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Saturday, December 16, 2017


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Regina – The Regina Pats earned a single point in a 4-3 overtime loss to the Saskatoon Blades on Friday night at the Brandt Centre.

The Pats opened the scoring when Wyatt Sloboshan beat Nolan Maier five hole for his fourth of the season and it was 1-0 after one.

Bryce Platt extended the lead to 2-0, also with his fourth, but Saskatoon responded on a five on three powerplay and it was 2-1 Regina after 40 minutes.

In the third, Saskatoon scored 29 seconds in and then again at 12:51 to take the lead at 3-2.

The Pats battled back with a powerplay goal from Jake Leschyshyn, his ninth, and it was 3-3, forcing overtime.

In the extra period, Evan Fiala put home his own rebound and the Blades took the extra point in a 4-3 final.

The Pats outshot Saskatoon 33-26, the powerplay was one for five, the penalty kill five for six and Tyler Brown made 22 saves in the defeat.

Quick Hits
- Sam Steel made Team Canada for the 2018 World Juniors on Friday, Josh Mahura was among the final cuts.
- The Pats are now 1-1-1-0 against Saskatoon this year.
- The attendance was 6201.

What’s Next?
The Pats (16-15-3) are right back at it Saturday night at home to the Lethbridge Hurricanes. Puck drops at 7 p.m. at the Brandt Centre. Tickets are available at, the Brandt Centre Box office and at all Regina Safeway locations, Safeway Funzone tickets are just $13 plus tax.

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Anonymous said...

Now that was a bad hockey game by two bad teams

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a scarcity of rabbits being pulled out of hats round these parts.

Anonymous said...

Said they man who probably dosent know how to skate...

Joey BiShop said...

Joey Bishop wrote in here very early this morning and there were no comments in here at that time. Have I been ignored or forgotten with my mild mannered comments?

Rod Pedersen said...

Harassment of Mr. Weppler for his comments will not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Sadly like always too many thin skinned apologists to be credible...

william weppler said...

Thought the kids deserved better last night....costly error in OT by a veteranwas a tough way to lose, but the good thing is the boys get right back at it tonight against the Canes.
Was actually a pretty fast-paced game by both teams with some solid hitting and scrambles around the nets. Not totally sure their goalie deserved 1st stardom as thought Brown actually made tougher saves overall to keep it close.

Great that Sammy made the WJ Team after being shunned last year. Mixed emotions on Mahura (feel bad for him; feel good for Pats) but knew it was going to be tough competition with the returning D Men from last year and Mete being released by Canadiens. Sure would be nice to see Steenbergen, Steel and Howden on same line!

Get'r done tonight boys!

Anonymous said...

Just disgusting hockey

Joey BiShop said...

Pardon me Pedersen but I guess you don't read all the posts that Weppler puts on here and the last one was something like this:: "I don't see Joey B.S. Bishop on here after the Pats win he only is here when they lose so he can get his smart remarks in".
That is HARRASSMENT if you say mine was . Come on there is nothing ever bad being said we are just getting at each others throat a bit and having fun doing it. Everything he says does not mean that everyone on here has to agree, we all have our own thoughts and he gets plenty of replies from others that are worse than what I have to say but they don't get a slap on the ass like you just gave me. Loosen up and lets have a bit of fun on here for goodness sake.

Anonymous said...

It was real nice to hear that Steel made the Junior team. After the snubbing last year it was well deserved. His numbers are a bit off but he's not playing on a very good team this year. He will be asset to the team. It's too bad for Mahura but in a couple years he will be playing for Anaheim. The team can certainly use him for the next couple games. The last four home games has shown to all that much needs to be done to make this team relevant again. The Pats need upgrades in "EVERY" position bar none. Probably six changes needed 3-2-1. Anything less would be entirely fruitless. There have to be moves and some may be surprising and even a bit painful, but needs to be done nevertheless. In the short term the Pats have to try not to slip below .500 after the next two games. That would be psychologically devastating to the team and fans.

After Christmas with a some substantial changes the team will have to start playing up to it's talent level and ability to show the hockey world they belong. They have very little chance to unseat anyone in the top three but if they could get to .600 or slightly better that would be OK. They need to secure their spot as the first wildcard team while playing much better and inspired hockey down the stretch. After that anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

Now the memorial cup driven Pats can't beat the Blades. The Blades. This is not a good omen

dom said...

Were you even there. For two sub par teams it was actually a very exciting game. Had a couple lapses but remember these are kids and they are allowed to make mistakes. I thought both goalies played good and that is what brown needed to help with his confidence. Good luck tonight. Go pats.

Anonymous said...

The Blades have beaten almost every top team this year. Just can’t beat the weak ones

Joey BiShop said...

Mr. Weppler , this morning Rod Pedersen blamed me for HARRASING you on here with my comments to you and the Pats hockey organization.
I would like to Apologize to you but also advise you that absolutely NO INTENTION was ever meant by me to be HARRASING you. I get on here and I like to have fun just once in a while and what I say is never meant to bother, hurt feelings,or HARASS you at any time.
Please except my apology and continue to be a true Pats fan.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

That was hardly a classic or well played game . lets just call it a game. The Pats were in control of until they decided to create a parade to the penalty box. This team has been poorly disciplined for the last four years. Coach don't like fighting but his teams always are near the top in penalties. Lots of selfish type infractions. We allowed the Blades back into the game. In the end we were extremely fortunate to get a point. Brown didn't paint a Picasso but it was better than the Kelowna game. Still has real bad stats and that's concerning. It's not about one game but about how things go over several games. Once again coaches were concerned about too many passengers and not working hard enough. Coach said on post game not a 60 minute effort. Familiar refrain after nearly every other game. If there are that many passengers perhaps they should get them a bus….need to be better tonight but reall for a while now almost every game is a challenge. It's good there is a Central Division team in tonight. It where they have had the majority of their success.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Hebig and Hajek will find a spot in Regina at the deadline? I hope Blades have enough sense in them to realize that this is not a playoff year. I'd rather they trade top players now and build for a couple of years from now. Dach and Maier are two good players to build around for a junior club.

Even if they made the playoffs, they'd get bounced by Moose Jaw or Swift Current in 4. What's the point?

I'd like to see the Pats show well in the playoffs. I wouldn't wish a first round exit as a Memorial Cup host on anyone. Saskatoon fans like myself know what that's like.

Anonymous said...

Weak .. call me not ammused

Russell Cone said...

The blades wont make the playoffs this year again, not a chance.

The "GM" won't give Brockman a chance.

But Flodell sure looks good in Swift, eh? Good thing the Blades didn't keep him!!

Bill Eng said...

Rod, great job on the TV broadcast of the game. I enjoyed your play by play and Darren's color work.