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Friday, December 1, 2017


Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

- I don't think I am alone when I look at the latest with the BC Lions and go WHAT??  I can understand the hiring of Ed Hervey as GM, but why is Wally Buono remaining the head coach? Why does Wally need to stay? Is his ego that big that he can't be eased out now? Hervey is Wally's boss, but Wally appears to be Hervey's boss.  This from a team that needs to get its you-know-what in order seeing they are sinking and may replace the Argos as the league's worst franchise.

- What does Geroy Simon think about all of this? I'm sure he walked by Wally's office every day saying this will be mine soon.

There just seem to be more questions to this than answers. At the end of the day, the Lions continue to revolve around Wally. Someone needs to tell him it is time. The problem is no one seemingly can do that and the fact they have no President at this time and an owner who looks as if he couldn't care one bit about what is going on means you get what you get.  Safe to say it will be an "interesting" year as the Lions look to get back into the playoffs.

- By the way, here's your Hot Take. With their history in Edmonton, James Franklin joins Hervey nd becomes a member of the BC Lions.  Jon Jennings had a year to forget, and the Lions will move on without him.  What Eastern team does JJ end up with?  My bet will be Montreal.

- Why?  That is what Calgary Stampeders fans are asking in the wake of their team losing the Grey Cup for a second straight season.  While Rider Nation basks in their misery, the Stampeders are wondering why a great regular season has not translated into a title.  What we saw both last year and this year are a big reason.

You may remember last year after losing in overtime that Bo Levi Mitchell took a shot at Dave Dickenson by questioning why the ball wasn't in his hands at the end of regulation.  That resulted in Ottawa winning in overtime.  This year, it was Marquay McDaniel who without hesitation threw a teammate under a bus while Bo Levi failed with the ball in his hands as he seemingly wanted.

Talk of Dave Dickenson being ousted as head coach is ludicrous - and is just a snap reaction - but there is something wrong in Calgary despite the success they are having.. The culture needs to change. Humility is never a bad thing, but humility is a word I don't think the Stampeders have in their system.   They win, and they win a lot in the regular season, but they can't back that up with a championship and it has been that way for most of the last decade.

- Does the problem fall on John Hufnagel? He is the guy bringing in these players.  They are good on the field, but as we saw with McDaniel, they may not be good off the field.

Let the soul searching begin!

--Week 13 NFL Lock of The Week --  Raiders over Giants
   Week 13 NFL Upset of The Week -- 49ers over Bears

- Did Ben McAdoo basically sign his death warrant as coach of the Giants this week? Benching Eli Manning? Yeah, Eli's the problem.  I don't really see Geno Smith being the guy who can save the G-Men's season.  If you are going to go with a younger quarterback, why not go with draft pick Davis Webb to see what he can do instead of Smith who has shown us what he can or can't do.  Say what you will about Eli, but the guy won two Super Bowls and started over 220 straight games. He doesn't deserve to go out like that.  He will have the last laugh.  Could he end up reunited with Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville next year? He has a job somewhere if he wants one.  Maybe he follows his brother's footsteps and finishes things off in Denver.

- I think it has become clear that the Steelers should play the Patriots for the right to go to the Super Bowl representing the AFC. If any team is going to throw a monkeywrench into those plans right now, I would have to think its the Chargers and they aren't even in a playoff spot right now.

- The story about the Yorkton midget hockey coach and one of his players is unfortunate on all sides.  If you take the "F" bombs out of what he said was it really that bad? Did he really say anything that other coaches wouldn't?  There is a lot of blame to go around here and the young man and his family that decided to take that tape to the media have to share some of it. They also have to realize that his hockey career may have just come to a screeching halt.

- Sad news for Derek Dorsett. The Kindersley product has to to give up the game he loves because his body simply won't co-operate anymore because of the wear and tear.  Dorsett wasn't the most gifted player on the ice, but he had a passion for the game not many have.  It's tough to see him go out like this.

- Good on the Blue Jays for doing the obvious and saying they will honour Roy Halladay on opening day. While they haven't said it yet, you have to think his jersey will be retired on that day---and an emotional day it will be.

