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Wednesday, December 6, 2017


1 - THE EAGLES: Monday's major concert announcement by the Regina Pats that The Eagles will play Mosaic Stadium to kickoff the 2018 Memorial Cup on May 17 has everybody buzzing. Reaction has been mixed and it's become clear that you'll never get 100% buy-in when it comes to musical tastes. I'm not a big music guy but think it'll be a fantastic show, and have no doubt that it'll sellout.

You have to hand it to the Regina Pats ownership group for "thinking big" and landing huge events, not to mention a WHL Finals appearance for the first time in 33 years!

2 - THE OFF-SEASON: Rider fans are filling up my inbox saying they're already in "Rider Withdrawal". The exciting 2017 Rider season has only whet fans' appetites for Rider news and they can't get enough. I've heard it's like feeding a lion; the more you feed him, the hungrier he gets. Unfortunately you can't get blood from a stone. But my spider senses tell me there's some big news on the horizon.

3 - SOUPY SAYS: Eskimos colour commentator Dave Campbell told the SportsCage that it's been years since so many QBs have been in play entering free agency. It's a salacious list including James Franklin, Brandon Bridge, Travis Lulay, Jeremiah Massoli, Ricky Ray, Trevor Harris, Drew Willy and maybe even Zach Collaros, Darian Durant and Kevin Glenn. Who will be left without a chair when the music stops? The suspense is agonizing!

4 - YAKKITY ZACH: With Monday's news that June Jones will return as head coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2018, many say Zach Collaros's time in the Steel City is over. As the story goes, Jones is particularly fond of Jeremiah Massoli and that Collaros will be traded (preferably to a western opponent). My Hamilton football friends say Zach is "done" ("His knees and confidence are shot," they say). I don't buy it. In fact I've heard that about many players over the years - Ricky Ray and Armanti Edwards come to mind - but they're now getting fitted for Grey Cup rings and having the last laugh.

5 - RIDER FREE AGENTS: The Roughriders have 22 free agents which seems like a lot, but it's nothing compared to Edmonton's 37. The Riders say they're comfortable with that group and confident they'll be able to sign the players on their target list. To date, I'm told NO ONE has officially signed but some names should start trickling out before long.

6 - TIGER-TOWN: Word leaked at Grey Cup that June Jones would return for another season on the Hamilton sidelines and that it would be status quo for President Scott Mitchell, V.P. of Football Kent Austin and GM Eric Tillman. Again, as the story goes, Ticats owner Bob Young is simply too nice to fire anybody. (Tell that to George Cortez). However given the uplifting way Hamilton finished the season under June, there doesn't appear to be a need for change. If they win, everybody's safe.

7 - CHAMBLIN OUT: The Montreal Gazette reports Corey Chamblin has pulled his name from the list of candidates to become the Alouettes' next head coach. Why? We don't know, but Corey's smart enough to realize that he has a good thing going as defensive coordinator of the Toronto Argonauts and the Alouettes aren't exactly the New England Patriots. But if you're a Montreal fan, are you nervous? Is there any proof that they're getting better?

8 - LIONS DEN: For some reason many pundits scoffed last week when Ed Hervey was named GM of the B.C. Lions, sandwiched in between the V.P. of Football and the head coach, both of whom are named Wally Buono. But I'm not so quick to judge. While the hierarchy appears awkward, Hervey and Buono are both proven football men who will put the team first. But get ready for it now: 2018 will be the Year of Wally.

9 - RIDERS IN THE DESERT: The Riderville Arizona Tour IV will take place in Glendale, AZ on February 22 when the Coyotes host the Calgary Flames. The Coyotes will once again host thousands upon thousands of Rider fans as we celebrate Rider Pride in the Valley of the Sun. Mark the date on your calendar, and we'll see you in Arizona for what's become the highlight of the year! Call the Coyotes for group tickets and contact Canada To Arizona for accomodations.

10 - TINSELTOWN: The SportsCage/Marlin Travel Ultimate Sports Trip VII heads to Los Angeles on Tuesday for a week of fun in the sun including NHL and NFL games. Plus we'll have a live SportsCage show on Friday from Hooters Anaheim featuring Chris Getzlaf, Ducks Assistant Coach Rich Preston and former Bruins coach Nick Sereggela. Be sure to tune in for that, and thanks to the 60 SportsCage listeners for selling out this year's trip in just 24 hours!

Y'er welcome,


Morgan said...

How could anyone be mad aboit the Eagles coming to town? They're arguably one of the best bands of all time... Some people are whiney fools who enjoy complaining I guess!

Anonymous said...

Aw come on Rod quit leaving us in suspense. Carter coming back? Jones extended. Roy Shivers finally given a place in the Plaza? The unwashed masses need their fix!

Gunderson’s Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Thats news to me that Darian Durant and Kevin Glenn are free agents!!!

Rod Pedersen said...

They're not free agents, but that could change.

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumour of Chris Jones bolting to the allouettes as the owners gives him full control of running the team from top to bottom for what I'm hearing a can't refuse offer?

Anonymous said...

3 - SOUPY SAYS: It's a salacious list including James Franklin, Brandon Bridge, Travis Lulay, Jeremiah Massoli, Ricky Ray, Trevor Harris, Drew Willy and maybe even Zach Collaros, Darian Durant and Kevin Glenn.

I believe the fate of all quarterbacks is dependent on whether the OC is willing to and capable of designing his schemes to complicate his QB's abilities. Like Ken Miller and Kerry Joseph in 2007.

Are you listening Stephen McAdoo?

Anonymous said...

