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Thursday, November 23, 2017


OTTAWA - Mike Reilly would gladly change places with Ricky Ray.

The Edmonton Eskimos quarterback was named the CFL's outstanding player by the Football Reporters of Canada and eight league coaches (77 votes) on Thursday evening at Grey Cup festivities in Ottawa. Ray was the runner-up but will lead the Toronto Argonauts into the Grey Cup against the Calgary Stampeders on Sunday.

"Without a doubt, no question,'' Reilly said emphatically. ``I don't even have to think about that."

Reilly, 32, started all 18 regular-season games and led Edmonton (12-6) to five straight wins to end the regular season and clinch third in the West Division despite numerous injuries. The six-foot-three, 230-pound Reilly received 64 votes after leading the CFL in passing (5,830 yards) and finishing tied with Ottawa's Trevor Harris for most TDs (30).

Reilly also ran for 12 TDs and had 39 completions of 30-plus yards, both league-best marks. Edmonton led the CFL in net offence (406.8 yards), offensive points (27.2 per game), offensive touchdowns (52) while allowing a league-low 29 sacks.

Other winners included running back Andrew Harris (Canadian) and Stanley Bryant (lineman) of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, linebacker Alex Singleton and kick-returner Roy Finch (special-teams) of the Stampeders as well as running back James Wilder Jr, (rookie) and Marc Trestman (coach) of the Argos.

Montreal centre Luc Brodeur-Jourdan received the Jake Gaudaur Veteran's Award (possessing positive qualities of Canada's veterans), Edmonton receiver Adarius Bowman claimed the Tom Pate Award (outstanding community service) while TSN's Paul Graham captured the Hugh Campbell Leadership Award. And Randy Ambrosie presented the Commissioner's Award posthumously to former CFL player Rick Sowieta.

Trestman, 61, earned his second honour (first was in '09 with Montreal) with 54 votes. In his first year with Toronto, Trestman guided the Argos (9-9) to a Grey Cup berth following last year's 5-13 mark.

After thanking his family, Argos GM Jim Popp, Toronto players and coaches as well as all CFL players and coaches, Trestman was especially appreciative of Wilder Jr. sharing his award with his offensive line.

"I think that was great, James is a real guy,'' Trestman said. "It was unexpected but I was proud of him.''

Calgary's Dave Dickenson, last year's winner, was the finalist. The Stampeders had a CFL-best 13-4-1 record and are making their second straight Grey Cup appearance.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

I can't argue with any of those selections. Congratulations all.

Anonymous said...

#1 ranked quarterback wins!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk, just doesn't make sense, Winnipeg 12-6, Edmonton 12-6, Saskatchewan 10-8 idly sitting by as a lowly 9-9 Toronto team plays for a championship. Only in Canada, rewarded for mediocre season result.

Anonymous said...

Good job mike

Anonymous said...

Awe no rider winners this must be fixed .

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mr.Reilly on your Most Outstanding Player award on Canada's real team the Edmonton Eskimos the 2018 Grey Cup Champs winning it all at home in 2018.

3RD and 1 said...

Eastern Final... Toronto is 3rd and 5 with less than a minute left. Bring everybody up. Fill the box. Man to man on the receivers and Send 6 on a blitz. Ball is out quickly. Receiver is tackled at 3-5 yards. Riders win. They move into the Grey Cup and Chris Jones wins coach of the year last night.
Oh.... wait a minute. Reality just set in.
Eastern Final... Toronto is 3rd and 5 with less than a minute left..... 3 man rush drop everybody back. No pressure on Ricky Ray and he has all the time he needs for his receivers to run their routes to get open. A nice touch on the ball and it beautifully drops into the receivers hands. Way more than needed for a 1st down. Toronto goes in to score. No time left for the Riders. Game over Toronto wins and goes into the Grey Cup. Marc Trestmannwins coach of the year last night.
The next time someone says that one play doesn’t win or lose a football game. You can reply your right. It loses so much more!
This is not a complaint or a burn towards the Riders coaching staff. It’s just an observation. When your livelihood is on the line. To be passive instead of aggressive. Is like being the ostrich instead of the timbre wolf.
Alias 1945 Europe.... Always and I do mean always be as aggressive as you can when youve been backed into a corner and your life and the life of your commarades are on the line.
Now use than same analogy in the last 3 minutes of the Eastern final. We may be taliking about what is necessary to beat Calgary in this Sunday’s Grey Cup.
Instead I have to say; Don’t F” it Up Bo Levi Mitchell. When adversity strikes. Don’t be wide eyed looking for support from the sidelines. Take responsibility for your over throws. Look your teammates directly in their eyes and show them you are their leader and that you’ve got this. Instead of that scared looking little HillBilly we saw last year.
Go Riders Go... in 2018 I guess.

Tim said...

I think all were good choices.
Chris Jones or Mike O'Shea have my vote as runner's up for COY.
Dave Dickenson meh.

Anonymous said...

So Reilly wants to QB the Argos? I used to think he was a team player. Mind you Ray will have played in more GC's with Argos than Eskimos have since the trade.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point, Reilly isn't saying he'd want to QB the Argos. he is saying he'd rather be playing in the Grey Cup game than watching it. He IS the ULTIMATE team player, why do you think he won MOP??

Anonymous said...

To the Tsk Tsk anonymous poster above......the Riders weren't even good enough to beat a 9 - 9 team, so why doesn't it make sense that Toronto cannot represent the EAST?? Only 2 teams make the Grey Cup so its inevitable that a team with a worse record can get going at the right time, and make the championship game over teams with a "better" record. Same happens in all types of sports.

Anonymous said...

Even if the Riders won jones would not have been coach of the year he for some reason was not nominated for that.

Anonymous said...

It is not only in Canada. It is also possible in the NFL and many other leagues, that a team may win its division but be in a weaker division with less wins and still have a home playoff game. And ultimately make it to the Super Bowl. Perhaps some of you should watch some NFL or NHL playoffs so you get over this "only in Canada" garbage. It is really quite simple; you have to be one of the best in your division, not in your league. That is how playoffs work. It is simple for the Riders too; just win more games.

Anonymous said...

Where in that did he say that...I only a rider fan would figure that lol.