Realty One

Sunday, October 1, 2017


The Saskatchewan Roughriders are staying in Ottawa all week between back-to-back games in Eastern Canada.

Following Friday's 18-17 comeback win over the RedBlacks at TD Place Stadium, the team held a light walk-through on Parliament Hill on Sunday in front of dozens of Rider fans and curious onlookers.

"It's the second time we've done this," Jones said Sunday, alluding to last year's practice on the lawn in front of Centre Block. "It's a big honour to be able to come here, practice, and do our walk-through here today. Again, it's not very often you get to do this type of thing.

"It's Canada's version of the White House. I think it's important to be able to go into these buildings and a lot of these guys have never done this. It gives us an opportunity to see the Capital."

MP for Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan Tom Lukiwski provided a 30-minute tour of the Parliament Buildings for the football club and family members. Lukiwski was adorned in a Rider hat and white 2010 retro Rider jersey.

You can see the tour firsthand on my SnapChat at: Pedersenmedia.

It was a treat for all the Rider players, including 10-year veteran wide receiver Rob Bagg. The Kingston, ON product has been to Parliament Hill many times before, but admitted it never gets old.

"To be able to come here and do a light walk-through on Parliament Hill is certainly a pretty neat experience," Bagg said Sunday. "Not many people can say that they can come out here and have an organized function like we had. We certainly appreciate them providing us this opportunity. I think it's pretty cool, especially for guys who saw it for the first time."

Bagg said the workout was especially spirited given the team's emotional 18-17 comeback victory over the RedBlacks on Friday. The Riders trailed 17-0 in the third quarter.

"Even just watching the film, you watch it after a 'W' and it looks totally different than it would if it were a loss," Bagg continued. "Proud of the guys and how we responded in the fourth quarter. We made enough plays obviously, to win the game. Just refocusing now and re-establishing the importance of preparation and how important it is as we go down the final five games of the regular season."

Chris Jones didn't need to provide an injury update after the workout because the team came out of the Ottawa game generally injury-free. WR Naaman Roosevelt missed the game with a concussion and has been placed on the 6-game Injured List. Jones said he'll provide a status report on the team's leading receiver later on in the week.

The Riders visit the Toronto Argonauts Saturday at 2:00 pm on TSN and the 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network.



Anonymous said...

Riders! Doing it up right!

Anonymous said...

Even the speaker's chair is Green

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can get Trudeau out there and use him for a Tackle Bag.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones, look at him in the above picture cap, awesome! No more prime minister, position vacated to make room for... wait for it, wait for it, newly appointed and crowned,
"King Jones of Canada".

Whoooooo Rahhhhhhhhh.

Savanna DeVille said...

Canada's Premiere Football CLub,
once again strongly demonstrating that Natural Born Fact>THE RIDERS RULE!! All in favour, ALL THE WAY say YAY!!

Anonymous said...

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Justin Case (you were unaware)

Anonymous said...

Wow, get a life bud.

Anonymous said...

exactly get a life. I've been to Ottawa many times what an absolute beautiful city and experience to there.

Anonymous said...

The Riders did this last year as well and if I remember correctly the PM went outside and met with the team.
It probably is a gas for the team to have this comradery. Hopefully it helps the offence find their timing again. It sure is off the last few games.
I would suggest that any time we see the mixture of sports and politics. We are going to see or read different opinions. Some will be eye opening, some will be boring while some will be bat crap crazy. Whether you believe in that persons opinion or not is irrelevant. Simply because we live in a Wonderfull free Society where everyone is allowed to express their opinion.
When I read comments like the ones here telling another person to get a life because they don’t like their opinion. It’s a little disturbing. I didn’t read that person attacking anyone. It is that persons concern over radical extremists moving to Canada.
Why do people feel they must attack someone who makes a comment that they don’t believe in or maybe don’t want to hear? We all want to live in a free society where freedom of speech is allowed to everyone. Unless you don’t like what they are saying. If you don’t like it ignore it then. Don’t attack it. Your basically tearing at the fabric to which our rights and freedoms have become a part of us.
I certainly didn’t read anything derogatory towards any of you or the Capital of Canada or the Province it’s located in. Lighten up people.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture at the top of the article. That's pretty funny.

Go Riders

Anonymous said...

extremists...was the guy that offed 60 people in Vegas an extremist? You want an extremist then mosey into a christian church of the Alliance or Baptist persuasion and see what you hear.

This stuff is about severe mental illness and people getting up in the morning hating the world and offing innocent people to get even. This same thing happened in La Loche.

Yet we blame a community and some unknown boogeyman.

Anonymous said...

What did you hear? The awful stories of the life of Jesus Christ? We live in a godless society and people wonder why the world is the way it is

Anonymous said...

Do us all a favor and give Trudeau a straight arm.