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Friday, November 10, 2017


Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

- In the words of former UFC announcer Mike Goldberg "Here we Go!"  Do the Saskatchewan Roughriders have what it takes or do they like every other Western team that has crossed over fail to win the East?  I don't know about you, but I think we are in for a great game. These two teams played two one point-thrillers in the regular season. Can we expect anything different in this one?

What is known is the "experiment" to play Duron Carter on the defensive side of the ball has to come to an end.  We have seen what he can do as a defensive back, but we also know what he can do as a wide receiver.  He is here to catch passes and not defend them.   Remember that the highly polarizing Carter had over 1000 yards receiving and he was hardly used if used at all in the last three games of the season. It is as if he became the forgotten man. Why?  This team is better when Carter is doing his thing.

- Who sits and who doesn't? I think it is safe to say Rider Nation awaits the roster on Saturday to see how it looks and then debate it from that time until kickoff.

- As the season starts to wind down, there is talk of extending the contract of Chris Jones. Why not?  He has done what was asked! He inherited a bad (and that's being kind) football team and has gotten it back to a level of prominence.  Jones will go into the last year of his contract next year.  I think it would behoove the higher-ups to sit down with him once this season is over whenever that may be and hammer something out so that this is not hanging over the organization's head going into 2018.

- We know it is going to be a busy off-season for CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie with many things on his plate. Where do you start? What issue is the most pressing? You have marketing, dwindling attendance and interest, scheduling, the playoff format, refereeing,  What have I missed! The myriad of issues is dizzying! I think many connected to the league are confident Ambrosie can turn things around, but how much is too much?

- Week 10 NFL Lock Of The Week -- Steelers over Colts
   Week 10 NFL Upset Of The Week -- Bills over Saints

- I am damn glad Russell Wilson is on my team. The guy re-defines spectacular.  With a bigger field, one wonders what he could do in the CFL.  We'll never know!

- I think my reaction Tuesday afternoon echoed that of many when it came to Roy Halladay.  When word came down that a plane that belonged to him had gone down, we were all thinking the worst, but hoping and praying it wasn't "Doc" that was inside. When it became official, the baseball world had taken a gigantic gut-punch.

If you are a Jays fan or a baseball fan, you know how good of a player Halladay was.  He was arguably the best in the game for a while.  Toronto did the right thing by trading him to Philadelphia so he could get a shot at a much-deserved World Series. All he did in his first playoff start was throw a no-hitter.  He is the 2nd best Blue Jay in history behind Robbie Alomar.  I know the Regina Red Sox had floated his name for a possible guest at one of their highly successful sports dinners. Had that come to fruition, they may have had to go somewhere bigger than the Turvey Centre because the place would have been packed.

What many are saying about him as they pay tribute are not just sugarcoated words.  He will go to Cooperstown, and he will likely do so wearing a Jays hat. Sadly, he won't be able to soak in the adulation he deserves.

On Tuesday afternoon after word of his death, I sent out a tweet saying the Jays had best realize no other player should wear "32" and a retirement ceremony should be held on opening day. If it isn't to happen then, it needs to happen in late August when the Phillies are at Rogers Centre.

- Congrats to Rams LB Nick Cross for being named Canada West rookie of the year. Rams DC Sheldon Gray must smile from ear-to-ear when he realizes Cross and Nick Dheilly are around for a long time. Those are two guys to build around.

- Going to be a good Friday night in #YQR.  The Pats and Warriors meet in the first of a home-and-home while at the U of R, the Cougar basketball teams open conference play at home against Fraser Valley.  Methinks it will be another exciting year of hoops at the CKHS. 

- That's all I got. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

The game isn't at its peak right now, but its watchable. Getting fans into the seats is the key. Ticket prices need to be lowered. How do you accomplish that though when teams want to make a profit. I don't envy Ambrosie, but at least someone who knows what is going on is in the big chair and not the goof he succeeded.

Joey said...

nobody cares about russel wilson at this point in the cfl season

thanks for the update though

Anonymous said...

That is so wrong. The NFL is still way ahead of the CFL even at playoffs time.

Anonymous said...

Well Scruf all I know about Wilson is that his team wears the butt ugliest unis in the NFL, no question.

Anonymous said...

I think Duron Carter was paying a price for the antics that Arash Madani reported on. He played well at DB but missed getting balls on offence and bumping up his stats.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself Joey!

By the way, there are two L's in Russell

I think both games are going to be nailbiters this weekend Scruff. Takin the Riders and the Bombers.

Anonymous said...

Good call Joey...this is primarily a riders blog so stick with the theme.

Anonymous said...

If he comes home, the team will be relentlessly hounded by the media, I don’t blame him for staying there, they can concentrate on the job at hand.

Anonymous said...

IMO it must start with replacing the "Command Center" in Toronto. They are almost solely responsible for dwindling fan interest. Fans see the stupid calls and lose interest. The on field refs have a tough job at ground level full speed. The CC sees it from 20 different angles in Slo-Mo and can't get it right.I suspect politics play a big part of their decision making.
Tough to market the CFL to big cities. They have so many options unlike Regina. Another factor for me is only using the shotgun. Why? Even running plays start with the shotgun.
Finally the incidental contact which becomes illegal contact or even pass interference must change. That is when many fans were lost. Admirable idea that does not work. In other words...let them play.
Check the attendance and TV viewership before and after this ridiculous idea was tried. You will be amazed how much this one penalty has hurt the league.

A Fan

Anonymous said...

Ninety per cent of the people that read this blog are Roughrider fans in particular and CFL fans in general. Yet Scruffy keeps trying to convert them. For Pete's sake Scruff---it's playoff time.

Anonymous said...

I would say if Jones wants an extension after seasons end get it done. The man has delivered results on the field. Period.

Anonymous said...

First five paragraphs are all Rider and CFL related. Some of you idiots need to dial your Rider love back about eight decibels. This just in, win or lose you will get up Monday morning as will the sun.

Anonymous said...

Yep Jones 15 and 21 record totally proves what he has done on the field...get the extension

Anonymous said...

Russel Wilson stands in the pocket like Kevin Glenn waiting to get sacked. He forces his team into 3rd and long all the time, most overrated QB in the NFL after Cam crybaby Newton.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a pocket passer needs to get rid of the ball in 2 to 3 seconds, anyone can q.b. If he can run around for 10 seconds ssshheeesshhh. Calvillo was the only one good at that recently. Other guys move the pocket or roll out to avoid pressure. Hope the online shows up or glen will have a short day, l

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Scruffy,
Aint no such thing as Rider Nation. Its Riderville, always has been, always will be forever and a day Riderville.

Anonymous said...

To the anon talking about Rider Nation. It is Rider Nation. If you haven't figured that out by now, kindly hand in your pledge pin and continue being the complete buffoon that you are.

Thank you!