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Monday, December 18, 2017


Two football coaches with Saskatchewan ties are being mentioned in connection to the Montreal Alouettes' vacant head coaching job.

The Montreal Gazette's Herb Zurkowsky reported Monday that the names of Kerry Joseph and Danny Barrett have surfaced in connection to the Alouettes, according to a source.

After a long playing career in both the NFL and CFL, Joseph is now the co-offensive coordinator and receivers coach at McNeese State University. As quarterback of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Joseph was named the CFL's Most Outstanding Player in 2007.

Barrett, a former Roughriders Head Coach (2000-2006), is now the Miami Dolphins running backs coach after NCAA stops at Buffalo and Central Florida.

The Alouettes have been looking for a head coach since Jacques Chapdelaine was fired midway through the 2017 CFL season. The names of Corey Chamblin, Tommy Condell, Mark Washington and DeVone Claybrooks have reportedly all been interviewed, but none are considered to be candidates.

Meanwhile on Monday, Alouettes Assistant GM Catherine Raiche resigned her position for - according to the Gazette - personal reasons.



Anonymous said...

It just baffles me how people like Kavis Reed and Danny Barrett keep landing on their feet.

Just saying said...

Haha! Barret is not leaving the dolphins for Montreal, and Josef well that’s not very scientific it’s idiotic!

Anonymous said...

Reed is wasting his time trying to find a qualified coach. Lot's of know it all arm chair coaches on this blog. Coach Anonymous would turn that team around in no time.

Anonymous said...

There is no way Barrett would leave a huge paying RB Coach for the Miami Dolphins.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Montreal Hiring one of these guys would be perfect for the other 8 CFL teams

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If Danny Barrett were to get hired he'd be going in as GM and Head Coach - he has more experience in his little finger than Kavis Reed has in his body. DB could also bring over Richie Hall for the DC, and most likely Marcel Bellefaille to run a very simplified offense.

Nobody wants this job with Kavis Reed in charge of personnel. Toronto has proven if you get the right guy at the top with the right connection to a Head Coach it can turn around fast.

Montreal should be looking at Eric Tillman. He's the most qualified out there has shown he can rebuild fast and time has passed.

Larry said...

Why does only anonymous comment on this blog? No has a name anymore?

Harry said...

Odd that Ken Miller is not mentioned as a possibility.

Anonymous said...

Eric Tillman rebuild a team? Are you serious? When has he ever done that? He had a chance in Edmonton but ran the team into the ground because he's the worst GM in history when it comes to the CFL college draft and he traded Ricky Ray.

3 Grey Cups to his name by walking into stable teams built by the previous regime. His Grey Cup in Regina was mainly to do with hiring Kent Austin. Shivers built that team.

He's 14-22 since being named GM of Hamilton at the start of the 2016 year.

Eric Tillman is past his time. He fits in the same category as the other recycled GM's and coaches in the CFL. He's done.

Anonymous said...

Please give me examples of what Eric Tillman has rebuilt? Yes he won a grey cup in Regina adding a couple pieces (Kent Austin) but with a team that had shivers fingerprints all over and he had plenty of pieces to work with . Toronto he didn’t screw up what was in place and won a grey cup with a defending grey cup team and a qb named Doug flutie. Ottawa he couldn’t build from ground up and folded in 3 or 4 season, and ask eskimo fans about him rebuilding their team by Trading Ricky Ray and was fired after a couple years.j Plus his history with the babysitter is not a good PR move theses days. The als would be fools to bring this overrated guy anywhere near their mess.

Just saying said...

Hi Larry my name is Brent and I post as “just saying” have a merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Ken Miller HC/ offensive play caller

Rich Stubler DC

Kerry Joseph OC