Realty One

Sunday, October 1, 2017


There's both good news and bad news for the Rider Nation on Sunday.

The good news: The Saskatchewan Roughriders were voted to have the #2 best fanbase of all professional sports teams in Canada by legendary sports magazine The Sporting News in the USA.

The bad news: Fans of Toronto F-C were voted #1.

(i.e. How seriously can this poll be taken?)

Regardless, here's the list which was published this weekend. It's startlingly accurate in a lot of ways:

21. Toronto Argonauts
20. BC Lions
19. Ottawa Senators
18. Montreal Alouettes
17. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
16. Edmonton Eskimos
15. Vancouver Canucks
14. Calgary Stampeders
13. Vancouver Whitecaps
12. Edmonton Oilers
11. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
10. Calgary Flames
9. Montreal Impact
8. Toronto Maple Leafs
7. Ottawa Redblacks
6. Winnipeg Jets
5. Toronto Raptors
4. Montreal Canadiens
3. Toronto Blue Jays
2. Saskatchewan Roughriders
1. Toronto FC



Anonymous said...

It's time the dinosaurs realized the popularity of soccer is growing in Canada as it is the worlds #1 sport.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's entirely farfetched. Toronto has more people from Europe / Asia. In those countries, soccer is huge and it is the biggest sport worldwide. So it makes sense if they were fans then, came to Canada they would continue to be fans. Might be hard to realize in Saskatchewan, but you have to remember it's a country wide survey and every province is different.

Anonymous said...

Toronto FC? Who are you kidding? I don't know of anyone following them and have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER SEEN ANY OF THEIR APPAREL

Anonymous said...

Toronto FC? What a joke! Most of their fans don't even have a Canadian passport! Pussy football at its finest!

Anonymous said...

Checked out the link if as much effort was put into this survey as the write up it's a waste of time. Just some lazy journalists opinion, no specifics on how the list was arrived at. I would think attendance, brand recognition, merchandise sales etc should be a factor. In my opinion the Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Blue Bombers should be 1 and 2. Fans continue to support these losing teams through thick and thin, 1967 and 1990 need I say more.

Rusty Peepot

Anonymous said...

I agree with this! Toronto FC fans are unreal. They are united as one on game-day. Some will tell you soccer is no threat to the CFL. TFC had 30 grand last night and have you seen games in Vancouver.

Don't know what TV numbers for MLS are, but more people are going to MLS games than CFL games and that can't be ignored.

Keep thinkin you're the best though Hickville!

Framingfool78 said...

GO RIDERS it shows the love for this team 2nd in all of Canada keep up the good work Rod

Anonymous said...

Soccer is a geek sport! The snowflakes love it! I prefer my blood sports!

nokomis56 said...

This is a tough one! If you take all Canadians West of Southern Ontario and East of Vancouver -- the Toronto soccer team doesn't make the top 50. Yes, soccer is very popular world-wide and yes, it brought Canadian families a sport they could afford to put their kids in, but personally I could not sit through an hour and a half of players running up and down a field, kicking a ball. Even basketball, on a smaller field of play, is mostly worth watching the last 5 minutes. Sorry, just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Soccer is the world's most popular sport, because it does not require a lot of intelligence or money to play it. Since most regions of the world are poor and illiterate it becomes the sport of choice. Vancouver and Toronto have a large population of immigrants. I personally find soccer to be very boring. Nobody gets hurt and you all go home with a participation trophy!

JCD said...

Soccer is Boring!! I'd rather watch chess.

Anonymous said...

Sask, Blue Jays, Canadiens could be 1 2 3 on any day. Leafs should be in there too.
Blue Bombers fans are underrated should be around 7-9....
It is an insult to put Eskimos fans at 16 should be at least around 8-10....
Toronto FC....give me a break...maybe around 5-6, should for sure be higher than the Raptors but lower than the Maple Leafs.
Raptors at 5??? What a laugh ! Don't even hit Top 15 in my opinion.
Jets should not be higher than the Leafs
Canucks at 13 hahaha....maybe 20 (if they even hit the list) do they have any fans when they are losing..doubt it!

MLS will never have the same impact as EPL or Italian/German/Spain in soccer here in Canada unless they start playing on ice with skates. No one on earth even follows MLS outside of the cities with teams. And do you think the true soccer fans would watch MLS over EPL. In what world?

This list has to be overall fan support...not just when they are winning. Otherwise it makes no sense.

Hickvile, Sask

Anonymous said...

Toronto and Winnipeg? Are you drunk? Nobody cares about the Bombers! Riders set the standard in marketing and sales! Heh how that new leaking stadium of yours working out! Hear everybody is suing everybody over that gong show project!

Anonymous said...

We don't have to think it , we KNOW it. And for sure we are really #3.
#1 Maple Leafs
#2 Canadiens
#3 Riders
#11 Winnepeg

Anonymous said...

The rednecks here can't say the truth if it was staring them in the face. Soccer is the world's biggest sport and it is eclipsing the Argos. I bet TV numbers for MLS games in Toronto and Vancouver beat CFL games that are on.

Keep denying it though. Keep being you!

3RD and 1 said...

