Realty One

Thursday, December 7, 2017


The Regina Pats Hockey Club is excited to host the Kelowna Rockets for Teddy Bear Toss Night presented by Global Regina on Friday night at the Brandt Centre.

Members of the Regiment are asked to bring a new, wrapped plush toy to the game. When the Pats score their first goal, fans toss the stuffed creature on the ice. Bags will be provided at the door for you to put the item in before it’s sent flying.

Won’t have time to get a plush toy before the game? Game sponsor Global TV will have a limited number on hand for purchase with proceeds going to local charity.

The Pats Store will be selling a limited number of K9 stuffed toys, for $15 on game day that you can toss as well.

Every tossed toy ends up in a good place. Regina Pat players will make some special deliveries to Regina hospitals and the Wascana Rehab Centre before Christmas, with the remaining quantities being donated to the Salvation Army, and Regina Palliative Care Inc. – Caring Hearts Camp.

Members of the media are invited to join the players who will deliver the plush toys at the Regina General Hospital on Tuesday, December 12. Please arrive at the front entrance of the building, no later than 9:45 a.m.

Tickets for Friday night are available at, the Brandt Centre Box Office or stop by any Regina Safeway to get Safeway Fun Zone tickets for just $13.


Pat the Patriot said...

Great event, which spreads cheer to those kids who cannot attend due to illness and need something nice the most at this time of year, and gives the kids well enough to attend a fun game to be at just prior to school holidays for Christmas...speaking of the stuffed toys, if you were to read the comments being posted of recent, you would be left with the impression that Brown could not stop a beach ball or one of these toys if shot at him...and in the other side of the aisle are Pats fans like Mr. Weppler who stand behind Brown and do not believe or are not convinced that an upgrade between the pipes is needed...I come down the middle on this one...he is only 20, and was a very good goalie last year. Maybe he will pick it up again, but if not, can the Pats risk it...last Memorial Cup in Regina in 2001, sorry, but the goaltending for the Pats was awful and there is a risk of a repeat even if to a lesser extent, if Paddock cannot pick up someone else...the Pats have demonstrated though that they require more than just an examination of their goalie and require more depth at forward and on has to wonder though, with the team being better last year and the chance of winning as host pretty slim, is it worth it to trade away the future even more, if there is anything left to barter with, in order to prop up the team to make it more respectable for the Memorial Cup, and when the chance of winning the Memorial Cup is remote? Or do they try to land 2 or 3 bigger name players and take a run, knowing it will be a rebuild for a few years after?

Anonymous said...

….there seems to be a lot of different beliefs about the Pats and this year's Memorial Cup. Firstly I would like to point our that the Oshawa General are below .500 right now. If I recall right they were the other main bidders for the event. Hamilton which was eliminated early in the process is sitting in 1st place in their conference…'s just stupid talk that it shouldn't be here….this is more than an event , it's a "once in a lifetime event". The Pats are 100 years old and the Memorial Cup is a 100 years old. The Pats are named after a storied Military Unit. This far more than just a Memorial Cup in that it's a generational thing….Brown or no Brown is up to management. Usually in hockey the team with the best goalie usually wins the championships. Young Stankowski outplayed Brown in last years final and Seattle won…the best and easiest upgrade any team can make is upgrade in net. Look how NHL teams put a premium on that. In the end management will decide if they do something or not. The team also needs at least four forwards and a couple of shut down d-men. …if we want to make a showing at the tournament we need to upgrade and there will be a cost…teams that are successful and trade assets don't fail beccause of losing draft picks they lose because of poor management. Portland never missed beat in the last several years only once finishing with less than 40 wins, even though the league took a bunch of picks away from them including 1st round picks for five years….. They have good management. Kelowna traded their 1st round pick last year and a bunch of other picks in the last couple. They haven't missed a beat and are in the hunt for the BC Division championship……they have great management……people shouldn't be concerned about losing picks because that's not the reason some teams fail after the Memorial Cup. The Pats have only had one first round pick in five years. ..It hasn't hurt them too much….the NHL keep kids not ready (Jost) and (Wagner) are some of the things operators have to face….If you have a McDavid calibre player he will likely be in the NHL by 18 so there is no building around him…..we have some really great talent in the wings so losing a pick or two isn't the end of the team…next year like Paddock did a few years ago Paddock could move some high end guys for top picks….we also play in the East division which looks to be much weaker nest season….you can't go in to this event luke warm...