- That's all I got. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute before criticizing BC's structure too much. Chris Jones is head coach/GM/ vice president of football operations. That makes Chris Jones the boss of Chris Jones who is the boss of Chris Jones. They do have Craig Reynolds over top of all that but he is a bean counter, not a football guy.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't yap about the Lions yet...Ed Hervey was a big reason why the Eskimos have there team where it is, three years as GM and one Grey Cup and that is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Franklin to BC? Hmmmmmm!!!

Tim said...

I liken the BC situation more to the riders in yesteryear, not the riders currently. What I'm referring to is when Ken Miller was the boss of Brendan Taman (GM) and Miller was also the Head Coach. I think it was very dysfunctional.

Anonymous said...

BC replaces Argos as biggest mess? The Argos with Trestman & Popp - the current Grey Cup champs? I can think of a couple of franchises in the East alone who are having more problems than the Argos. As for the owners, the Argo owners could buy the "rich" Riders you guys always bring up with loose change under their sofa covers. Give your head a shake.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Scruffy. Blaming the victim for the actions of the Yorkton coach. And I suppose you would have preferred the hazing incident with the Neepawa Natives a few years ago would have been kept quiet too. Bad coaching needs to be exposed and the coaches kept accountable. Sometimes I wonder if the no electronic device policy is there to protect the kids or the coaches.

Anonymous said...

I think J.Jennings will go to an NFL camp. Then the Lions will sign Franklin as a FA. Collaros will get traded to the Als as well

Anonymous said...

The Yorkton Coach did nothing wrong other than lose his cool with frustration. Can he improve his communication? Absolutely and the Respect Ed will help with that.

A kid like that is well on his way to getting the life he deserves which is his deal - basically he'll be mediocre and casting blame and flat out he most likely doesn't even want to play hockey so he now has his out. Not accepting the team concept and doing what is right that's on him.

What I heard was an old school heart and soul guy getting so frustrated he lost his marbles and it came out as it sounded like it was one thing after another. When Kevin mentions he hasn't seen his kid because he's on the phone every night - keep in mind Midget AAA is still volunteer coaching plus Kevin has a company to run.

Here is how you handle modern hockey players/families. Assume they are idiots, and assume they are unstable. They all love the coach if they are getting ice time and being featured. Half will love you the other half will hate your guts.

When he saw this guy was acting up and pouting all you say is "Bearsy I need you to do this can you do it? thanks." Quietly pack him up and send him on his way and don't tell him why or give a laundry list to anyone way, and tell Melfort he doesn't fit the plan. End of story no debate and done. When they ask why he was cut go back to "sorry he doesn't fit the plan." - then you tell Mel fort all that happened and it's on them.

This kid never had a hockey career. Keep in mind 95% of the kids at Midget AAA or even AA do not want to play hockey. They know they are not going anywhere but because they picked up no other life skills along the way they have no ability to relate to anything else so hence you get this situation. I also would not have punished him during practices - do what Jim Harbaugh does at Michigan. When someone screws up - he sits the team runs extra, as they have earned the right to get better.

Anonymous said...

I think McAdoo knows he's being fired no matter what he does so why not rock the boat completely.

Anonymous said...

Drew Willy is a free agent ...could come cheap.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Scruffy. Nothing on here about the Patsies. It seems that since they are losing more than winning and not being mentioned in the CJHL Rankings that they are sort of forgotten in Regina. Oh well didn't expect it to last long.

Anonymous said...

Both comments backing the coach are 100% correct.In AAA or even AA, you are there because of talent and if you are simply not good enough, it is up to the volunteer coach to try get the player to do his best. If the player doesn't like it, suck it up and improve and stop running back to mommy

Anonymous said...

Right on the Yorkton coach. if the language is toned down, there is no story here.

That kid's family just sewered his future. Thanks Dad!

Anonymous said...


Saw your FB post about Sportscage last night. Should this come as a surprise? The Green Zone is/has/and always will be terrible. They think they are so good, and this proves once again they are not.

