Realty One

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


The Roughriders returned to the practice field on Monday for the first time since Friday's 30-7 victory at Calgary.

Here are some notes:

1 - Head Coach & GM Chris Jones announced Kevin Glenn will start at quarterback Friday when the team hosts the Montreal Alouettes (7:30 pm, TSN, 620 CKRM Rider Network).

2 - Jones also revealed leading receiver Duron Carter will once again play offense and defense, and start at CB. The 25-year old had a Pick 6 against the Stampeders but didn't see any time on offense. Jones said that's because Carter's services weren't needed on offense because of the way the game was going.

3 - Asked what other positions Carter can play proficiently, Duron said "quarterback".

4 - WR Naaman Roosevelt will miss a second straight game due to a concussion. LB Sam Eguavoen will miss this game as well due to injury.

5 - 10-year OL Brendon Labatte was signed to a 4-year contract extension on Monday. The Weyburn product said talks on the new contract extend back a year-and-a-half. The 2013 CFL Lineman of the Year said this is is home and he doesn't want to play anywhere else.

6 - Regarding being pulled after two series in Calgary, quarterback Kevin Glenn said he can't get worried about things he can't control. He said there's a lot of other issues that are more troublesome at this time of year than that.



Anonymous said...

They don’t want him to succeed in riderville, or the cfl.

Anonymous said...

A great opportunity for young Rider fans to watch some old-time football involving Rider royalty - Reed and Lancaster - in their prime this Wednesday when ESPN's Grey Cup Classics has the 1972 Grey Cup Riders vs. Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

HOLY SMOKES!! Rider up to #2 in the power rankings. Who would have ever thought .... not the anti-Jones trolls who have disappeared into their spider holes.

Anonymous said...

Did Duron throw a touchdown pass to himself at practice? He's good.

Anonymous said...

They don’t want who not to succeed? Kind of a dumb comment since the article is about Glen, Duron, Namaan and Brendan.
Which all 4 have been put into positions that both protect them and allow them to excel.
I would suggest your comment was designed to stir the pot. Since it’s lacking information it has done nothing of the sort.
I’m still not sure why some come on here with nothing more than self serving dribble. Always the same; lacking credibility and in this case... lacking in every aspect.
I for one am extremely happy that Brendan has resigned. That Glen is the starter with Bridge ready to step in as a reliever. As well as the CFLs most talented athlete Duron Carter gets to start at Corner once again. Simply because Duron is a phenom at receiver. He can go in on offence anytime if a big play is needed.
Having the Luxury of the Riders 2 best Receivers not playing. Yet still taking the Stamps out in their own ball park. Makes for confusing defensive issues for the compition. Which receiver do they focus on? What style or type of QB do they prepare for. Chris Jones has a system and it’s working just fine. Head Coach and GM Chris Jones has made me do an about face and admit that my lack of patience is my own problem. I for one would like to publicly apologize to Jones for speaking out of turn. When we were losing and being fined from a Commissioner that did nothing to help the league. It was frustrating and embarrassing. Only later finding out that Oridge was nothing more than a puppet for a couple owners that could see that SK was going to rise up out of the dirt in the same fashion that Toronto did in 2011-12 and Hamilton had done with Austin bringing in and shipping out even more players than SK did without ever getting even a warning.
We are going to build a sustainable competitive team that will challenge each and every year.
The numbers show that when SK does well. The whole league does well. As Rider fans drive the fan base. We make other teams fans sit up and take notice. Nothing drives sales better than friendly competition at all levels.

Jonsing for Victories now being fed
Eating Crow with a side dish of humility.
For such a poor quality meal. It actually tastes ok. Just waiting to spice it up with a little defeated Red and White Horse Radish.
So Bo give us Mo of that there cream of defeat that looked so good on you! LOL

Anonymous said...

Focus is on Montreal now. There can be no letdown this week. In fact the Allouettes are playing for their jobs so the game could be closer than you think.

Anonymous said...

Win a playoff game anywhere Edmonton,Winnipeg or out east and you can start extolling the virtues of the Jones regime. I'm a rider fan and i believe jones has this franchise on the right path but pull the horses back until November

Anonymous said...

I am gonna wear my Durant jersey, hope everyone can stand up and give him a nice standing O before we get on with the game.

Almost feel bad for the guy. He has had a tough go in Montreal.
But I am glad we moved on and what jones did with our team.

Anonymous said...

The allouettes were playing for their jobs last week at home and got crushed by another non playoff tean in the tigercats how did that work out for your theory .

Anonymous said...

Just looked at the Las Vegas odds on one betting site and the 4th place riders are 2nd from the bottom as favourites to win the cup as there are 4 other teams ahead of them as favourites to win the cup ,so I guess we all know how vegas feels about the riders chances.

w said...

A red herring is about all Glenn can throw these days. He CAN control what he does on the field. That is what he should worry about. It's not like he's getting benched because he's getting good results.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Rider fans are classy enough to give Darian a round of applause before the game. He was on his way to winning consecutive Grey Cups before his after the whistle injury.

Anonymous said...

Why? We've beaten some great teams tus year . I get the whole being cautiously optomistic thing but this team is proving it can win and beat anybody.Enjoy it man! Go Riders !

@mrt_man said...

I definitely will be cheering for DD. Pretty rough ride it had been for him this year. With no o line or ppl to throw to, it doesn't make a qb's job easy

Anonymous said...

DD hasn't had an O-line in front of him for two years.

Anonymous said...

The riders have not beaten the worst team in the league wow