You always get someone from another Province posting on here calling a whole fan base some derogatory name. It’s said that those who call names or scream the loudest always have the weakest cause. I would suggest anyone calling someone else Hickville is probably pissed at the results and the name calling is simply jealousy and frustration. Even some unknown Toronto journalist who’s never been west of Ontario rated the Rider fan base #2.
So when your Mama cleans your room and changes your sheets tonight name caller. Make sure she dresses up your bed with your favourite Star Wars sheets. That way you can feel like you belong to a huge fan base.
I always chuckle when Calgarians or Winnipegers feel they can call others names because of where they live. Kinda like a hippo calling a pig fatso.

Greensoup said...

Put these names at any # you want
Maple Leafs, Canadians, Roughriders, Blue Jays
HOW does the Argo's, Canucks even make the list!
Stampeders? hell their fans don't even buy their paraphernalia,
most shop for red shirts at the local thrift store.

Anonymous said...

My opinion is that population base should be factored into any equation regarding these type of lists, and it may have been in this case but my suspicions are that it was not.

I have lived across Canada and for decades I have continually reminded people that the Roughriders are a small market miracle due to the fact Regina is only about 200,000 people (of course over the years that number has changed slightly). Almost every person I mention that number to is shocked the city is that small. Of course there is support from outside the city however every team enjoys the same regional support.

All of these other teams draw from a minimum of a million people within their metropolitan area, and many are in the multi-million, including the Toronto FC.

I have watched some Toronto FC games and those fans stand and sing for the entire game. There is truly nothing like it anywhere else in the country and I believe they deserve the number one spot in that regard. However is population base is calculated into the calculation, nobody touches the Riders and it's not even close. The team is a Canadian sports phenomenon and we should all be proud regardless of where any such list finds us.

Anonymous said...

Do you live in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario?

Anonymous said...

Asinine comments from the redneck province.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's always someone from another province. How sheltered are you?

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't read Rider fans boards or other teams boards. Rider fans are always on there name calling, trolling, and pot stirring. Take your green goggles off buddy

Anonymous said...

Worst fans are Roughrider fans, so arrogant, mean sprited and hate filled.

Anonymous said...

Jeez doesn't anyone read about the author of this garbage?
Rudi Schuller is a Digital Content Producer at Sporting News Canada. He was formerly a writer and editor at Goal and Reuters and a contributor at, with bylines at Yahoo! and Fox Sports. He is also currently the co-host of "Canada FC" on SiriusXM.

I wonder why he put Toronto FC in 1st place? Why does he not put forth his formula to base rankings? Being a contributor to MLS Soccer does not make one an expert on ranking other teams sports. What crap.

Anonymous said...

These lists are meant to be subjective & cause a stir and do. The Blue jays had 3 million fans show up in Toronto and hundreds of thousands more at road games (seems excessive but there are thousands of fans at games not just in Seattle but places like Tampa Kansas city and Milwaukee.) They were the leading TV ranking for sports for most of the last In sheer numbers they are probably #1. Teams like the riders Leafs and Canadien have fans everywhere and are a national following that adds up to alot of fans. Toronto Fc may begin to suffer as fans become more invested in other Canadian teams. As someone else posted the point of the poll may have been to build a list to place someone they were trying to promote on top of. Either way it causes a stir and with one exception every team thinks they were ranked to low

Anonymous said...

Gotta give the Jays a nod but honestly...every sport, every country,if you look,(and it's televised so Canadians can see it) somewhere in the stands there is someone wearing a Saskatchewan Roughrider jersey.

3RD and 1 said...

Ya sure,someone who is raised in SK is going to call the people of SK Hicksville. You call me sheltered? Man that is stupidity at its finest.
Again it’s always fans right next store calling the other fans the worst.
When was the last time we heard about a fan spitting on a player. Oh ya, a few weeks back. Good old Bomber fans spitting on a player in the players own ball park. Or trying to pull off the head of the mascot driving by. Or pouring beer on their own Winnipeg 12 year old kid because he didn’t know he shouldn’t wear green when the Riders are in town. But hey Rider fans are much worse because they name call.., right Anons. Actions speak louder than words. Bomber fans actions are becoming despicable and go way over the line. Was there for the Grey Cup and the relentless BS coming out of the mouths of Bomber fans threatening violence in their big groups. But when they were 1 on 1 away from their buddies they were pussys. Go on now Bomber fans. Post some more Anonymous name calling. Get enraged so you can do some more stupid stuff and have your fan base in the news again.

Anonymous said...

Is soccer even a real sport?

Scott MacDonald said...

As a Vancouver native living in Regina, I am not surprised by the ridiculous comments by some of the rider fans on here. Soccer is growing, like it or not. Stop bashing a sport because it's not your preference. I have never liked country music, but I don't bash the artists, because they are obviously talented. So you don't like soccer? Don't bash the sport or its players because it's not your cup of tea. And seriously? Saying that all their fans are immigrants anyways? I DOUBT VERY MUCH YOU ARE FIRST NATIONS, SO YOU ARE DESCENDED FROM IMMIGRANTS YOURSELF!!! There's a reason stupidity and ignorance go hand in hand. P.S. the Canucks fan base is ridiculous, if you never lived there, shut your mouth. They sold out their home games for over 13 seasons straight. The riders haven't even done that. And they sucked for a lot of those years.

Anonymous said...

So upset, eat a snickers loser

Ted X said...

What criteria were used to determine the best fan base and how were they measured?