CJME should just replay Gormley over and over and over if it wants to have any ratings. Does anyone listen to that station for anything other than him?


Anonymous said...

1) What a screwy situation in BC. Can no one show Wally the door? The answer is obvious

2) What did the coach in Yorkton do that is so wrong? This kid and his parents have a thin skin. Racism has nothing to do with it. The question that should be asked is why did this kid tape the conversation. That is suicide

3) Derek Dorsett's days in hockey won't be done. He can still contribute in some fashion.

4) Anyone notice the University of Tennessee can't find a head coach. What type of NCAA connections does a certain coach in the CFL who hails from that state have? Just sayin!!

Have a great weekend gentlemen!

Anonymous said...

Hey LF, Your kids probably have a room full of participation ribbons that are on display that they are extremely proud of. Parents like you and the player from Yorktons parents are the reason why a lot of kids these days are nothing but entitled little babies. The entitlement of the millennial age makes me wanna puke, and parents like you are to blame. Take a look in a mirror once and a while, your the problem, not the victim.


Scott Thompson said...

#4 comment is what scares me.

Anonymous said...

Kevin's words are truthful!

Anonymous said...

Kevin who was borderline on the verge of tears, "We only have 2 left wingers" The immortal words of young Josh Bear to the hockey community, "But I don't want them thinking I'm a versatile player." - he'll be lucky now to end up playing Junior B for the Silver Foxes which doesn't recruit but holds open try outs.

Anonymous said...

Suck it up you think coaches in the WHL and NHL don't tear certain players a new "you know what"...think again...get used to it. The typical "I'm a millennial, please don't hurt my feelings"

Anonymous said...

Re: Yorkton

The message was strong, but not wrong!

Anonymous said...

Why would geroy be feeling slighted? He is definitely not ready and wasn't even the #2 in BC.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason Beardy's has a team in the league. Go there and fit in better as Yorkton clearly is not a fit. I have coached at that level and I wouldn't put one on my team unless a top line player who can guarantee 40 goals or top elite defenseman and even then if I could find a non indigenous player of equal value I'd go that route for this exact reason . It's tough enough coaching at that level with the personalities, but you add that into the mix you are just inviting to be called a racist when you put the hammer down.

Anonymous said...

The people on here who say AAA coaches are volunteer have never seen the team budget. (My son currently plays AAA, by the way.) "The Midget AAA Yorkton RawTec Maulers have hired Kevin Rawlick..." ( Secondly, saying that his parents have ruined the kid's future only makes sense in the arena of sport fanaticism. They will never regret standing up to the coach. Thirdly, profanity is banned in most minor hockey arenas so why is it acceptable behind closed doors between an adult and a minor? (It obviously isn't acceptable even on this blog site--double standards?) Ordering this coach to complete the Respect in Sport was the correct action and only a minor slap on the wrist. Unfortunately, RIP only suggests proper coaching philosophy, but does not enforce it. Hopefully some of it sinks in with Rawlick.
Lastly, a media person blaming the family for taking the story to the media is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Who is Gormley?

Anonymous said...

How does the Yorktown coach/hockey player incident even get a news conference? Wait don't answer that ....I know the answer!!!

Anonymous said...

When i was in Howie Meeker hockey school back in the day, I turned it around and ripped old Howie Meeker a new one after he konked my helmet with his stick. Had him crying for his mommie. I didnt take anyone's crap coach, gm or not. Made it to the big show.

Big Boy Dutto

Lee said...

Ken Miller vp football operation Brendan Tanam gm ken miller coach explain the difference please

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine this kid having a sitdown with Paddock, Hunter, Vivieros or any WHL coach.

Anonymous said...

Not as hilarious as your comments LF.

Anonymous said...

Big Boy Dutto. If you made it to the big show, give us your name so we can cheer for you. Likely your big show is a beer league team. NO-ONE, I repeat NO-One who goes anywhere goes anywhere by yapping back to the coach and you lost all credibility by saying Howie went crying to his Mommie! I suggest it was the other way around

Anonymous said...

'scruffy, McDaniel has to go from Stamps