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Thursday, November 2, 2017


Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

- It's your last chance to see the Riders at home this weekend in person. Win or lose, it is the last home game of the year.  Some, it would seem, have already had enough. 

Can someone please tell me why it is so many blame the Riders for their own problems?  "I blame the Riders because I can't park and have to take the bus".  "I blame the Riders because it's too hot and there's not enough water fountains".  "I blame the Riders because I have to have my bag searched before I walk in".  Now, it's "I blame the Riders for having three night games after October 1 and it's too cold". 

ENOUGH!  Are we not supposed to be tough on the prairies and in this province?  Never mind, I already know the answer to that and it certainly isn't the way it used to be. Then again, perhaps it's the vocal minority of complainers making the most noise. I know Rider Nation is passionate, and I know the faithful will be out to make the game day experience the best one in the CFL.

- Mosaic Stadium is the envy of this nation because it is ours. There is nothing else like it in the country.  You are part of the reason for that.  Now some of you are using excuse after excuse after excuse not to go and watch your favourite football team close things out against Edmonton in what is an important game for both.

Yes, if the weather is absolutely horrific and travel is a concern then stay at home. If you can give your tickets away to someone in Regina or someone else who may be less fortunate and would love to attend a Rider game in the shrine known as Mosaic Stadium, then do so.  You can also go to for the ticket exchange feature. It's that easy.

- As the playoffs hit, it is a strange world in the CFL. The Stamps are struggling and Bo Levi Mitchell won't play as the starting quarterback role will go to Andrew Buckley Friday night against Winnipeg. This Just In: this blogger will be rooting for Buckley to have a huge night not only for himself and the Stamps, but the future of the Canadian QB.  Yes, I just said I'll be rooting for Calgary. I do feel somewhat dirty having admitted that. Sorry!

- Are the Bombers done? The injury bug came at the wrong time for our friends to the East. I can't see them going far without Matt Nichols. Add the fact that Winnipeg has been hit by several other injuries to key personnel and it doesn't look good for them. 

- Edmonton has gotten back on a roll, but are they back to being considered a Grey Cup contender?

- Then there are the Riders who have just gone about their business and won 10 - and maybe even 11 - games this season. As one loyal Rider Prider said to me this week, they should have this home playoff game if it weren't for the first two weeks. He's not wrong! Like Chris Jones or not, the plan is working for him.

- Sportscage insider Arash Madani was bold enough to say we should take the Argos to win the Grey Cup. He says in a one-game showdown why not? Is he wrong?  A Marc Trestman-led Argonauts squad would be one very tough team to beat on Grey Cup Sunday.  If Toronto finishes first in the East, I would not want to play them.  Considering what Trestman has done with a team that he catapulted himself into without free agency or anything is somewhat amazing.

- By the way, good on the Riders for announcing this week they are not raising prices for season ticket holders. I applaud that measure. Who knows, season ticket holders might get one more game this year than last as well. I wouldn't bet against that right now.

- While the final week of the CFL season plays itself out, I will be in Vancouver with the Rams for the second straight weekend hoping they can exact revenge on a UBC team that spanked them last weekend to get the right to host a Canada West semi-final between the two.  UBC won last week by 29. I don't see that scenario repeating itself this weekend much like I don't see Alberta beating Calgary by 50 like they did last weekend.  If Alberta plays Regina for the Hardy Cup next weekend at Mosaic, it will send Canada West off the cliff.  The game will be on CKRM2 (620 at 4 o'clock Saskatchewan time.  Addison Richards and I will have the call.  As always, he will be the calm, collected one.

- The Deshaun Watson injury in the NFL is one that has sickened many.  A non-contact play resulted in the Houston Texans rookie suffering a torn ACL. He is done for this year and likely the start of next. This guy was a shoo-in to be NFL Rookie of the Year.  The Clemson grad is/was special and was providing a nice distraction to some of the other crap happening in the NFL.  I was looking forward to seeing how far he could take the Texans, now I am just looking for him to come back and be as good as he has shown us he can be.

- Week 9 NFL Lock of the Week --  Eagles over Broncos (sorry Vanstone!)
  Week 9  NFL Upset of the Week --  Bengals over Jaguars

- Perhaps the Edmonton Oilers need to ditch those god-awful orange jerseys and go back to the blues.  That team is not even close to being good. What has happened?  The goaltending is sub-standard, the secondary scoring is non-existent and without saying it was the wrong move,  GM Peter Chiarelli has indicated the acquisitions of both Ryan Strome and Jussi Jokinen were transactions he wishes he could have back.  After last year's run, Edmonton hockey fans aren't waiting anymore. Winning hockey appeared to be back, but was it just a mirage.  We will know by the end of November.

