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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Regina, Saskatchewan – Queen City Sports and Entertainment Group (QCSEG), in conjunction with the Regina Pats Hockey Club, is pleased to announce that effective November 1st at noon, season ticket holders will be able to purchase tickets for the 2018 Homecoming Weekend.

Ticket packages for the entire weekend will start at $75.00 and include both outdoor games, the Waskimo Winter Festival and Rogers Hometown Hockey.

QCSEG and the Pats, along with the Western Hockey League, are excited to host this unprecedented lineup of celebratory events in recognition of the Pats 100th Anniversary, planned for the Family Day weekend, February 16-18, 2018.

Headlining the Regina Pats Homecoming Weekend will be two outdoor hockey games at the new Mosaic Stadium. Saturday night will see up to 50 former NHL greats, including 14 Hall of Famers lace up their skates in the All-Star Celebrity Classic. Sunday will feature one of the WHL’s top rivalries as the Regina Pats take on the Moose Jaw Warriors in the Outdoor Classic. QCSEG is also pleased to bring in the Waskimo Winter Festival and Rogers Hometown Hockey.

Regina Pats season ticket holders will receive preferred pricing and priority access and can now purchase tickets packages through AccountManager at Season ticket holders will also receive a credit for the price of a regular season ticket towards the total price of the outdoor game tickets. Details regarding pricing and how to purchase have already been sent to them via email.

General On-Sale will begin on November 20th and individuals interested in attending this historic weekend are encouraged to register for Priority Access immediately by visiting Ticket packages for the entire weekend will start at $75.00.
The Pats are back in action on Wednesday when they host the Kootenay ICE at the Brandt Centre. Tickets are available at, the Brandt Centre Box Office and at any Regina Safeway Location.


D from Alberta said...

"Ticket packages"?...Waskimo and Rogers are FREE events. QCSEG, don't try to convince people to buy "packages" if all they want is one of the outdoor games (which sound GREAT!). So typical of Regina organizers trying to price gauge!

Anonymous said...

Well that is a better price than I had heard they would be. I heard a couple hundred per ticket. Guess my sources are as bad as Arash Madani' s.

Anonymous said...

I'm a gold season ticket holder, for the outdoor 2 game ticket package is $299.00 regular $319.00!!! Are you kidding me, what a joke this greedy ownership group has become.

Anonymous said...

1st ANON doesn't understand and that's ok.

QCSEG brought the FREE events to EVRAZ PLACE grounds for everyone. Does anyone truly believe this magically just happens? And it's not free, there's a cost to bringing these events.

3rd ANON, I know (because I'm a season ticket holder), you can buy any ticket price you want at Mosaic. Don't buy Gold, buy the $75 ticket for 2 games.

We also all can choose not to go.

If you don't go, post your ticket on the re-sale site at Pats office and I'll buy from you. There will be lots of buyers.

Can't wait for NHL Alumni Game!

Anonymous said...

QCSEG is proving to be what many thought they would be. Low on PR and big on gouging. They got rid of senior and student rates and promptly doubled them for the most vulnerable,. likely to drive away older people from their long time prime seats. Then they upped the prices again, got rid of two playoff games in the package, got rid of bring a friend tickets, got rid of pre-seasin tickets yet again upped the price. All in the ridiculous narrative that it's all about choice. What malarky. All the while parking is getting worse and the lure of the centre ice clock is over. Now get ready for this huge gouge for poorer site lines and cold. As soon as that's over they will be dipping again for those two playoff tickets plus much more. The Pats will quickly be eliminated but then they will gouge again for the Memorial Cup tickets. Many of this years seasons tickets will be gone next season after the Memorial Cup. Yet the owners and some staff are thumping their chests. Say they're giving you choices but more like ripping you off. They don't even want to be contacted at the office anymore but rather just go to your ticket manager and leave us alone to do nothing. Too much staff doing too little.

