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Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman thinks the CFL Edmonton Eskimos should change their team name.

"I think there's an opportunity to have a more inclusive name,'' he said. "That's ultimately a decision for the team, though.''

Bowman, who is Metis, said he respects the Edmonton CFL organization but would prefer a different name.

The Eskimos said in a statement that it uses the name with "pride and respect.''

"At this point in time, we are actively engaged in listening to the conversation that people are having around our name. Those conversations are ongoing and we are keenly listening to all input including from our loyal season seat holders and fans.''

The team also said if Bowman has an opinion he'd like to share with it, he should do so.

The Eskimos are facing the Blue Bombers in the CFL western semi-final on Saturday in Winnipeg.

It's not the first time there have been calls for the Edmonton team to change its name.

Andre Talbot, the retired 2004 Grey Cup champion who played for the Toronto Argonauts but spent his final season in 2010 with Edmonton, said that changing the team name would be a small, but positive gesture.

"We have to honour the aboriginal communities of our great country and respect the fact that the name is deemed offensive and oppressive to these communities,'' Talbot said in an interview in 2015.

"Sports organizations need to be community building organizations. And if we're isolating and offending part of that community, then our particular organization or league is not doing its job.''

Natan Obed, president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, which represents Canada's 60,000 Inuit, said in 2015 that it wasn't right for any team to be named after an ethnic group.

He called the term Eskimo a relic of a past in which Inuit people had no control over their lives or even what they were called. He said he would be offended if someone called him Eskimo.

(CTV Edmonton, The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

What about the vehicles Jeep puts out - no name changes. Plenty of other examples.
On the other hand the Eskimos could use the name of the company sharing their colours - Dollar Store!

Anonymous said...

Yeah guess you should talk to the packers also then...two teams that are defined by there colors and are historic franchises.

Anonymous said...

Why is it the last two years all season long there has not been a thing mentioned about this name situation but sure bothered Ottawa's and now Winnipeg's mayor when play-offs hit...if your going to be bothered by the name guys then at least do this a little more consistent rather then when you feel it works for you.

Anonymous said...

If I were an Eskimo and someone called me an Eskimo, I should be proud of it. If I were an Indian and someone called me an Indian, I should be proud of it. After all, it is true what those people said. Its other descriptive terms that people throw in front of Eskimo or Indian that would make it considered offensive.

Anonymous said...

Doen't this mayor have a city to run?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Eskimoes is very offensive.
Might I suggest Edmonton SealClubbers.

Anonymous said...

No he doesn't, he is just an extension of the disaster that we had before him. How's your property tax situation, and this clown wants to open up Portage and Main to pedestrian traffic. Nothing like killing some businesses and causing traffic flow problems.

Anonymous said...

I am also Metis...Bowman should all do us a favor and hug a porcupine...

mister winnipeg said...

"Why is it the last two years all season long there has not been a thing mentioned about this name situation but sure bothered Ottawa's and now Winnipeg's mayor when play-offs hit...if your going to be bothered by the name guys then at least do this a little more consistent rather then when you feel it works for you. "

A reporter asked him the question. It's not like he got out of bed that morning and decided to tell the world what he thinks of the Edmonton Eskimos' team name.

Anonymous said...

Lots of "white folk" on the keyboard this morning.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is time for the Edmonton Eskimos football club to drop the racist name and come into the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

They already have the double E on the helmet. Evil Empire fits.

Anonymous said...

Sealclubbers is even worse.......I just hate it when I see Eskimoes (or anyone else) clubbing those poor defenseless seals......

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that the team chose the name out of admiration for a people group that they wanted to emulate on the football field but are now being scorned for that decision.
Alternatively, consider how Christians adopted a name that was considered an insult in its earliest usage. Apostle Peter said, "do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name." (NIV)

By the way, I am at least as aboriginal as Brian Bowman but prefer to take the advice of Peter and accept whatever name-calling comes my way. We all should know that we are each so much more than what our given labels represent.


@mrt_man said...

Hmmm.... E names... Edmonton Emus?

For crying out loud, not the #GREENYELLOWS #EPICFAIL

Anonymous said...

I think Evil Empire works just fine.

Ken Webber said...

My god - this debate surfaces every single season. The name isn't going to change. The Eskimos don't need to change it. They do not relate the name to any ethnic group whatsoever, so the only people taking offense to the name are people who have no relation to the ethnic group it represents.

It would be a thing if the Eskimos did anything to actually point to a recognizable group in their branding, but they don't. Their logo is literally two big E's, and that has been the case for at least the past 30 years that I've ever seen them.

Yours truly - people who have better things to do than get offended by team names.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 Edmonton Sovereign Indiginous Nations football team.

bobD said...


Please accept my thanks for your non-political, non-PC comments. If more people were like you and called the garbage society we live in just that, the world would be a better place. I would be pleased to call you friend. BTW, I'm as WASPish as they come.

I wish we had a larger forum to exchange our views. Too much hate/stupidity in today's world.


Anonymous said...

I have always considered the name Eskimo as a name that represents a self willed, strong, intelligent, adaptable people that have chosen to live in a cold harsh environment that most people would simply Parrish in.
I guess those calling for change must have a different feeling.

Politically correctism is killing our society.
This is only the tip of the iceberg. A Country that was built 110% on Christian values. (Whether you believe in it or not. I don’t believe but I believe in any teachings that teach us to be excellent to each other) We allow every culture to build giant monuments and buildings to pray or do what they want when they want too. Those same people have lashed back by lobbying and removing holidays from our schools. They have lobbied to have schools of segregation. Which is 110%!a double standard.
I fear for what is happening in North America. It’s a shitz storm and it’s only just started to ge gusty. Just wait until the real storms start.

Where have all the flowers gone.
Where have all the young men gone.