- Was the Houston Astros' win over the LA Dodgers in the World Series the best Fall Classic ever? It is a question being asked after two nailbiting contests with one being the talk of the sporting world.  I have to say no. I'm biased because of what happened in 2016, but the Cubs-Indians series was far more compelling and dramatic than the Astros-Dodgers. Game 4 might have been one of the best WS games ever played, but there were some games like Game 7 that turned out to be duds.  Congrats to the Astros though.  That is a young team that isn't going away.  There will be many good teams taking the field for the 2018 season.  The Blue Jays likely won't be one of them.  I don't really see them getting rid of Josh Donaldson, but I also don't see them being a contender in the AL East. As far as I'm concerned, Mark Shapiro has wrecked that team so let's see what he does.

- High school football doesn't get a lot of ink these days, but if you are a football fan and you are looking for something to do in Regina Friday night, may I suggest the city high school football final between Campbell and Leboldus. Leboldus is looking to make it six straight city titles and provincial championships. That team is one of the best high school squads in the country.  Campbell is right up there as well having played Leboldus to a tie earlier this year. Many of these players will end up on the Rams or Thunder and some could be CFL'ers some day. Game time at Mosaic Stadium is 6.

- Why is it some drivers slow down to a snail's pace when the snow comes down while others just continue to zip along as if it is mid-summer? And why do most no matter the conditions still refuse to use their signal light? Cmon people, let's be smart out there.

- Regina and Saskatchewan came through for the Harvard Childrens Hospital Radiothon. 450-thousand is what came in for the annual affair. Nice job! Helping kids is something I think we all realize and know is the right thing to do. Again well done Saskatchewan!

- That's all I got. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, Mark Shapiro has wrecked that team so let's see what he does.

Really? It was Anthopolous who traded for all the aging players and gave up the whole farm system to get them.

AA fits right in with the choker Dodgers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The rams can't stop the run or give Picton the time he needs, a recipe for another blasting in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy said, "Considering what Trestman has done with a team that he catapulted himself into without free agency or anything is somewhat amazing."

Exactly! He didn't blow the team up, he didn't have time to rebuild so he coached them up. He didn't need a year long training camp with a league record number of participants and fines.

Trestman becoming available was a year too late to suit me and all the other empty seats.

For once Arash is right.

Anonymous said...

Are the Eskies classified as a contender?Really ?They are the leagues hottest team now and are tied for the 2nd best record in the league and you gotta ask that question?But than riders fans classify the riders as a contender even though they sit in 4th place in the west ? Get real .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Still talking hottest team in the league but No reasons how or why.

Anonymous said...

Pats have bigger fish to fry first when they host the Central leading Rebels tonight, no need to worry about the lowly seventh place Wheaties right now :/

Anonymous said...

Right on Scruffy!! A lot of wannabe fans out there!

GO RIDERS!! said...

Riders won't be in 4th after this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1. So what you are basically saying is Toronto shouldn't have gone out and made the deals they did to get to the playoffs?

Do you think Jose Reyes was getting you to the playoffs? Did you think the bullpen was going to make that team a contender?

Shapiro came in and made many stupid moves including letting Edwin walk while keeping Bautista. HA!

Losing AA was the worst thing that could have happened to Toronto. They won't be back in the playoffs for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't make the Labour Day game this year. My wife works at a day-care in the north end. She gave the two tickets to a family who couldn't afford to go. The father and 7 year old son had the time of their life.

You are right Scruffy. Too many people making excuses as to why they don't go and they blame the Riders for it. I've been games where it has been hot and I've been to games where it is cold. The bottom line is I've been there since 1997.

It is the last time the team plays at home and they need a win. Get out there! GO RIDERS!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the forecast, I bet there are a lot of empty seats tomorrow. #fairweatherfans

Morgan said...

