apparent that there was no actual plan to replace Durant, besides, ahem, Vince Young and Kevin Glenn.

Say what you will Jones lovers, but Jones bungled the qb situation and it cost them in the playoffs - period.

I will say this, assuming a the Riders field a similar roster and system in 2018, Collaros likely has what it takes to put them over the top, its just a year late - and Jones should wear that.

Anonymous said...

How can you say Jones bungled the QB situation last year? How did Durant do in Montreal? He was over the hill by several years and Jones knew it. We will be better every year now and in the future. Durant will be released and he MAY??? be a backup or insurance player on some team but doubtful. Get over it

Anonymous said...

When you go to camp to have a 'competition for QB' featuring Kevin Glenn vs Vince Young you are already conceding the season. 2017 was a total waste of time. Like the guy said "Jones should wear that." But good trade yesterday. Now the Riders have a chance.

GPB said...

Looks like Regina just isn’t a hockey town.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Could not watch it. Horrible hockey.

Anonymous said...

Whoa cowboy. Let things play out OK. By the way, is it your money. Didn't think so. Relax.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones alluded to the fact the Riders have a receivers coach in the interview on the cage Wednesday, but never said who he is.

Any word or announcement on who their new receivers coach is?

Anonymous said...

What Durant did in montreal is immaterial,its what he or somebody else who is also better than Kevin Glenn would have done with the Rider offence last year.

Anonymous said...

3 picks and 3 qb changes, and virtually no offensivw production in the EDF, that's how.

If you have two starting qb's, you have no starting qb's.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod you always seem to forget to credit Kelly McCrimmon when you're pumping the Knight's tires. Must be an oversight I guess ...

Anonymous said...

Hey if they actually had a decent team to watch, I woulda walked up to game if weather was warmer than -15

Anonymous said...

no matter what you or scruffy say about people complaining about 20 dollar tickets. The outdoor game tickets were not $20 I would have paid a premium for them but not a $100 premium to freeze my ass.

Go Warriors Go

Anonymous said...

Haha yeah, oversight. Rod has been envious of Kelly for many years. The respect is there but Kelly has always been successful in hockey and Rod can’t stand it.