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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


CALGARY - When the Calgary Stampeders met with the media on Tuesday for the first time since losing 27-24 to Toronto in Sunday's Grey Cup, receiver Marquay McDaniel didn't back down from his postgame comments criticizing teammate Kamar Jorden for fumbling the ball away in the dying minutes, leading to a 109-yard scoop-and-score by the Argos' Cassius Vaughn which tied the game 24-24.

Toronto went on to win the game on a Lirim Hajrullahu field goal in the final minute.

After the game McDaniel called the blunder "stupid'' and "dumb.''

On Tuesday, the 33-year old veteran declined to soften the comments about his young teammate. But in explaining his post-game actions - and noting that he'd not been in a good place personally after a trying season - McDaniel broke down.

After more than a minute's silence, he continued.

"You don't know how many chances you get,'' said McDaniel, 33. "This is my life. I've got brothers and nephews and nieces, but I don't have any family of my own because this is what I love to do. I live and breathe football because I know one day it's going to be over.''

Kamar Jorden, to his credit, hasn't stuck his head in the sand.

"I woke up (Monday) morning and I had over a hundred text messages, over a hundred notifications on Facebook and Twitter,'' said Jorden. "I read everything - the good and the bad. I feel like you have to embrace it. You can't hide from it.

"The sooner I can look it in the eye and learn from it ... it'll be the best situation for me.''

Meanwhile the Stampeders plan to field a new team next year, but coach Dave Dickenson says any roster changes have nothing to do with Sunday's heartbreaking 27-24 loss to the Toronto Argonauts in the Grey Cup.

Rather, it's salary-cap reality that dictates the inevitable personnel shakeups in the Canadian Football League.

"There's going to be different names on the back of jerseys,'' Dickenson said Tuesday at McMahon Stadium. "Hopefully, we can keep as many of these guys together as we can and get up off the ground and live on to fight another battle.''

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like McDaniel is all for himself and that is all that counts. Come on man quit rubbing it in , don't you think that kid will have sleepless nights for weeks to come? Remember, this is a TEAM sport so when you Win you Win as a TEAM, and when you Lose you Loses as a TEAM.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

This maybe off topic Rod, but tell me this one.
Alex Singleton is a Canadian??? He was born in the states and his mother was born in Canada and lived here for a little bit.

Too me This player should be American. This isn't senior hockey where guys are getting fake addresses like the Southey Marlins of the last decade and the Bethune Bulldogs of the last couple years.

Anonymous said...

In Regina we had the Detroit stations so it was impossible to get away from Michigan football. Bo Schembechler's iconic The Team speech is played in the Big House before every game:

"we're gonna play together as a team. We're gonna believe in each other, we're not gonna criticize each other, we're not gonna talk about each other, we're gonna encourage each other."

This is to a T why Calgary is the dynasty that never was. They can throw out all those great backs, great QBs, great defensive players. Calgary is a bunch of guys running around in jersey's they are not a team.

I said Toronto was going to win it. They were getting better every year and when you have Ricky Ray as you're leader more often then not in a one game winner takes all he is going to get it done.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr.McDaniel has heard the infamous event out of Regina whereby a Rider field goal kicker missed on a easy field goal attempt and ended up with manure on his driveway. Once the cow has left the barn it is too late to close the door so ...

Anonymous said...

Sweet Highway Hockey league reference dude.

Anonymous said...

Classless loser

mister winnipeg said...

As a veteran McDaniel should know better than to give the media leeches the fireworks that they want. They come into the losing locker room right after the game hoping for some explosive, controversial comments and McDaniel delivered in spades. What a maroon.

This is why NHL players are trained to never say anything interesting anymore. "Well uh we just want to go out there and play our game and uh put in a solid effort"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he is disillusioned by his football religion.

Anonymous said...

Boston tv SUCKS big time!
Long live Detroit, Carman Harlan, Bernie Smilovitz WDIV!

Anonymous said...

"I don't have any family of my own because this is what I love to do."

On my very worst days at work I still come home and have my little kids come running to me for a hug, all smiling and laughing. Loving football to the point of forgoing the rest of your life is, I believe, not healthy or helpful. Take Trestman's team. That man picks character guys. Guys who are working hard both at football and at life. I think of Posey's interview after the Grey Cup. He talked about how his teammates push each other to not only be better players, but also better husbands and fathers. I sort of feel sorry for McDaniel. In the end he's left with nothing.

Morgan said...

Kamar Jorden sounds like a very smart and level headed young man. He will go far in this league with that mentality. He didn't side step the truth or try to blame anyone else... He took responsibility for his actions and he wants to use this failure as a lesson for the future. Good on him! Meanwhile, his teammate McDaniel is acting like a complete coward and blaming a rookie for the team's loss... What a short sighted and lazy thing to do!

Anonymous said...

So Singleton was born in the USA. Muamba was born in the Republic of Congo. The rules may be goofy but they are what they are. The Stamps & Riders both have MLB's designated Nationals who weren't born here. Is it a problem just because you don't like Calgary?

Anonymous said...

Marquay McCrybaby cried like a little school girl during an interview when he cleaned out his locker room. Kinda sums up the whole stamps team, with BLM having a tear in his eye. There is no crying in football. THAT TEAM IS A MESS. Plus their coach howdy doodie is a goof.

Anonymous said...

Detroit TV was the best - Bill Bonds having to go on leave. Eli Zeret Denny McLain. Little did we know we were watching Anchorman before Anchorman.

Anonymous said...

I want McDaniel cut by the stamps and every team in CFL to black ball him like they did to Kaepernick in NFL

Anonymous said...

Seriously. He was upset over a loss. He didn't commit a crime. Should Jones be fired for running on the field in the semi-final & screaming at Gainey as reported by the media? Should Jones have been fired in Edmonton for disrespecting his coaching fraternity & not shaking hands or holding his team off the field 3 times till after the National anthem? Or disrespecting Dickenson after a game last year? Black ball McDaniel? Doubt Jorden would agree with you - not your call, is it? Talk about an over-reaction. Chill, bro.

Tom Petty said...

I won't back down!

Anonymous said...


Lee-Anne said...

Pretty sad life when a person makes football such a priority that he doesn't feel the need to want a wife and kids (if I read that statement right).
It's great that his "job" is his top priority, and obviously his only one, but that is probably why McDaniel shows his true colors as a teammate and a supposed leader. Throwing a young teammate under the bus like he did shows that he can only love himself and his accomplishments. Obviously this is his personal choice and his alone, but those post-game comments showed that his life is lacking something that everyone in the working world tries to have...BALANCE.
Stamps may never win another championship with Hufnagel as their GM. He is willing to take on great players that other teams wouldn't touch. "He is a great athlete but....". Too many "I" on that team and not enough "WE".
Marquay McDaniel is a prime example of that.
John Hufnagel is to blame, not Dave Dickenson. He signs these guys and there have been many. Not only McDaniel but BO, Singleton (acts like a child on the field) and at one time, a wild Dwight Anderson. We got the sort of "grown up" version of him later on. How about Otis Floyd? Probably more, but I can't remember all the problem children Huff signed that make us all hate Calgary!