Realty One

Sunday, November 26, 2017

SPOKANE, WA - The Regina Pats concluded their U.S. Division road trip with a 7-3 loss in Spokane to the Chiefs on Saturday night.

Spokane scored the game’s first five goals, four of them on the powerplay and one shorthanded.

Regina got one back off the stick of Nick Henry, his second, and it was 5-1 Chiefs after two periods.

The Pats made it a game early in the third when Sam Steel scored his 10th and Matt Bradley his 17th to get the Pats to within two.

Regina had three straight powerplays after that but were unable to score and the Chiefs would add two late to make it 7-3 and that was the final.

Regina was outshot 32-23 in the loss, the powerplay was 0/5 and the penalty kill was 1/5.

Nick Henry and Matt Bradley led the way with three point nights while Tyler Brown and Max Paddock combined to make 25 saves.

Quick Hits
- The Pats finish their U.S. road trip with a 1-4-0-0 record.
- Nick Henry had a season high three points in the loss (1G, 2A).
- Matt Bradley scored one and had two assists, he leads the team with 17 goals and 31 points.

What’s Next?
The Pats (13-12-3) are back in action on Friday in Red Deer against the Rebels. Puck drops at 8 p.m. Regina time on 620 CKRM.  Next home game is Friday, December 8 against the Kelowna Rockets on Teddy Bear Toss Night at the Brandt Centre. Tickets are available at, the Brandt Centre Box office and at all Regina Safeway locations, Safeway Funzone tickets are just $13 plus tax.

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Anonymous said...

Good try fellas.

Anonymous said...

No matter how you spin it, this team is in big trouble. In the last 3 games 19 goals allowed on 96 shots, basically opponents scoring once on every 5 shots. They allowed 9 pp goals on 18 chances over those 3 games a whooping 50% while the Pats pp went 1 for 13. Not going to win many games posting stats like that. Something better happen fast or the Pats are going to find themselves right out of playoff contention, both the Raiders and Blades are playing much better hockey. Not sure if there is enough left in the Pats coffers to get the talent needed to compete in the east division. The Broncos have loaded up and once the Warriors get all their injured players back and the way the Wheat Kings are playing the Pats are in tough, do you sell the future for this year or not, The Pats are more than 1 or 2 players away from being competitive in the east, plus Steele and Mahura will be gone for a good chunk of time to WJR.

Anonymous said...

What do we do now? We are worse by the game...Paddock has tough job and better get at it..Goaltending is awful ...anyone who thinks Brown can carry us is wrong...we cant compete in tough division...good thing we get Red Deer and Calgary to make team feel good

Anonymous said...

This is a Memorial Cup Contender? 30 Goals scored against in 5 games equals 6 Goals scored against in each game. Poor goal tender , No Defence, To Small and No tough guys. This team is only in the Memorial Cup for 1 reason and 'YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY" !..

Anonymous said...

OMG Swift Current looks deadly now. Big forwards and team leaders added from Calgary to go with top 3 scorers in the entire WHL. Their D has always been strong too. Get Carter Hart in net from Everett and give SC the Memorial Cup.

Anonymous said...

The Pats indeed are in a pickle. It's much more serious than ownership and management seem to view it. As a team they have played 27 games. Are 1 game over 500. Scored 84 goals and given up 95. How can you possibly win playing like that? The team slipping into an abyss with Saskatoon and PA breathing down their backs. Can't entirely blame the kids because it was management who picked and iced the team. They are only 9 games away from the mid season point and there hasn't been anything substantive done to improve this team. It's hard to say if they wasted time on the Jost dream or whatever stars they wanted to align, but time is quickly slipping away. It soon may be too late to do anything. In many people's minds Paddock has been extremely slow to react. There may be other factors but the time is still slipping away.

Every area of this team needs help and the 20 year olds and defence is good place to start. The goaltending situation speaks for itself. Some seem to have forgotten this is a Memorial Cup year and a degree of excellence is required. So far all that's been delivered is a sad degree of mediocrity. Clearly not good enough. The need for immediate help was evident weeks back. Well at least to the informed observers it was. The organization is currently not enjoying a high degree of respect. Again there are some big deficiencies. They are in much more trouble than they know or will admit. Can't fix it all at trade deadline.

Anonymous said...

