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Thursday, November 16, 2017


OTTAWA - The Saskatchewan Roughriders held Day 1 of their practice week at Carleton University in Ottawa on Wednesday as they prepare for Sunday's CFL 2017 East Division Final at Toronto (12:00 pm Sask Time kickoff on TSN and the 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network).

Here are some notes:

1 - It was sunny and +6 degrees Celsius for the two hour workout, and it actually felt even warmer. There was no wind.

2 - The forecast for game day in Toronto calls for +2 degrees and windy conditions.

3 - Left Guard Brendon Labatte practiced on Wednesday after missing Sunday's Eastern Semifinal with a lower body injury. He declined to get into specifics about the nature of the injury. Head Coach & GM Chris Jones said Labatte felt "a little bit better" but the team will be "cautious" with him. Labatte said he hopes to play against Toronto.

4 - Jones said the solid of play of Derek Dennis at LG against Ottawa has put the team in a good position no matter which way they decide to go against Toronto.

5 - U of R Rams receiver Mitch Picton was signed to the Riders' practice roster Wednesday morning and practiced with the team. Jones said Picton was a drafted player and will have a big role with this club down the line.

Picton's white jersey didn't have a number on it so all the receivers turned their jerseys inside out in order to not exclude the Regina product.

6 - Receiver/returner Nic Demski practiced with the team for the first time since getting seriously injured in the first half of the season.

7 - Jones discussed facing the CFL's #2 passer, Ricky Ray, in the Eastern Final. He said they'll have their hands full with Ray, and that they'll have to mix their coverages up and get him "off his spot".

8 - Regarding their own QB position, Jones said they're very pleased with their group and the production they've received with a cumulative effort. He said Kevin Glenn's selfless attitude has allowed them to have that success.

9 - Kevin Glenn chuckled about Sunday's battle between the CFL's two oldest players - Glenn and Ricky Ray - who are both 38. He also discussed his long standing friendship with Argos defensive coordinator Corey Chamblin. They've known each other well for over a decade.

10 - Regarding the Argos' defensive game plan, Glenn said the Riders will be "ready for anything". Glenn said they're studying the Argos' tendencies but in do-or-die games such as this, teams will pull out all the stops to win the game and Saskatchewan will be prepared for whatever they see.

11 - The "Flyin' Hawaiian" Chad Owens is particularly excited for this Sunday's game, but only because of the opportunity which it presents; to advance to the Grey Cup. Owens said he holds no animousity towards the Argonauts (who didn't re-sign him after the 2015 season) because it's an entirely different regime now than it was then. However the 9-year vet is excited to play in the first ever playoff game at BMO Field, in front of friends and family, and to compete again. He said the opportunity to make history as the first crossover team to advance to the Grey Cup is in the back of their minds, but the in the forefront is the Toronto Argonauts and winning on Sunday.



Anonymous said...

After we win on Sunday, we will be standing on the corner of Albert Street & Victoria Avenue waving our flags, excitedly cheering on our team at Grey Cup!

Come one and all to the corner of Victoria Avenue & Albert Street Sunday!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mitch Picton. Nice to see a home grown signed. Hopefully he will be another Clermont.

Anonymous said...

Cameron Marshall?
Trent Richardson?

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to the O-line.

Anonymous said...

Not sure we need Labatte to play......only if he is for sure 100% should he play. They did great without him which shows our depth is real good. But, if he does play it gives us a chance to have 2 import running backs on the roster. Likely Richardson or Marshall will be the 2nd guy. That would mean they don't need to play LaFrance, who is a bust. If both are good to go, I would take Richardson because he is a bull and can get those 2nd and 2 or 3 yards. That would be a hard combo to beat. But if Labatte cant play, no worries, go with the same lineup as last week.

JPR said...

If people are to clueless to undestand what Chris Jones maybe doing they should watch a different sport. Write it down now i bet Canadian QB's will count towards the ratio next year coach of the year should have included Chris Jones

Anonymous said...

The D

Special Teams



Luck? Well the Riders have to make their own!

Go Riders! GO RIDERS !!!!! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You can talk Glenn, Bridge, Thigpen, Marshall, Richardson, Carter, Roosevelt, Grant and Owens but if the O-line ain't clicking they're pretty ordinary.

Anonymous said...

Ok Rod I gotta ask. What the hell was that with the old guy on your Snapchat? Did he drop his twenty dollars in the side of that freezer or what??

Gunderson’s Yorkton

Anonymous said...

To above annon.

You could say that about any Football Team. All games are won or lost on the Line of Scrimmage.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ball placement on the clock

Anonymous said...

What is your obsession with the ball placement on the clock Donkey? You made the same comment on 3Down yesterday.

Anonymous said...

what a beauty move by the receivers to turn their jerseys inside out.

veteran stud recievers like duron carter, bakari grant, rob bagg, it shows the character of this team!


CM said...

Agree with Anon get Richardson on the roster somehow. Tough yards will be needed against Argos D. That front four is good. A few conversions could make the difference between a W and a L.