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Sunday, December 24, 2017


Markus Howell
TSN's Farhan Lalji is reporting another assistant coach is leaving Riderville for the Lions Den.

Lalji said this weekend that receivers coach Markus Howell - who spent the past two years on Chris Jones' staff in Saskatchewan - is to become the second coach in a week to jump ship from the Riders to the BC Lions.

Last week, Rider quarterbacks coach Jarious Jackson was named the Lions' offensive coordinator.

Lalji Tweeted on Friday: "Howell had a good relationship with new Lions OC Jarious Jackson in Sask".

Prior to his time with the Riders, Howell spent five seasons as the receivers coach with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Meanwhile Lalji said he expects Jon Jennings to be back as the BC's starting quarterback in 2018. Jennings had until December 31 to "explore NFL options" but "that doesn't appear to be happening".

On another note, Argonauts quarterback James Franklin seems to be determined to head to free agency in February. A source said Friday that the Franklin camp is expecting to field offers from at least four CFL teams and that the NFL is still on the table as well.



Anonymous said...

Franklin to Sask.Rrs! Mark this post down as correct to the day he signs on the dotted line with Gm's Mr. Jones, Mr. Murphy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rod, the agent stated this. What exactly do you expect him to say? Let's see. Franklin wants to start so where to go? The Riders to compete with a young Bridge everyone in Riderland believes is his equal & with both Adams & Williams, two more young guns to keep an eye on? Sign with Toronto & compete with Ray, or not, if Ray retires? How about Montreal with zero competition unless anyone actually believes Durant will even be around past January 15 to collect a 150k bonus? It makes a LOT of sense to drive up his price with a bunch of teams vying for him. It makes NO sense to sign with the Riders. TO & the Riders both have bags of money. Als, with the 3 yr 1.25MM Durant deal off the books have lots to play with as well. Best thing for the league is for him to land in TO, not Regina. Still saying he stays where he is. Lalji is a pretty good source for inside info. If he says Franklin & Jones' relationship wasn't positive, I'll buy that.

3RD and 1 said...

You would think that after the EE traded away Franklin... a very soon to be free agent. That Franklin would have signed something by now with Toronto if he was going to sign anything at all. I know he is getting some looks by NFL teams but there isn’t enough film or work out times for an NFL team to commit. Franklin will be in the CFL but where?
As for Marcus Howell it’s kinda strange that he’s moving sideways to BC. There must be something behind the scenes that offers him advancement much sooner than under Jones. As I’m 99% sure BC isn’t offering more money. So much for Jones staff that’s suppose to be Loyally fierce.

Anonymous said...

the full tweet says Howell is going to become the wr coach and pass game coordinator. so it is actually an advancement and likely a pay raise.

also, would you want james franklin on your team if he has no desire to compete with another quarterback?

so many opinions, so little knowledge.

Anonymous said...

3rd and 1 he’s leaving to work with a close friend. Don’t turn everything into a knock on Chris Jones. I’m sure there are 500
Markus Howell’s ready to replace him.

Anonymous said...

Sherman the man in Montreal, he doesn't want Durant nor Franklin on his team period! He shook his head in disgust at Darian Durant's play film from all his years in the CFLeague. He wondered how in the hell did this guy get the contract money he got, Durant, his agent sure bamboozled a gullible Saskatchewan Roughriders, now Montreal Alouettes clueless management. Franklin to sign with Roughriders.


Anonymous said...

Once Ricky Ray pulls the pin in January and becomes a rookie CFL coach, the wallet will open and Franklin will be an Argo. Cook it!

Anonymous said...

The Argos still have over a month to get things figured out with Franklin and right now he is working with NFL teams. Lots of time for things to happen, Sask signed Bridge for a reason and Franklin is not settling for anything less then bring a starter...with Bridge in Sask the Franklin ship has moved on. By the way 3rd and 1 if Franklin has good workouts in the NFL...any promise of a young QB in the NFL you bet your duff they will keep him.

Anonymous said...

perhaps now the door opens for Nik Lewis to become WR coach here - as Nik resides here in offseason.

Anonymous said...

500? No more? Jones' has 500 guys who want to coach with him??? Nobody leaves Jones EVER because he is EVERYBODY's favourite guy - until he leaves Regina, when he's an idiot. Lolley left Jones as a LB coach to join Austin as a LB coach in 2017. Lolley has a long standing relationship with Jones going back to Jones getting into coaching with Lolley's help. Yet he left JONES to coach with AUSTIN. But don't ever knock Jones because there must be some secret reason behind it which has nothing to do with OUR coach who can do no wrong. Back to the green Kool-Aid anon.

3RD and 1 said...

No knock on Chris Jones. I haven’t said boo about Jones unless it was positive. It was a jab at the media with their past embellished articles. Always making things sound better or worse than they really are. . I for one believe in Chris Jones.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to put "nothing" behind that. "In the know nothing". How would you possibly know what Sherman's reaction was watching anyone's film. If there is any one gullible out there it is you. Gullible and clueless.

bdunc said...

So whats your much egg nog there bud!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

\the guy was a little harsh on Durant , but he's right. The Al's will release him before they owe him $150,000 bonus January 15th. His career is done.