Realty One

Sunday, November 26, 2017


OTTAWA - The Toronto Argonauts do not sell themselves short even if they are the betting underdog to the Calgary Stampeders in the Grey Cup game (5:00 pm Sask Time Sunday, TSN, 620 CKRM Rider Network).

The Argos feel they are a different team to the one that lost twice to Calgary in August, when quarterback Ricky Ray and the offence laboured to move the ball against the CFL's best defence.

For one, they have added a ground attack since James Wilder Jr. replaced veteran tailback Brandon Whitaker in September, making them less dependent on the pass.

"It's changed the dynamic of our team,'' receiver S. J. Green said. "Prior to our running game picking up we were struggling to throw the ball, sometimes 50 times a game.

"When our running game came in our offence picked up and it allowed us to be more balanced.''

Now they hope to find the same magic that helped them upset Calgary 35-22 in the 2012 Grey Cup game in Toronto, when running back Chad Kackert was named the game's most valuable player as he picked up 133 yards on 20 carries and added 62 more on eight pass receptions.

Ray was the Argonauts quarterback in that game too.

"There are some similarities with 2012 when Kackert came onto the scene and we were able to get a lot of great things out of the run game, a lot of explosive plays,'' Ray said Saturday. "It's kind of been the same for us.

"We've kind of evolved into having that running attack that's been pretty explosive. So I see some similarities in that transformation of our offence.''

They hope that opens room for Ray to keep throwing the ball as well to Green, Armanti Edwards, DeVier Posey and the rest.

OTTAWA - The Calgary Stampeders are tired. They're tired of talking about a loss that took place a year ago and has long been put to rest.

This is a team that is ready to prove that it's among the elite of the CFL and more than capable of living up to expectations. The Stampeders have every intention of exorcising their demons when they take on the Toronto Argonauts for the 105th Grey Cup in Ottawa at TD Place Sunday.

Last year the Stampeders were heavily favoured to win the Grey Cup and lost 39-33 in overtime to the Ottawa Redblacks. Calgary has had to relive that game with nearly every interview this week and they've had enough.

"It's been such a long week,'' said Calgary defensive back Joshua Bell. "I'm tired of talking to microphones, I'm tired of doing this. I'm ready to see Toronto. We haven't even gotten to see (Argonauts defensive lineman Shawn) Lemon, I'm ready to talk crazy to Lemon. It's time.''

Bell knows that the media has to bring up the past, but says this group decided a long time ago to put it behind them and focus on the future.

They played each and every game this season as if it were the biggest game of the year so that there would be no surprises when they actually did get back to the Grey Cup.

"We won the Grey Cup every single week, 18, 19 weeks, we've won it and we've lost it a couple times,'' said Bell. "This week it's the same preparation to win a game. It's still 60 minutes of football, maybe some change if we don't play right, but it's still 60 minutes of football, it's still executing one play at a time, still executing the play call, it's still having fun, it's still doing our job. Everything is the same. We just actually get what we want at the end of it.''

Once again the Stampeders are favoured to win, but unlike last year they're not getting caught up in all the noise.

Getting back to the Grey Cup was the goal and now that they have made it they'll let everyone else revel in all the fanfare surrounding the event as they know they'll have plenty of time to celebrate after if all goes as planned.

"To me it seems like the guys are locked in,'' said Calgary QB Bo Levi Mitchell. "They understand. They've bought in and honestly I think guys feel good about what we have to do.

"I think the entire team, as a whole, has a quiet confidence and we're excited about this game. We're confident in our game plan, we're confident in one another and we're confident we're going to come out here and get the job done as long as we come out here and do what we're supposed to do.''

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Sorry Marc... Not this time. There is not going to be a stupid BS penalty because the fricken Special Teams Coach calls out 3 different coverages on the last play of the game. Leading to the worst blunder in professional Football history. The infamous 13th man. Montreal did not win that Grey Cup. The Riders lost that cup!
As well...,
The young man behind center for Calgary is more mature and far more focused that the young gun slinger you faced in 2009-2010.
You were so lucky that the last 2 Grey Cups you faced a Head coach that had his players motivated through love. When it would have been better to have them motivated through anger and retribution.
I just can not see the QB in Dave Dickenson coaching the outstanding QB in Bo Levi Mitchell and not being fully prepaired. As long as Bo and the offence do not turn the ball over. I see Calgary taking this game quite handly.

Anonymous said...

Go ARGOS, beat the stumps

Anonymous said...

Go STAMPS, beat the chumps

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Everyone is not giving the Argos the respect they deserve what so ever. The team is dangerous in all aspects as well as Calgary. GO ARGOS, keep Mitchell as being the guy that struggles in the Grey Cup as he always does.

Anonymous said...

Shania..............the hottest 50 yr old!!!!

Anonymous said...

HA,HA,HA. Dick the Dick and BMB (BIG MOUTH BO) choked again. This will shut up the arrogant stump fans. Congrats Marc, Jim and Ricky

donna Campbell said...

Love it when loud mouth Bo and his ranch hands lose.Congrats to the Argos

Anonymous said...

It was great to watch the arrogant Stamps get they deserve. This game just shows how ignorrant Bo Levi Mitchell really is. Maybe Bonehead Mitchell should go back to the Communist state where he came from....California.

Anonymous said...

Pretty positive Mitchell comes from Texas. But really, why let facts get in the way of a good pee-pants rant..