Realty One

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


TORONTO - More than 20,000 tickets have already been sold for the Eastern Final which will be played this Sunday, November 19, in the first-ever Toronto Argonauts playoff game at BMO Field.

Ticket sales have been consistently strong since the Argos clinched first place in the East Division with a 40-13 win over the BC Lions on November 4.

"The response from our fans and the city of Toronto has been amazing," said Michael Copeland, President and CEO of the Argonauts. "The overwhelming majority of sales have come from Argos fans across the GTA and with five days left, interest will only grow as we approach the first-ever Argos playoff game at BMO Field. The atmosphere on Sunday is going to be electric."

The Argos (9-9) will take on the Saskatchewan Roughriders (10-8) with the winner advancing to the 105th Grey Cup in Ottawa.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting or calling 416-341-ARGO.


Anonymous said...

Great news from TO, hopefully the Riders beating the Argos doesn't disrupt the momentum the Argos are building with the sports fans in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Will there be more Green than Blue in the stands Sunday? Which fan base will be louder when the opposition's offense is on the field? Will the fans in Green be feeling Blue at the end of the game, or will the fans in Blue be feeling Green (with envy) at the end?

Anonymous said...

Really, 20K is something to boast about. Come on, that's a joke to be proud of 20,000 and brag about it. 20K is what the Riders have on the waiting list for season tickets. 20,000 fans should be what TO has the first day the tickets went on sale. Then Copeland brags that those tickets were bought from people in the GTA. How does he know that!! Dufous. And don't tell me 20,000 is a good number for there......that is a joke to me.

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than the tractor factor

Anonymous said...

Good on Toronto.

GangGreen said...

I hope the Toronto area grocers have at least 20,000 watermelons.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Tractor factor!!! Good one!! I’m gonna use that somewhere!

Im a lifelong sask inhabitant but you gotta appreciate a good jab ��

Anonymous said...

‘The majority of sales coming from the Toronto area’

Yeah, 12,000 from the GTA and probably 8,000 Rider fans. Not to mention Rider fans now living in the GTA. Don’t kid yourself, that stadium will be half green.