Realty One

Saturday, October 7, 2017

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. - Ryan Chyzowski knocked in the game-winning goal in the third period Friday night as the Tigers doubled up Regina 4-2 in Alberta.

Tyler Preziuso, Mark Rassell and Zach Fischer supplied the rest of the offence for Medicine Hat (3-2-0) who dominated the game by a 31-21 shot clock margin.

Former Pats goalie Jordan Hollett made 19 saves in the Tiger crease.

Wyatt Sloboshan and George King scored for the Pats (2-3-1) while former Tiger Matt Bradley had one assist and was minus-1. Regina star Sam Steel was pointless and minus-2.

Tyler Brown turned away 27 shots for the 2018 Memorial Cup hosts.

(With files from the Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Never a lot to say on here when this Patsy team loses. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Nice try fellas.

Anonymous said...

This year the Regina Pats have been a very difficult team to watch, I mean even their wins they have not played good hockey. For a team that is hosting the Memorial Cup, I think as a fan one would and should expect more out of this team. The coaches and the players should demand and expect more out of themselves, but it looks like they have lost any fire, any desire, and any determination of what they had last year?
Maybe I am wrong, and maybe its because they are younger and it will take time for this team to come together, but I personally just don't see it. For one Brown as a 20 year old goaltender has to be the best player on the ice game in and game out, and he has not been that by anyones stretch of the imagination. Time to wake up Brownie you're 20 now and have to be the best player on the ice.
There also have been a handful of players come to play on any given night, but the majority of the team has looked lacklustre and lost.
This Pats team is worse than they were in 2001 before the trade deadline and as Pats fans we all remember to vivildly what happened then and how long it took to rebuild into a team of contention or a 2016 Pats team and as a Pats team hosting the Memorial Cup the pattern is looking and seeming to be to eerily familiar. Personally, I am okay with that I say trade every pencil, toothpick, and crayon, and win a Damn Championship already and I will still buy season tickets next year. However, I am curious to see just how many won't and I am cutious to see just how many empty seats there are at the Brandt Centre if the Pats are struggling and having one of their banner 12 year win seasons?

william weppler said...

Struchy was pretty up front (Surprise!) with the performance last night. A lot of giveaways in the offensive zone which should not happen...a bit of lack of intensity I thought.
Fun to watch the new Jake/Sam/Wyatt line though :)) Also that Oksanen has smooth hands...he's definitely a keeper.
Blades are in for a tough game tonight...JP will have the boys chomping at the bit.
BTW - not much buzz about the Pats until Riders season is done...that's just the way it is unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Nice try fellas, last year was your year to win it all.

Anonymous said...

she Hat had 4 goals by the time they had 22 shots. THAT'S Horrible in any league You can't win much when the tending is last or near last in the entire who. Last season Paddock had Brooks and Steel to mask the poor goaltending but this year there's no Brooks. Paddock had better figure this out soon. Even with all the players back the team is poor and hasn't played well yet. No fire, drive, and apparently limited skills. This is a lower echelon team and not competitive at the league level and forget Memorial Cup. This team needs a makeover stat. Most of the players are back so there is no excuse for this lackadaisical play. Other teams has injuries or missing players and some are undefeated or leading their division. This is crap hockey and it's all on Paddock. He needs upgrades at all positions starting right now. Waiting for Henry or Wagner won't cut it. We are a joke right now and it's not acceptable.