Thank you! Good to hear some sense from a non-delusional baseball fan. I love the jays but the amount of optimism that some of the fans have for the current lineup is beyond hilarious. Make no mistake, the jays are as screwed as they can be. They have an old lineup, crappy rotation and a mediocre bullpen. They have zero youth or speed on the team and that's why they're dependant on the long ball completely if they want to win games. Shapiro has basically made it his mission to tarnish AA's legacy as soon as he was hired by the jays. Sure AA traded the farm for the playoffs in 2015 but it was worth it. Look at the fan support that the team has even with how badly the team performed in 2017. Shapiro needs to be gone asap. He has done nothing but take steps back since he's been in power. He's done nothing but let our highly talented free agents walk, watch highly touted free agents from other teams sign elsewhere, still has yet to fix the weak rotation and hasn't acquired anything in terms of young prospects. The guy is a complete loser.

Anonymous said...

Accurate Predictions,

Regina Pats will make it to the Memorial Cup tourney.

Mr. Soothsayer

Anonymous said...

The beauty of the playoffs in football is they are a one-game showdown. If the Riders play the way they did in Calgary a few weeks ago there's no reason why they can't be in the Grey Cup. This team is 1000 times better than the last few years. As for the fans, quit whining. You wanted a new got enjoy and show up. Many cities and teams are envious of the gem Regina has. Go to a game in EDM you have no choice but to park at a mall and take the bus as there is virtually no parking around Commonwealth. Most in Calgary take the C-train or bus as parking is limited. Stop being entitled and spoiled. I think it's the younger millennial generation who want to be pampered and everything given to them. Move out of your parents basements and grow up!

Anonymous said...

Forecast looks horrible. Lot of snow coming down. If you are in Regina, you can get to the game. If you are from out of town and know someone in Regina, give them your tickets. This has the potential to be one of those weather games we're famous for. Do you really want to miss out just because it will be a few degrees below zero? Cmon Rider Nation!!

Anonymous said...

Let's look at what Trestman did. Yes with a win on Saturday he will win the division ... with a 9-9 record coming from a 6-2 record against a horrible east division and a 3-6 record against the west.

Toronto is a benefactor of the crappy division they are in. If a Rider fan is worried about playing Ottawa and/or Toronto how can they go to bed at night and believe the team can go into Calgary and win?

Wally Buono is more coach of the year than Trestman.

Anonymous said...

Anon might want to take a look at what the Riders have done under Jones since the game in BC.

Anonymous said...

Toronto wasn't in shambles when Trestman took over.... Are you really trying to compare the 2? With all the DB's released through the off season and preseason that were part of the 2015 Rider team, 2 were picked up Macho Harris and Tristan Jackson. Jackson weeks into the season as a returner! Doesn't that tell you something? That the talent wasn't there to even "coach up" Toronto without Rick Ray is nothing, we've built a winning season with what many call a journeyman backup QB and a young Canadian QB who only had 1 start prior to this year. I think that speaks volumes to the kind of team that CJ has built!

To the Edmonton fan, that 4th place team laid a whooping on your Eskies, in "your house" as Reilly put it! Enjoy whatever momentum the Evil Empire has while it lasts. You'll be going through and losing in the East this year as you did last!

Anonymous said...

Yeah and when you whooped us you realize we were decimated with is pretty healthy now so this game will show where we stand against one another and will be fun to watch. I won't say nothing but good luck and enjoy the game cause this really has a possibility to be a grey cup final but the east will still be tough to get through. Figured the riders would struggle once again this year but they are competitive with everyone so nice to see for the part of the league. Need all teams to be like our west division.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed in hearing Sruffy knocking and making fun of Wally Bono...he has done a lot for CFL...what have u done except make fun of teams in turmoil...remember when Riders were having tough time...remember when we had to do radio thon to keep Riders many tickets have you purchased for events in Regina? None!!! Do you sit out in cold at these Rider games/. No..inside on free pass with free food...quit criticizing people who have concerns...R u buying Pats outdoor tix for over $200.00....No...will sit in warm booth with free food and knock anyone who has concerns....go back and listen to yourself on Sportscage....embarrassing

Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan Tough now Saskatchewan Soft!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to blow up the team. Blow it up real good when the upboard is left bare. Left bare by the buffoons hopson, taman, o'day, chamblin. Select few high priced players past their prime not conducive to the long term good of the franchise, good riddance! Good on Chris Jones, John Murphy for building the Roughriders back to respectability.

Arash is a goof!

Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of tickets for sale at half price and it is impossible to give tickets away if you are from out of town.! Some people like Scruffy just don't get it that football should not be played in Saskatchewan in November unless it is a playoff game.
The Riders are losing a lot of money on the last 2 games of the season due to the weather. Sure go ahead and play the games in November in front of 2/3 the normal crowd.