The Pats are playing their worst hockey that they have played in a few years and lately they have shown that they are playing with no heart, no grit, and no determination, and JP had better figure out what the problem is on this team and fast or this team will be playing for last place in the division as a Memorial Cup host team. This Pats team is not any better than any other team in the league right now.
JP in less than one year has taken this team from the top of the CHL rankings to the biggest joke in the CHL and all we can we say is thank you John for all your hard work. It certainly has payed off, I mean the trades you have made are certainly looking wonderful. I mean just look at what Mahura has done this year Wow, Sidaway now that was blockbuster, and Fleury holy crap he looks like he is on the verge of being a tremendous steal. Just phenomenal work on the trade market the moves you have made have paid huge dividends and look absolutely tremendous, and wonderful. Nope this Pats team lately is a Memorial Cup contender without a doubt.
The Pats goaltending this year has been a complete failure of complete inconsistency, and I for one don’t know what Brown is still doing in the WHL at 20, I mean he has to eventually wake up and smell the coffee one would think? Dude, you’re a 20 year old and 31 teams in the NHL haven’t seen anything in your play to say lets give this guy a chance and draft him. I think he would say to himself its about time to make the change from Junior and go to University and play University hockey. It might be a chance to give the Pats an opportunity to go out and find a goaltender that will give them a legitimate opportunity to go out and give them some real hope for this year as Memorial Cup hosts and give them a chance to maybe win instead of just being there. Just saying, because with Brown leading this team at the helm, he does give them a chance of winning a Memorial Cup. I mean yes, he will have this team at the dance, but with Brown one waltz on this team is all this team is going to get and then shut out the lights. Unfortunately Brown is not the only problem the majority of the problem is the team is playing like someone already shut the lights out and its pitch black on the ice for the players right now.
Struch last night on his post game comments was talking about positives are you kidding me, you think that there are positives after your team loses 6-0 and 7-3? You’re kidding? What he should have said is that the only positive is that the team is heading home, but when they get home the whole team will be going to the Herb Brooks school of hockey this week at practice and be taught that you aren’t allowed to take games off whenever you feel like you just don’t want to play.
This team if they don’t figure it out and quickly shouldn’t make any changes at the deadline, because you can’t build a mountain out of a mole hill and this team lately isn’t even the size of a mole hill. This team is far, far worse than that team of 2001 prior to the trading deadline and in that year no rock was left unturned and no player was deemed untouchable, but that year they had something to build off of unfortunately this team is pathetic, really, really pathetic. Oh yah and did I mention AWFUL...

Anonymous said...

The genesis for the mess the Pats find themselves in is giving away three first round picks and Zablocki for an NHL fourth round picked d-man. All those first round picks would have made it much easier to compete for players this year. It's not like there aren't other good d-men available this season….

Andrew Wiens said...

Anonymous, you have an interesting opinion of Tyler Brown- no doubt if you were a Montreal Canadiens fan you would be calling for management to send Price down to the AHL so that the team can get on with the task of finding a real goaltender to give hope for the future - did you even watch the Pats in the playoffs last year?

Anonymous said...

Where are all Regina folks that were sure THE PATS will win 2016-17 Memorial cup

What Happened? The Pats will be like the Blades when they hosted the CUP a few years back. At least they will be in the cup this spring for sure Not a great team

Anonymous said...

Andrew...R u comparing Brown to Price? We are not the Habs we are the Pats hosting the largest tourn for Jr Hockey..Tyler Brown...good guy...but can not get the job done...we need a tender to win us games...keep score below2 goals...he has not and will not get it done

Anonymous said...

The problem started at the end of last season when we heard JP say we are really going to lean on guys like Sloboshan next year. He mentioned a few other guys too (one just got traded to Kootenay 2 weeks ago)

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I did watch the Pats last year in the playoffs, and Brown played sufficient. However if you watched and if you remember maybe you recall that a 16 year old rookie goaltender on the Seattle T-Birds backstopped them and earned them a trip to the dance. Brown was bettered last year by a rookie goaltender on the T-Birds. I say consider asking yourself this question If Brown was that good do you not think that maybe after all these years of being in the dub that one of the 31 teams in the NHL would have given him the benefit of the doubt and drafted him? I mean someone has to be frank and say its time to hang up the skates in this league and go get yourself a free degree and play some meaningful hockey in University. University hockey is a great brand of hockey and something that Brown should honestly consider playing, because he does have talent just not dub talent, he has talent to give a team in University an honest to goodness chance to win a CIS University Cup Men’s Hockey Championship.

