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Thursday, November 30, 2017


(Vancouver) The B.C. Lions hope a major front-office change can turn around the CFL club's sagging fortunes.

The Lions announced Thursday that former Edmonton Eskimos executive Ed Hervey will take over as the club's general manager from Wally Buono, who has held the post since 2003. Buono will coach a final season in 2018 to help with the transition and will continue as vice-president of football operations.

The announcement comes after disappointing season that saw the Lions finish last in the CFL West Division at 7-11 with Buono in a dual coach/GM role. But Hervey said Buono's continued involvement with the team was a selling point when considering the GM job.

"I don't think I would have made the commitment to come here if he wasn't committed to being the head coach,'' Hervey said at his introductory press conference. "Number two, with Wally as vice-president he gives me someone to work with (and) bounce things off of. I'm still a young general manager, and his wealth of knowledge and experience ... who better to have around?''

Hervey was general manager of the Edmonton Eskimos for three seasons from 2013 to 2016, building a Grey Cup-winning team in 2015. But he was criticized in Edmonton for restricting media access to Eskimos players, and when he was fired on April 7, 2017, Edmonton president Len Rhodes cited a "philosophy in the way we do business'' as part of the reason.

Hervey denied obstructing media access while with Edmonton.

"The locker room has always been the coach's decision and will always be the coach's decision, and will be supported by the organization,'' Hervey said.

Buono is the CFL's all-time leader with 273 coaching wins and had served as the Lions GM since 2003.

After an encouraging 5-2 start in 2017, injuries and inconsistent play plagued the Lions the rest of the way as they spiralled to a 2-9 finish and missed the CFL playoffs for the first time since 1996.

"My time with the Lions has been memorable to say the least, but right now my sole focus is working with Ed to build a championship team in 2018,'' Buono said in a statement. "This past season was tremendously frustrating for all of us, but today's announcement is the kind of change I believe our organization needs, our fans want to see and something we can build on moving forward.''

(Canadian Press)


@mrt_man said...

Maybe it's just me... but this arrangement just seems strange.

Rafal said...

Wow! GM Ed Hervey reports to VP Wally Buono, and Head Coach Wally Buono reports to GM Ed Hervey. Interesting organizational structure.

Lee-Anne said...

Let me get this right....Wally working under a younger, less experienced boss that has an outspoken nature?? This I gotta see!!

Anonymous said...


Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Ed Hervey is one of the best GM's you will get, excellent scouting system

Anonymous said...

Rod, is congratulations really in order for being the number 1 sports show in Saskatchewan? Didn't we already know that and know that for years?

CJME can't compete with you, Scruffy and your gang. It isn't even close and they have wayyyy more resources than what you have at their disposal by the looks of it.

It just begs the question as to why CKRM doesn't find a way to have more sports programming on their schedule.

Pat Strain said...

This is clearly a transitional year for BC . They may not improve a lot but Hervey will have a whole year to figure out who his next coach will be .

Anonymous said...

Geroy Simon should walk away from BC now.

Just saying said...

Yes, Geroy should walk can’t agree more!

Tinhead 296 said...

Similar situation with Riders in 2011 when they fired Marshall and Ken Miller took over. Taman was Gm but Miller was also in charge of football operations and had the final say. When Miller left after that season and Taman had all control he hired Chamblin who he wanted a year earlier, but Miller hired Marshall. When Miller was gone even Jim Hopson and Taman said it was an awkward situation, and this structure did not work. Can't see how this would work in BC as they are setting themselves up for a power struggle especially if the team continues to struggle. Unless for sure this is Wally's swan song season and he is easing Hervey into the GM role and can hire who he wants for head coach next year. Don't know what future is for Geroy, but he can't be very happy as Wally shunned him again just like after 2012 season. But at least he got a Grey cup ring out of it.