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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


REGINA - The Roughriders got back to work on Tuesday with a closed practice at Mosaic Stadium. The club is coming off back-to-back wins in Ottawa and Toronto and now prepares to host the Ottawa RedBlacks Friday night in Week 17 action.

The Riders are particularly buoyed by the play of quarterbacks Kevin Glenn and Brandon Bridge who both led Saskatchewan to road victories the past two weeks. The team knows they'll need a solid 1-2 punch at that position if they plan to make some noise the rest of the way.

"Yeah you know what, a lot of teams aren't necessarily in the same situation and we are," said Riders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones. "Those are two very good quarterbacks and Vernon Adams is a very good 3rd who can do multiple things. We're in a good situation."

Glenn started, and finished, the Riders' 18-17 victory at Ottawa in Week 15 while Bridge came off the bench in the second quarter at Toronto in Week 16. Saskatchewan was trailing the Argos 13-3 at the time, but Bridge threw a pair of touchdowns and piloted his team to victory.

"I think you always just have to be ready to go," Bridge said Tuesday. "It's just like in baseball, sometimes you warm up in the bullpen but the guy pitches the whole nine innings. I just go out there and prepare like I'm going to play, and if I don't play, I'm not. At least whenever I go out, I'm going to be prepared."

For his part, Kevin Glenn wasn't miffed about being lifted against Toronto. He was happy to see Bridge get the job done.

"It's always good to have two quarterbacks that can go in and win games for you," Glenn said Tuesday. "Over the years, this league has presented that. I've been in those situations before. The good thing is we have two different styles. He can go in, move around, extend plays and make passes downfield. I guess I'm more of a technician guy. It's good for a team because you never know when you're going to need it."

Rider QBs coach Jarious Jackson said a combo like this can make the Riders very dangerous.

"Hands down it's valuable to have that," Jackson asserted. "To me, that's just one more element of the game that defenses have to focus on. They may have have certain schemes that they want to throw against Kevin but if we throw one of the other guys in the game, now you have to defend the whole field."

Kevin Glenn will start Friday's home game against Ottawa. In the meantime, Jackson said Bridge can make the most of his practice reps.

"I'd like to see that same level of intensity from him in practice as well," Jackson advised. "I think it's a coach's nightmare when you see one thing in practice and then another thing in the game. But when the lights come on, he's one of the most competitive guys we have. At the end of the day he can spin the football, he gets us in the right plays, and that's all that matters."

A Roughriders victory over the RedBlacks Friday night - coupled with a BC loss at Winnipeg - would clinch a playoff berth for the Riders for the first time since 2014 but Jones said that isn't being discussed.

"We can't worry about all that," Jones advised. "You win games, it takes care of itself. We just have to go out and get back to playing good football."

Meanwhile the CFL Trade Deadline is on Wednesday but Jones said the team hasn't been too active yet.

"We'll see," Jones offered. "It's been kind of quiet so far. We'll see if people start calling."



Anonymous said...

But wait Kevin Glenn is a Hall of Famer.....until they find someone they think is better then he's back on the bench or gone.

Anonymous said...

Jonesy loves Glen don't be surprised if when KJ retires jonsey offers him a QB assistant coach job

Anonymous said...

Off subject;

Is Mr. Roy Shivers taking over /like Chris Jones\ operation duties in Montreal with the Alouettes?

willy said...

Bridge was Flawless and had a great momentum time going for him in that last game. It should continue with him starting just to see if he can handle it and I believe he can. He is much faster than Glenn and can throw that ball like a baseball. I think he deserves to start against Ottawa and if the same were to happen to him early in the game then insert Glenn into the game but for Damn Sakes Jones give the kid a starting chance...Go Riders !

Anonymous said...

QB tandems have always worked well in CFL (Hufnagel/Barnes, Burgess/Austin, Ray/Maas, Reilly/Nichols, Harris/Burris, XXXXX/Glenn.) All you need is two quarterbacks content with a top lawyer's salary. In fact, with Adams, you could say we have a tridem QB situation. And notice SK is the only team with 2 QB's ranked in the top 10 of CFL and both are ahead of our last guy.

Anonymous said...

Riders are happy with combo? Why is Zack on his way to Sask?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should read the article above this one.

Anonymous said...


Lewis Grant said...

"I'd like to see that same level of intensity from him in practice as well," Jackson advised. "I think it's a coach's nightmare when you see one thing in practice and then another thing in the game. But when the lights come on, he's one of the most competitive guys we have.

Looks like Bridge still hasn't changed his practice habits.

Perhaps this is why Jones is always criticizing him after games (even good games).

I'm curious to know what the rest of the players think. Can Bridge lead them? (I hope so.)