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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


The 105th Grey Cup Game is finally upon us and the festivities are underway all week long in Ottawa. The c,hilly weather forecast won't stop the fun, but it could affect play on Sunday at TD Place. Showers are expected Saturday and on Sunday the temperature is expected to drop back down to between -3 and -8 Celsius (17-26 Fahrenheit). With the Stadium right at the water's edge, the cold moist air is going to seep into the bones and make every hit sting.

Calgary's Campaign (13-4-1) 

The Stampeders broke their 3-game losing streak by holding the league's most prolific offense for three quarters and squeezing by the Edmonton Eskimos 32-28 in the CFL West Division Final.

Bo-Levi Mitchell has been playing through a throwing arm injury, but seems to be back in form. He dropped a TD pass into the hands of Marquay McDaniel and connected with 20 of 32 attempts for 228 yards.

You could say that well-roundedness is an asset in football; it keeps opposing defenses off-balance and guessing and the Stampeder attack is definitely well-balanced. Roy Finch and Jerome Messam combined for 152 yards on the ground and a pair of touchdown (Finch finished with an outstanding 233 all-purpose-yards). So, what is a defense to do? Pull in to stop the run and resort to soft zones and beatable man-coverage in the secondary.

It's amazing that the Stampeders lost three straight to still finish with the best regular season record. I could list off their games, but it is self-evident; they were beating everyone up until their recent slide.

Toronto Argonauts Campaign (9-9)

The East was very weak this season. I take issue with the entire division being .500 or worse in the regular season with the exception of the champs … who just happened to land exactly on .500. Nonetheless, the Argonauts have their tickets to Ottawa in hand and Toronto fans are excited to see the Argos in the championship game.

15-year veteran Field Marshall Ricky Ray dropped 266 yards on the Roughriders defense in Sunday's CFL East Division Final, quite a few of which came in epic fashion in a late-game drive, marching down the field to setup the game-winning score. That said, the offense is still sputtering and the game could be a loss if not for Terrance Plummer's Pick-6.

Though the Argonauts have struggled, Ricky Ray has plenty of Grey Cup experience and much of the talk about the Stampeders having an advantage due to their Cup appearance last year, I believe, is moot. When the team leader has multiple Grey Cup Games under his belt, winning three, and been crowned Grey Cup Most Valuable Player, the 'pressure' isn’t going to get to him. So, between suiting up and starting in the NFL and being a 3-time CFL champion, the big time lights and camera flashes aren't going to sting his eyes. But his offense still needs to execute, and that has been their issue all season long.

Matchup Assessment And Thoughts

Unfortunately for the Argonauts, the Stampeders have gotten the better of Toronto nine out of the last ten times the teams have met. After a Bodog review, Calgary has been listed as 7-point favorites on Sunday. Again, this doesn’t bode well for the Argonauts, as the Stampeders have also covered the point-spread in seven of the last ten meetings.

The last time the Argos beat the Stampeders was way back in July of 2013. And since then, all games have been decided by no less than a double-digit margin of victory for Calgary. On August 26th, the proverbial bullet in the foot for Toronto was the 8 turnovers in their 23-7 loss to the Stampeders. With the offensive proficiency possessed by this Calgary team, Ray and company can ill-afford to give the ball away.

Both teams stack up nicely in passing yards and completion percentage. Calgary averages 71.02% and 269.28 yards through the air, while Toronto averages 69.00% and 264.58 in their air-attack. This is quite comparable. However, where things start getting lop-sided is rushing yards and scoring efficiency. The Stampeders pound the ground for 121.70 yards per game, almost doubling that of the Argonauts' 67.30 ypg … this is also paramount in the 33.10 to 19.40 scoring disparity. Calgary puts up near 14 points more per game.

Toronto is motivated and have won three straight games and Calgary is re-finding their form after a tough slide ... but I think the determining factor is simple: The Stampeders are simply a better team.

I have a feeling that they are going to dominate the Argonauts on Sunday.

(By Staff)


Anonymous said...

Riders could have easily won the game if we wouldn’t have had 3 int. And had some offence in the first half, by blowing the first half of the game 2 int. Giving points away. You gave Ricky Ray a chance to take over, and he did. That first half was the game as far as i’m Concerned. Who knows if bridge started , it may have gone the same way but that first half was brutal. Glen glen glen. If anyone needs that much protection i’m Sure B.B. could do just as well. With lots of protection . Kevin needs to move around like Ricky Ray , or get rid of the ball like anthony Calvillo , 2 seconds. You can’t have a guy drop back every play and need 5 or 6 seconds to throw t he ball. Anyone should be able to play q.b. With that much time . That’s my take, maybe i’m Wrong you tell me

Anonymous said...

Once again the men in Red and Black will prevail!!

Anonymous said...

Can't agree with this prediction coming from someone who predicted the riders would defeat this same Argos team.Go Ricky Ray and the Argos

Anonymous said...

I hope Toronto makes it a game and keeps it close, but I have a feeling the Stamps are back and this could be over by halftime. I hope not. But I predict 37-17 Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Calgary Stampeders totally destroy the Toronto Argonauts 87 - 3 reedeeming themselves after last year's championship game loss to the lowly Ottawa REDBLACKS.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1........coulda, woulda,’s old news already.....give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

Toronto is going to win this game. They were competitive all year and you have Chamblin right now putting together a defensive game plan and he knows his stuff.

Trestman/Ray....enough said. One game and the biggest game no way am I going against Ricky Ray. It's a privilege to watch that man play football.

Anonymous said...

And you should wake up. The Argos are going to be tough in this...double blue win by 5

CB said...

Love GC week. This will be a great game. I can't wait to see the Argos beat the Stamps. #Wilder

mister winnipeg said...

I'm surprised it's only a 7 point spread. I'm not a betting man but how do you not take Calgary to cover?

willy said...

Can't make my mind up on this one on rather I watch Lawn Bowling, Darts, Checkers or this game. Oh Damn .... I forgot again who is playing ???

strongwallbill said...

Can't disagree Rod, however, if Mitchell gets out of his rhythm like he did last year against Ottawa, and he sees a strong Argo pass rush he's prone to mistakes. On paper, the Stamps should be favoured. I look to Wilder being the key for T.O. Also, not much talked about is Toronto's punter. He was outstanding in the East final...we shall see.

Anonymous said...

I am torn on this one.

On one hand I am a ABC Grey Cup fan - Anybody But Calgary.

On the other hand, the conspiracy theorist in me is saying "The league got want it wanted - TO in the final - I hope they get killed"

I think I will go with ABC.

Anonymous said...

FAJARDO! What's all this gushing about ricky ray being a the games savior last weekend, CODY FAJARDO is the guy who done the Riders in. Remember that name, FAJARDO! CODY FAJARDO!

Anonymous said...

Just think: If the Grey Cup was being held in Regina this year at the new Stadium the fans would be welcomed with PLUS TEN degrees weather! Not to mention the warm weather for the Grey Cup festivities.

Anonymous said...

Can we all just agree that the '04 playoffs should be eternally forgotten?

Anonymous said...

Okay Cody, just focus on your next game on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

The Argos are 9-9 chump meat! Shouldn't even be in the game based on that lowly season record.
Calgary rolls over them easily it will be dreadful to watch.

Bo knows football.

Anonymous said...

And? This doesn't happen in Regina at this time of year usually.

Anonymous said...

Yeah because he is the one that matched down the field right...wrong. also earlier in the year I do remember his name when Ray was hurt and he was horrible.