Unfortunately, Brown is not the only glaring problem on the Pats team and if he was it would be easy to fix this whole team. Unfortunately this team lately needs some TNT and Dave or John needs to blow it up and rebuild it from scratch. Unfortunately as I mentioned in my previous post there isn’t enough cookies in the cupboard or sticks in the shed to build it back up and this maybe isn’t the year to try giving how bloody awful this team is. This team in comparison to 2001 is mile and a half behind how good that team was before the trading deadline and that team was bad back then. I say leave this team alone let it sit as is, you already have given up enough talent and draft picks and look what you have a team on most nights lately that gets paddled like a 50’s school boy that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Just leave this team alone and let it be the way it is and see what happens let it go to the Memorial Cup and get embarrassed its better than giving up everything for a team that is bad and then making the team horrible for a # of years. You cannot build this team into a contender, I don’t care what you trade this is not a team that is any good. Last year was the year and this year is not, because this team is awful and is missing far too many pieces. If you leave this team alone and as is maybe just maybe it can lick its wounds and it can suffer from what already has been given up for a couple of years and hopefully rebound and be better for it in about 3 or 4 years, and hopefully it can be a legitimate contender like it was last year and again hopefully make a good run and maybe just maybe fans can see a Memorial Cup before the Pats team becomes the Cleveland Indians, I won’t say Toronto Maple Leafs, because we are already that give or take 4 or 5 years of Junior Hockey.

Andrew Wiens said...

Anonymous Tyler Brown critic (or critics),
I was not trying to compare Tyler Brown to Carey Price; rather, I was trying to come up with a statement as patently ridiculous as the ones you have written about Brown. Here is another attempt: 'Price is having a subpar year; therefore not only is he not good enough for for our team anymore, but additionally he is not good enough for ANY NHL team. Lets ship him to the AHL and get on with the process of finding a real goaltender.'
That's basically what you said about Brown: "I for one don't know what Brown is still doing in the WHL at university hockey. It...might give the Pats an opportunity to go out and find a goaltender" and "someone has to be frank [with Brown] and say its time to hang up the skates". Since Tyler Brown shouldn't even be playing in the WHL maybe Travis Child out of Edmonton would be an upgrade or, for that matter pretty much any goalie I can name.
I would love to see your list of goaltenders that you do feel would be worthy to wear the Pats crest this year because, here's the thing; Brown did get 'bested' by Stankowski in last years playoffs, but then so did Carter Hart (in four straight I might add). Based on your criteria Brown is better than Hart since he lasted longer against Stankowski. Or, consider another goaltender I'll bet you would love to have in Stuart Skinner; remember who bested him last year? None other than Tyler Brown. So if you were the Pats GM you would have quite a conundrum wouldn't you? Brown isn't good enough to play in the WHL but based on your own criteria he is better than both Hart and Skinner, the goalies that NHL teams are currently most interested in.

Anonymous said...

The tournament has to stay in Regina, but put the 2 whl finalists in, hopefully Moose Jaw or Swift Current can get there. There is no credibility if the pats are allowed in.

Anonymous said...

I say again.... if we don’t win it all, I’m ok. I really don’t want to go through another 5 years of 500 hockey after this year.

Last year was our CHANDRAMOHAN we gave it a great ride. Best team in decades!

But... we’re already in the cup... no need to sell the future for me!!

Anonymous said...

Andrew, you’re missing the point, I don’t know why but again I will try and simplify it for you. I am not saying that Brown doesn’t have talent to be a goaltender. What I am saying is he doesn’t have the talent to be a WHL goaltender in a Memorial Cup year. He is not consistent enough and as a 20 year old goaltender he has to be the best player on the ice game in and game out and that he is not given his record. I am also asking why would he still playing at 20 when he knows that he stands zero chance of being drafted? If he was going to be drafted, he would have drafted in one of the years prior to his final year of eligibility unless this year, he was going to be the #1 star game in and game out this year and have a GAA that is out of this World. Given the goals he has let in and the # of goals he has given up this year ummm guess what that’s not going to happen. So he is now not being fair to the Pats or to himself by staying with the club taking up a 20 year old spot that can be used for a player such as Wagner when he returns. Also allowing the Pats the opportunity to go out and find themselves a goaltender that can give them a chance to win now.

If you are asking me to be a GM and you are asking me for a list of names to wear the Pats crest well hell lately the way Brown has played it wouldn’t take much to wear that crest and be equally as good in between the pipes and give the Pats a chance to win. However someone that I would target in a trade would be Outhouse from Victoria, but I doubt they would let him go. Hart would also be a great addition to this team. However lately anybody with a pulse could stand in there and give up 6 or 7 goals a game.

As mentioned before though goaltending is not this teams only glaring weakness as there are many, many more weaknesses, but goaltending stands out the most and is one of the weaknesses that needs to be addresses as Memorial Cup hosts or the Pats can forget it. I say they can forget it anyhow from their rancid play as of late,

Anonymous said...

