Realty One

Thursday, December 28, 2017


1 - OH CANADA: This year's World Juniors have become another case of "Wake me up for the medal round". Canada is waltzing through the round robin including Wednesday's 6-0 rout of Slovakia in Buffalo. It seems the vast majority of Canada enjoys the blowouts. I don't.

2 - DOUBLE DOUBLE: I've been watching the World J's with my Dad which has been awesome. He pointed out that since the IIHF can play 2 (or more) games in a day, why can't the Memorial Cup? That's a drum I've been beating for years. When the organizers finally see the light, remember you heard it from the Pedersens first.

3 - GO PATS GO: The Regina Pats' losing streak hit five games with a 5-3 loss in Brandon on Wednesday. Josh Mahura did NOT play for the Queen City Kids but perhaps he'll be in the lineup when Regina hosts Brandon on Thursday. The trades are starting to happen and the rumours are flying, but the names being bantied about aren't exciting me yet.

4 - MEMORIAL CUP: Somebody asked recently how this season relates to 2001; the last time Regina hosted the tournament, and the Pats found themselves struggling at Christmas. I said back then there was only one guy - the Leader Post's Gregg Drinnan - who was peddling the fear that the tournament would be yanked. This time around, every Tom, Dick & Harry with a Twitter or Facebook account is. It makes the hysteria seem bigger than it really is.

5 - DURON: Fans (and media) wait with baited breath to see where Duron Carter signs for 2018. Apparently his Tweet about "big news in the coming weeks" had nothing to do with a contract offer and everything to do with his new website DuronCarter-dot-com. (Which is being run by Regina company In The Tunnel). Like the World Juniors, wake me up when things get interesting. Otherwise there's a lot of Fake News out there, and I've been guilty of some good of it. I'm out.

6 - COACHING CAROUSEL: As the calendar prepares to flip to January, the Riders are still in search of a QB coach and a receivers coach. Names which have surfaced include Khari Jones and Travis Moore. Both have served in Saskatchewan before and would be welcome additions.

7 - SPORTSCAGE IN BANFF: We can confirm that 620 CKRM's SportsCage will be broadcasting live from CFL GMs meetings at the Banff Springs Hotel on January 10. Thank you Commissioner Ambrosie for the invite.

8 - FOR THE W: Winnipeg fans almost blew the speakers out of my television last night near the end of the Jets' 4-3 win over the Edmonton Oilers. I Tweeted as much, and got a tidal wave of response from Winnipeggers who boasted that they have the loudest fans in the NHL and CFL. Again I say: Imagine if they ever won something.

9 - REMATCH: Lots of 306 sports fans went to their first NLL game on Saturday in Saskatoon and witnessed the Rush set a franchise record for goals (24). The people I talked to can't wait to go back! Don't look now but Saskatchewan is atop the NLL at 2-0 and next up is a Champions Cup rematch against the Swarm in Georgia next Saturday. You can watch on the NLL website or Twitter or listen on 98 COOL FM.

10 - NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: Mine is to continue getting better, and bigger in 2018. What's yours? Thanks for all of your support in 2017. It is much appreciated!

Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

Best sports blog in the country again Roddy, if I had a vote. Not even close, especially on Riders and Pats news.

Happy New Year!!

Aaron Anderson

donna Campbell said...

Not nice Rod Winterpeg fans need to be pitied!

CFL Fan said...

"Bated" breath. Think "abated" when you use a term like "bated".

Anonymous said...

World Junior tournament should only be a six team field, the countries that actually have a chance to win it. Watching these cupcake teams get bombed isn't compelling viewing. TSN needs to learn that sometimes less is more.

Anonymous said...

I think "cupcake" team could be applied to the host team at the memorial cup. Will wake me up for the playoffs apply? Will anyone attend?

Anonymous said...

Further to that, the juniors need to go back to the grassroots tournament it used to be. These days it’s been all about big money with outrageous ticket prices and empty stands as a result. Don Cherry said as much the last few years. Have it in the smaller centres like Halifax, Winnipeg, Stoon, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yawn...this blog is boring, I prefer fake news.

Anonymous said...

Yes and lower the ticket prices,. Or give the money to the players for their education.