Anonymous said...

"- Why is it some drivers slow down to a snail's pace when the snow comes down while others just continue to zip along as if it is mid-summer? And why do most no matter the conditions still refuse to use their signal light? Cmon people, let's be smart out there."

Agree with you on that one Scruffee....yesterday morning, on my daily bus ride to work downtown from the North West, I counted 37 vehicles that changed lanes and/or cut off the bus without using their turn signal. 37!! in a half an hour bus ride!!! How do those idiots even HAVE a driver's licence??? Its like their vehicles came equipped without them or the drivers don't even know what they are for. Another pet peeve is drivers who don't even bother to signal when they are in a turning lane.......its not like just because you are in a turning lane, you do not have to use your turn signal. A turn signal is for ALL types of turns/lane changes, etc. etc. Yes, brain up and be smart out there.....dumbees.

Anonymous said...

Connor McDavid and Carey Price both sign huge contracts and both are playing just terrible. Are the money bags wearing them both down?

Anonymous said...

I take issue with your comments about fans saying the games are too late. For instance the last two games were on Friday night at 8 and 7:30. This is outlandish for Rider fans who have to travel long distances, not bad for some of us who travel short distances. But the other factor is that after putting in a long week do I want to travel 3 hours to the game and 3 hours back on a Friday night. Yes some nights it is cold but we do live in Saskatchewan.

Again why not Saturday afternoon games the CFL and TSN do Saturday and Sunday games for the eastern teams like Toronto!! This Rider & CFL fan would be happy to come out Sunday afternoon and I would not give a crap that the NFL is on. That is why they invented PVR's Scruffy.

You guys on the cage the other day were being complete jackasses about people complaining about the night games. I believe TSN and the CFL take us Rider fans for granted and they are trying to drive away the older fans who have supported this team and league for many many years.

As Rod said at the end of the Stampeder game SHUT YOUR MOUTH SCRUFFY!!

Anonymous said...

shut your mouth scruffy....continued.

By the way I am a season ticket holder and will be at the game on Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you want Donaldson traded? Your muddled mind is at work today good grief that doesn't make sense

Anonymous said...

Its high time that CKRM moved to a 24 hour sports radio format. It is a shame that Scruffy does not have his own talk show and has to kowtow everyday to his boss-man Rod Pedersen!

Joey said...

Hey Patsy Fans ,. Regina is 3 points up on the Wheaties but have also played 3 more games than the Wheaties. Brandon will be ahead pretty soon . Regina hasn't got near what they had last year and when the season gets in a little longer, look for the Patsies to drop in the standings.

Anonymous said...

"Mosaic is the envy of the nation because it's ours." Hmm, say that again. That's not a reason, Scruffy.

"Are we not supposed to be tough on the prairies and in this province?" Well Scruffy maybe someone should not have such thin skin when good old Regina-ites criticize the stadium which their tax dollars paid for. Toughen up.

"...they should have this playoff game if it weren't for the 1st 2 weeks." Well Bombers should have 2nd place if it wasn't for the last 2 weeks. Eskimos would be undefeated if it wasn't for the middle 6 weeks. TiCats should be in the playoffs but for the first 8 games. Calgary could have the best record of all time except for the last 2 weeks. What's your point? Be happy you have 10 wins.

Is Edmonton back to being a Grey Cup contender? By the sounds of it they aren't but Riders are. Not sure why a 10 win team is any more a contender than an 11 win team but there you have it. You heard it here first. News flash - there are 6 Grey Cup contenders & Riders will need to beat 3 of them on the road. Have at it.

Thank you Scruffy for the usual update. I don't have any problem with fans being ga-ga about their teams but it sure is funny how riled eveyone gets who dares say anything un-Rider like. They must be trolls from other teams. Well, no, not always. We like to get a clear view of things not the "roll your eyes" over the top unfettered hero worship.

Anonymous said...

The old Scruffdog sure knows how to rile people up. Keep it up man.

Anonymous said...

You're right. There are a bunch of reasons for people to not go to a game. Like any salesperson will tell you, it's your job (the job of the team) to address and overcome those concerns or 'no sale'. In a capitalist society, it's not the fault of the consumer to choose to spend their dollars elsewhere. I for one have found the cost of going to games, car time etc. too expensive recently compared to the benefits provided.

Rob in Stoon