To slither into the Memorial Cup as Hosts is as stupid as it gets man…it embarrasses the organization, City, management but most of all cheats the fans who have been cheated before…you are either in or you're not.

Idiots who worry about five years from now or whatever are just plain stupid without a hint of knowledge..

The year after the Memorial Cup in 2001 we had a 40 win season and lost in the first playoff round. We were in the playoffs for the next three seasons after the Memorial Cup. The division was weak. It wan't trading picks for Memorial Cup players that hurt the Pats. It was years of poor management and poor coaching. In January of 2002 we could have moved some players we had to get picks as well as seasons there after. We could have easily rebuilt. We all remember not trading Eberle and others. Previous ownership was only worried about making the playoffs in the weak east division at the time and not about building for two or three years down the line. Poor management and nothing else was the reason for a slide ffive years after the Memorial Cup. And that was only for one or two seasons.

Kelowna has been to the Cup a number of times , as did Kootenay, as did Medicine Hat, as did Brandon, as did Portland. They didn't drop off in the years after the Memorial Cup because they had great management and coaching. What happened here to some extent and maybe in Saskatoon was all the result of having poor management and nothing else.

If Paddock is as good of a manager as most call him, then there is nothing to be concerned about even if he does the major rebuild now that's clearly required. No point of backing into the Memorial Cup because it's in your back yard.

Losers who say it's ok if we back in, it's ok if we lose, it's ok if were embarrassed, it's ok if we don't improve our team, let's worry about five years from now, are just that ….losers…

Paddock admitted he failed to acquire a couple veteran forwards last year hence we were playing call ups in the WHL Finals which is unheard of. He was unprepared for what might happen. We did't win anything with a generational team. Sad indeed. 50+ wins doesn't mean much except to some ignorant fans here. Portland has don it like five times in the last 8 years or so. Accepting to some fans last seasons only positive blip in years is being the epitome of excellence,is a stupid as it gets. Many teams have had good regular seasons and Who Cares!

For someone to worry five years down the road is a dumb as it gets. Who can tell who will even be alive or what the world will look like is insane. In terms of Junior Hockey the possibilities and twist and turns will be immeasurable. Time to stop that ignorant attitude. Trade what they need to and build what they have to. They are never going to get this opportunity again. Trade away players next season at the deadline and obtain the picks you lost as well a prospects. In two years you will be back on top again without much or any dips. Other teams do it all the time and never fall off for five years. If we have the hockey organization we are told we do, then there will be no problem at all.

Anonymous said...

Just a Reminder to all you BLADE HATERS and some who think that Saskatoon only got to the Memorial Cup because they were hosts in 1989 , just read below....
1988-1995: A near miss and more success

Moving out of the barn also meant a change of fortune for the Blades squad. The team, then coached by Marcel Comeau, began its inaugural season at SaskPlace by posting a 47-22-3 record, good enough to claim first in the division and see the team go the division final.

It set-up what would be one of the most storied years in franchise history. Despite losing players like goalie Tim Cheveldae and defenceman Curtis Leschyshyn to the NHL, Lubie and Comeau put together a team that almost won it all. SaskPlace was host to the 1989 Memorial Cup which meant the Blades automatically qualified for the four-team tournament, junior hockey’s pinnacle. That didn’t mean they coasted to reach it. The Blades posted a 42-28-2 record but lost out to the mighty Swift Current Broncos in the playoffs.

However they defeated the Broncos in the round robin and played stellar hockey that saw them advance to the final. The team held a one-goal lead in the third period of the final game but lost in overtime. It would be the closest the Blue-and-Gold have ever come to winning it all.

“It was a heartbreaker but it really could have gone either way,” recalls David Struch, then a Blade. “Swift Current was one of the best junior clubs I’ve ever seen and definitely deserving. We pushed them as hard as we could.”

Anonymous said...

If there is no danger of the Pats losing their hosting rights I would be tempted to dump Sam Steel for a whole bunch of picks/prospects and set myself up for the next three years or more. With or without Sammy we are going no where this year.

Anonymous said...

I smile when I hear fans rant about winning being the only measure of success:)

I must assume they are at the pinnacle of their profession and thier personal life reflects their passion for excellence.....but I doubt it.

Meanwhile, I hope the pats win it all but my investment in them revolves around entertainment. Winning is awesome but I understand shit happens. Sometimes it doesn’t work out or other teams are just better

Go pats!!!