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Saturday, November 25, 2017


The 2017 Grey Cup may or may not go down as the greatest Grey Cup in history but Ottawa has certainly put its best foot forward!

Here are some photos:

Commisioner Randy Ambrosie got Friday started by taking a selfie with the national media at his annual State of the League Address ..

110 CFL Alumni turned out for the annual CFLAA Legends Lunch! To me, it's the best event at Grey Cup annually ..

With some Eskimo fans ..

Commissioner Ambrosie addresses the soldout crowd at the Legends Lunch. It was the largest crowd in the event's history at 900+ ..

The greatest Canadian in CFL history: Ottawa QB Russ Jackson. He was honoured along with Jeff Avery as the CFLAA's Men of the Year.

Russ said, "With all due apologies to the Saskatchewan fans, Ottawa has taken over as the loudest, most boisterous fanbase in the CFL!"

He added, "The CFL CANNOT fail in Ottawa again!"

Things get warmed up at Riderville ..

Posing with some Rider fans Friday night .. That's a very happy, grateful guy in the middle! ..

Our intrepid reporter Candid Frank Stanisci poses with the mascot from legendary Gabriel Pizza ..

The RedBlacks R-Nation Party in the Aberdeen Pavillion. It looks eerily similar to several small town Saskatchewan rinks I've played in ..

The exterior of the Aberdeen Pavillion, and the hub of Grey Cup events ..

The SportsCage aired daily from Radio Row at TD Place. Here we are with Luc Mullinder, The Sports Doctor and Candid Frank ..

What everybody's chasing ..

Thanks Ottawa!


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Thanks Rod!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. We didn't make it this year, but maybe next.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, has the Edmonton committee discussed any plans for next year? As in location of parties, etc. Seen this morning they’ve released pricing for the game tickets. Very reasonable. With the success of the Ottawa festival and the optimism around it looks like the CFL is back!

Gunderson’s Yorkton

Anonymous said...

I realize this is only a snapshot and with all due respects to Mr. Russ Jackson but if your going to make this me where all the people are.

Anonymous said...

very thoughtful rod,ty!

Anonymous said...

I like those pictures, Rod!

Pat from Moose Jaw

Anonymous said...

Love those Pics

Cooks Creek Connie