Realty One

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Keith Hershmiller Photography
MOOSE JAW – The Regina Pats fell 3-1 on the road Sunday in Moose Jaw to the Warriors.

The Pats went down 1-0 early when Jayden Halbegewachs scored while the game was four on four. Regina drew even with six minutes left in the opening period when Bryan Lockner jammed home his third of the year and it was 1-1 after 20 minutes.

In the second, the Warriors took the lead back when Noah Gregor got the puck across the goal line after it hit the post behind Tyler Brown and Moose Jaw took the one goal lead to the third.

It stayed 2-1 until with less than two minutes left, Tanner Jeannot intercepted a pass inside the Pats blueline and ripped a shot into the top of the net to make it 3-1 and that was the final score.

The Warriors outshot Regina 44-25.

The Pats powerplay was 0/2 and the penalty kill 4/4.

Tyler Brown made 41 saves on 44 shots in the defeat.

What’s Next?
The Pats (11-8-2) will return to action on Wednesday when they host the Calgary Hitmen at 7 p.m. at the Brandt Centre. Tickets are available at, the Brandt Centre Box office and at all Regina Safeway locations, Safeway Funzone tickets are just $13 plus tax.

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Anonymous said...

Pats maybe the sky isn't falling, but when referring to the Pats the ceiling certainly has some loose stones and cracks are starting too show and become pretty apparent. The Pats are short at least two or three top notch forwards and at least two D-Men, and a goalie to make this Pats team look anything that comes close to resembling that of a Memorial Cup contender. As a fan if you haven't noticed this you have watched the season with dark colored glasses on or you have been asleep.
The Pats in all honesty are not very good and will be having to make a ton of moves. Because as a team if this was the team that was playing out the season it would be hard pressed to make the playoffs.
The problem is the Swift Current's and Moose Jaw's of the WHL will be trading at the deadline as well to better their teams. The difference is the Pats as hosts have to be willing to give up everything and be willing to tank for the next eight to ten years and the other teams likely won't be willing to sacrifice quite as heavy.
I just hope Paddock has some kind of mastery and magical skills to create and turn something out of not allot, because that's what he is going to have to do. At Least The Riders Won Today

william weppler said...

"be willing to tank for 8-10 years" hahahahahaha - obviously a "fan" from another WHL city...using that term loosely tho as any person that thinks you rebuild a hockey franchise for 8-10 yrs is not really that knowledgeable about sports.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....Looks like the Pats lost another one., or are all the Posts invisible ?

Anonymous said...

Yah your right William, if we are talking the Pats after 2001 then it was allot longer than eight to ten years before they had a decent team. The same looks like it will be happening in Saskatoon as the Blades are not a team that looks like they will be making noise in the playoffs anytime soon and Memorial Cup bound in the next year or so.

Anonymous said...

#1 are bang on...only the blind think they are good enough to contend...said for two years we need a goaltender

Andrew Wiens said...

Mr Weppler,
It is hard to decide which of the following thoughts is more stupid: that it takes 8-10 years to rebuild a team or (as someone commented following Friday's game) that the Pats should have traded Brooks and Hobbs last year to build for this year.

Don Season Ticket Holder said...

Once again Brown can not come up with the big saves to help the team, and the goals that went passed him in MJ were another sign of the goaltenders inability to stop shots.

Watch the highlights and see, a 20 year old goaltender, holy crap. Brown is struggling and if we have a goal tending coach which apparently we do, where is he and who is he helping? Get out of the popcorn concessions!!!!!

Inconsistency and inability to focus for 60 minutes is Browns downfall and it is time for a change.This club has never had a stellar goaltender for many years and this saga continues.

The rest of this team needs to also look at there inability to score, and the defense which we have none to speak of is killing the team by stupid giveaways and being lazy in all aspects of the game in there own end.

Time for Paddock to house clean and continue the rest of the season as a rebuild, right from the bottom up. Yes today we got a defense man from the ice so maybe things are happening.Time to sacrifice the stars on the team and build for the future.

Hope help is on the way!!!!

Anonymous said...

A rebuild in a memorial Cup year? Really. You are obviously a very knowledgeable hockey fan, you blame the goalie for every loss.
Sorry Don but you need to get back on your meds or increase the dosage.

Andrew Wiens said...

The anonymous poster who said that [after 2001 it took a lot longer than 8 to 10 years before the Pats iced a decent team] might want to brush up on his Pat's history. During the 01/02 season the Pats won 40 games, and they repeated that feat with 40 wins in 05/06. That's a 4 year gap between 'decent' teams not a 10 year gap.

william weppler said...

The Pats being down to the Warriors (best Team in the WHL) 2-1 with less than 2 minutes to go in regulation in 2 consecutive games tells me a few things:
1. The Warriors are not as good as a lot of bloggers think they are - because if they were then the score should be 5 or 6 to 1 shouldn't it?
2. The Pats are not as bad as a lot of bloggers think they are - because if they were then the score should be 5 or 6 to 1 shouldn't it?
3. Both goaltenders are having pretty solid games - because if Brown was as bad as some say he is the score should be 5 or 6 to 1 shouldn't it?

Tim Wotherspoon said...

You have to remember, Mj was playing without their top forward and their top 2 dman. They also lost Woo in the 1st period and Benson in the 2nd in Mj. Playing with 1 veteran dman and 3 rookies and still had 44 shots on goal. If it wasn't for Brown, the score would of been worse

WHL fan said...

William. I love ur optimism. I am a warrior fan and WHL fan at heart. Here’s what I see thus far.

The pats are not a contender yet!!! Do they have the horses to make the moves needed to compete with not just the elite whl but chl teams come may???
The problems I see with Regina are defense. Brown has let in soft goals but he was peppered with 40 plus shots Sunday too. Paddock addressed a need this weekend with fleury. He will help!!!

My next problem with Regina is I believe their one dimensional. They want to run and gun and not crash and bang. Do they have the grinders and size to with stand the playoff grind??? But I also agree with another statement which helps Regina. They have their ticket !!!! They can go out in round one and be healthy. The rest have to earn their way threw a grind.

Should be interesting next couple of months. Moose Jaw is good very good and they can play two styles. They are addressing their downfall last season by adding size. People forget we will add brook by the deadline for nothing a top end dman. The warriors need to decide if the organization is all in or play smart and roll with the punches. Swiftly same thing they have holes. For me Moose Jaw has to go all in , I don’t see them coming this close again anytime soon and they have depth and scoring and speed and size to match anyone. I’m not trying to be a homer here and a lot of hockey to be played yet and I think the tribe will go in a funk here missing key pieces and four very good d and Howden right now.

Southern saskatchewan get ready we have three top notch teams battling it out all year.

Btw I would not rule out Brandon !!!! Another good team who can be heard from yet.