Yet with all these huge price increases during the four years they have had the team there are no championships, no Memorial Cups, three out of four season slightly above .500 including this one. Only one season they were any good, but still not good enough to win anything. To add insult the Coach/GM tells the LP are just a mediocre club….news flash! Your 25% of the way through the schedule and Memorial Cup hosts yet your admitting your just a mediocre club…wow. Going to turn this around on Jan 10th right? Couldn't do it last season and this one is shaping up to be the same. Yup and I'm going to pay just under $800 for two to watch a game in a deep freeze. If this organization was a pot roast there would be just potatoes and carrots but absolutely no beef.

Anonymous said...

I only want one ticket for myself, one Pats/Warriors ticket, I'll be happy. If that doesn't happen, I won't be happy.

Slappy Jack

william weppler said...

Ok Anon ("gold season ticket holder") - let's not get the masses panicking! Maybe take another read of the information sent out today.

Being a "Gold" status Pats season ticket holder has NOTHING to do with the pricing for the 2 outdoor games (NHL Alumni and Pats/Warriors). The Outdoor games pricing has several levels based on seating at the football stadium (from standing room to Platinum pricing - Gold being one of the choices).

Gold pricing for the 2 games is $239 NOT $299 - and Public Price is $319.

As a "gold" Pats season ticket holder myself I can purchase tickets for both games (NHL Alumni and Pats/Warriors) for as low as $75 (Standing room) to $299 (Platinum).

Regardless of whether YOU choose (i.e. no arm twisting involved) to go, or cannot attend, your Pats season ticket account will automatically have a credit applied for the value of a regular Pats game ticket, that can be applied to a Playoff ticket or 2018-19 Season Tickets. If YOU choose to go to the weekend games then the credit will be applied to your purchase... so assuming the credit is $25 the cost for you for both games will be as low as $50 for both games (e.g. standing room price).

This is my understanding of the info I read today...if this is not correct then feel free to correct me. If I am correct then maybe man up (with a Name) and apologize for your ignorance, and leading readers of this blog astray.

The Pats Ownership group is bringing in a world class company to put an outdoor rink in place for a 1st time in Sask. event to celebrate 100 years of Regina Pats hockey. They have coordinated this with other events in Regina that weekend. If you choose not to partake that is fine but don't bash it without knowing what you're talking about!

Anonymous said...

I expect to sit in the cold for the last 2 or 3 Rider games each year. Not a chance in H... will I sit/stand to watch an overpriced hockey game outsideat ppotential -35 or 40C when there is a rink 300 meters away that it could be played in.

Anonymous said...

As a valued gold season ticket holder I do have a choice, get gouged or stay home. With all due respect to Mr. Weppler and Anonymous #4 (QCSEG employee)who try to make $75 sound reasonable, this is nothing more than a cash grab. As a valued gold season ticket holder I can stand in Pilsner place to watch the games for the $75. The rink is likely to be over 300 feet away with the maxtron at by back for an excellent view of replays. My choice will be to stay home, the money I save will be applied to my season tickets for next season, should I decide to renew. Anonymous #5 has provided an accurate description of this ownership group.

Anonymous said...

Somebody call the wambulance, almost every post on here is a bunch of whiney babies. Shut up and don't go then!!! This is rare and unique experience that doesn't come around often. Oh no $75!?! I better take out a second mortgage now, idiots.

Anonymous said...

This is a big ticket event. Do you understand what the cost and logistics of hosting an event like this are? A $75 ticket for the whole weekend is more than reasonable.

Anonymous said...

$75 gets you standing room.


Anonymous said...

Financing is available for the outdoor classic, probably through the Brandt Group of Companies financing. Just a note when the Hitmen played the Pat's in 2011 in the outdoor classic ticket prices $15 and $12. This so called rare and unique experience will be a tough sell.

Anonymous said...

Lol wow!!!!! That is frickin halarious.