The only thing that sucks is that it’s right during seeding. Can’t do much about that I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, we went to see the Eagles in Saskatoon and they were fantastic! Vince Gill would fit in nicely with them. There was such a variety of fans at that concert and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. You will be pleasantly surprised if you go to the concert. It doesn't have to be a rock concert to fill the place up. I would be shocked if it wasn't sold out. A lot of would be musicians in the audience played their imaginary guitars all night long, the music is just that good!

Just saying said...

I think Chamblin withdrawing his name speaks volumes as to the troubles in Montreal.

Anonymous said...

Zach Collaros is FAR from being done. This guy is the real deal. His only down fall was being coached by Austin and his lame duck never run the ball offence

Anonymous said...

What's the opinions on Greg Zaun getting fired from Sportsnet? He was a big Roughriders's fan.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a long string of cliches in #2! Done on purpose? Love it!

Anonymous said...

Collaros = injury prone and overrated. What has he accomplished in his career?

Anonymous said...

Seeding is a perfect time for this as all you are doing is riding around in a tractor listening to the radio and phoning in comments

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, the outdoor games, Memorial cup and the Eagles. If you are a hockey fan that is a lot of cash to throw out in one year. There is not 30,000 people in Saskatchewan that want to go watch a WHL game in the winter outside.
You would be hard pressed to find 30,000 people in Canada to go watch a WHL gane in the dead of winter outside but that's just me. If they get more than 15 thousand I would be surprised.

The Eagles, great band, love to see them but again will 33,000 come see them? They play in Calgary and Edmonton before they come here, 20,000 tops. $250 a ticket will scare a bunch off as well.

The Pat's group is trying to make a big splash and good on them. The only thing I fault them on is they are trying to do it all in one year and it won't work.

Just sayin


Anonymous said...

Farmers are morons.

JackD83 said...

Collaros and bridge would be a nice qb tandem for Saskatchewan next season

Anonymous said...

What has Collaros accomplished? Fair enough, but you can then throw Jennings, Franklin, Bridge, Nichols, Harris, and Masoli all into that same mix.

By your logic there are three legit QB's in the league and one is 38 years old and possibly retiring. Unfortunately, six other teams have to field a roster.

Clay P said...

I will be very surprised if the Eagles-Vince Gill concert sell’s out. Check the ticket prices. From $280. To over 800 bucks per ticket.!!!!
Clay P

Anonymous said...

That was a moronic comment.

Anonymous said...

You're the one calling him "the real deal". He's proved nothing other than he gets injured alot and was bad enough last year to lose his job to Masoli.

By your logic every qb that has some success is "the real deal", regardless of his performance over time.

Anonymous said...

Other than Kevin Glenn I believe all the QBs named could be an impact player providing they have the right OC.
I don't know why the OC always has a 'get out of jail free' card.
Why is it always the players fault?

Anonymous said...

Yep.It is ridiculous to expect people to drop a couple hundred bucks on them. Good band but without Glenn Frey they're not truly the Eagles anymore

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Chris Jones already have total control of the Franchise from top to bottom here?? Would be a lateral move for him to "bolt" to the Als, not to mention a foolish one.

Anonymous said...

I really want to to to the Eagles but here is my issue. They did this in 2009 in Saskatoon. Massively expensive ticket like over the top but I love them and shelled out.

The Eagles always had a rotating cast as the stalwarts were Frey/Henley. - When Glenn passed I was devastated and Henley says they are done. So keep in mind Henley owns this band - Joe Walsh and Timothy are hired hands. Frey's son joins and they get Vince Gill.

This has nothing to do with the Pats, but if this were the Eagles I'm there. This is not the Eagles so I'm a game time decision. There will be tickets available right up to show time.

Anonymous said...

You probably vote NDP then

Savanna said...

The Eagles are certainly Classic with legions of fans. But in 2017, they are not the massive draw that will fill 33,000 seats, but I'm sure 15-20k will have a memorable evening. Heads up to Concert Organizers/Promoters: There is currently only One Band in the World currently touring that could truly be equated as being in the same echelon as the Big Name Artists that appeared at TAYLOR FIELD. MOSAIC STADIUM won't truly be properly christened until it plays Host to U2!
Just tell Bono & the Boys that the ROLLING STONES found REGINA so NICE, they played it TWICE.
It's a Fact~ U2 may be the last Act on Earth that still stages a massive Stadium Show. U2 would be The CONCERT of THE CENTURY for MOSAIC STADIUM &
SASKATCHEWAN. Ticket sales would be so Hot, they could conceivably play two shows like the Stones. Let's get Crazy, maybe even Three? Could be the EPIC Concert Experience for 100,000
Fans! Get on this, Evraz...this is DOABLE! You think Grey Cup Week is lucrative for the Hospitality Industry? Just think of how many people would Travel from around the Globe to catch the U2 SASKATCHEWAN FESTIVAL! WHY NOT DREAM BIG?
That's the reason we have that sparkling New Stadium...people THINKING BIG! *When the STONES stayed in REGINA for a Week, they absolutely LOVED IT. Multiple shows without the Travel, and the Finest of accommodations at The HOTEL SASKATCHEWAN. Time to extend this Invitation to U2. Just tell BONO that he can reside in the same Royal Suite that has accommodated Queen Elizabeth & Sir Mick Jagger, and I'm sure he will be intrigued.
"...And Everywhere that Jagger went,
Bono would surely follow!"
I'd be interested in hearing if anyone can think of a Bigger Touring Act than U2? I'm all ears...but seriously, U2 would be a HUGE COUP for all concerned!
Evraz, you now have your Assignment,
so get busy & BOOK U2....NOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

U2? are you serious...I suppose you don't follow Kenny Chesney and his tours? He sells out every NFL stadium he plays in and brings in a pile of opening acts before he gets on. Taylor Swift would have that sold out in 5 minutes.