Realty One

Friday, November 3, 2017


CALGARY - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers beat the Calgary Stampeders 23-5 at McMahon Stadium on Friday to lock down second spot in the CFL's West Division and a home playoff date.

The Winnipeg defence came up big as rookie defensive back Brandon Alexander had an interception return for a touchdown, while defensive lineman Tristan Okpalaugo picked up a fumble and ran it back into the Calgary end zone. Okpalaugo also had three sacks.

Justin Medlock added three field goals for the Blue Bombers (12-6), who will host the division semifinal at home on Nov. 12 against either the Edmonton Eskimos or Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Rene Paredes kicked a field goal in the second quarter, while Medlock conceded a safety in the fourth quarter to account for all of Calgary's scoring.

Although Calgary finished the season with three straight losses, the Stampeders (13-4-1) had already clinched top spot in the West Division and the right to host the divisional final on Nov. 19.

Andrew Buckley made his first career CFL start for Calgary and completed 13-of-18 passes for 120 yards before being replaced by Ricky Stanzi late in the third quarter. Buckley threw an interception and was sacked four times, while Stanzi also had two passes picked off and was sacked three times.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

They were mostly back-ups but it was nice to see Calgary get their a$$e$ kicked again.

3RD and 1 said...

It surely was an ugly contest. I actually found myself channel surfing with the game in the bottom right corner in a P.I.P. Scenario. I’m not sure I understand why Dickenson didn’t play Bo for the 1st half. If Buckley is their back up QB. They better pray that nothing ever happens to Bo. I’m sorry but Buckley is no where near CFL standards. Playing for the Dinos I don’t think he ever got the training he needed when comparing to Bridge. Brandon’s training came from playing south of the 49th and that is a huge difference.
Calgary did Winnipeg a huge favour. Maybe even the Riders too. As now it’s equal as to what SK and EDM are playing for. EDM no longer has the drive for a possible Home game for the semi final. Now both teams duke it out to stay in the west. With the condition of Winnipeg and Calgary. I believe it’s much smarter to stay in the West.

Anonymous said...

looks like Buckley's coughed up a huge horker in this game. Maybe he should try some of his own cough medicine....teeehee.
The Costannza came in as the stamps qb and he coughed up a huge horker. I guess Buckley's needs to be passed around that dressing room. teehee again.

Jerry, Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the fans at this game, or lack thereof?? There was maybe 2,000 people there. It looked like a high school game in Vegreville. Calgary is in big trouble, no fans and a crappy stadium. Then there is the team, that is dwindling game after game. Not a powerhouse anymore, not even close.

Anonymous said...

What happened to BoLevi, was he scared? Ya thought so. I bet Horsey boy will have a handful of excuses for this lose, which is now 3 in a row. He Bo, maybe get your plane ticket out of town after next weekend, so you can slip out real fast.

Anonymous said...

It's called resting him for the play-offs truthfully and also why would he get a plane ticket after next weekend...he plays the weekend after smart guy LMAO.

Willie said...

What a joke. Announced attendance was 23,000 . I would say they meant 2300 because I have never seen so many empty seats at any CFL game as this game. I would have been better off counting snow flakes than watching that very Boring game.

Anonymous said...

smart plan Bo to get a plane ticket now so you have it ready to go and have a good seat.

Anonymous said...

Stamp attendance is dwindling, just look they had likely 2500 at this game. Its been dropping all year, and would blame them with the dump of a stadium and a team that is sliding downward.

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest with the comments about attendance. It was -20 plus wind chill for a meaningless game.