The game tickets are more? I pay 13 a game hahaha. And that is for silver.

This person is an absolute disaster... go to the doctor and get some happy pills.


Anonymous said...

Lol!!! Yes save your 26 dollar credit for next year.

Just quit your whining and don't come. Done.

Anonymous said...

It costs millions to get this event dumb ass

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. It’s obviously not just the game, it’s the event!

Gouging (gauging)? Not

Some people’s version of “fair” does not consider “value”.

If there’s no value to you, just don’t go! Did you expect free?

I spend $105.00 at Boston Pizza. Could have bought frozen pizzas but “I chose” a meal out with the family.

william weppler said...

I never once said that the $75 (or any ticket prices) was reasonable. I was merely correcting the information that the blogger was putting on this site so interested folks would not think the BS he was spewing was actual fact.

Dex said...

I think the new group is making a mistake with these ticket prices. Might end up as big a debacle as the Grey Cup last year.

February in Regina in an outdoor stadium?

I will wait until the week before when I will get 2 free tickets when I order a $20 pizza.

Anonymous said...

Seems that if the weather is fine and tickets are $10 for all those less desirable seats far from the ice, that there could be a good turnout for the game.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that the Pil Zone holds a little over 300 people for standing room tickets. Heck my 2013 Grey Cup ticket on the 40 yd line is going to be cheaper ($349.00)than sitting on the 40 yd line for this game at a price of $369.00 if you aren't a pats season ticket holder. This is junior hockey not professional hockey. These tickets are more expensive for sideline tickets than the game in Winnipeg a couple of years ago and that game was in October. As a Warrior fan I was excited when this was announced but no way am I paying that plus being gouged on parking to watch a game outside when it might be windy and -40, heck even at -10 and a wind will be cold.

william weppler said...

My understanding is that the WHL game for the Heritage Classic in 2011 at McMahon Stadium was subsidized heavily by the Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadians hockey Teams who played the night before, thus the very attractive ticket prices.
The Pats were once affiliated with Montreal, and the Hitmen were, and still are owned, by the Flames.
See ""

Joey said...

Rod, why is it that I write my 2 cents worth on here and I mention Mr. Weppler's name without being nasty or using any foul language and you will not POST it.
My name is Joey and I sent mine in hours ago but it is still not posted but Mr. Weppler has sent 2 in calling a person "Ignorant" and another person B.S. and gets away with it.

Anonymous said...

I think many will wait and buy the last week to see what the weather is like. Rider fans right now won't sit at Mosaic with temps of -5, do you really think they will sit outside if the temp is -30 in February (which is possible). Either way I'll be watching on TV if its broadcast. I'm all for being creative and attracting fans to special events, but an outdoor game anywhere in Saskatchewan in February is a recipe for disaster if the weather doesn't cooperate.

william weppler said...

Joey - the definition of the term Ignorance is "lack of knowledge or information" - I think I defined the Anon's remarks accurately as the information was a complete lack of knowledge on their part.

As far as the reference to BS I should have spelled the words rather than abbreviate, my bad. I meant to say "Bad Stuff", sorry if you misinterpreted my meaning...didn't catch your last name though?

Anonymous said...

I'm a season ticket holder and even if my game ticket got me in with no additional charge would I ever consider attending. Outdoor game in February in Saskatchewan is just plain dumb. To those that go, enjoy yourself and please dress warm.

Joey BiShop said...

Sorry... Joey BiShop Mr. Weppler

Anonymous said...

Why would you think everyone wants to go to a junior game at a football stadium. I really think people in this province are trying to feed off the riders success, I mean it’s not the nhl and I think they will be disappointed in the turn out, just because you have a new stadium to use doesn’t mean this will work, I would be shocked if they get even a decent crowd, the nhl is wearing it out big time on their level, it’s not such a big deal anymore, especially at this level.

Anonymous said...

The new ownership has made it's first fatal mistake on this .