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Friday, October 6, 2017


Regina – The Regina Pats and the Western Hockey League are very pleased to announce an unprecedented lineup of celebratory events in recognition of the Pats 100th anniversary, planned for the Family Day weekend, February 16-19, 2018.

“We’ve worked very hard to put together a birthday celebration that will never be forgotten,” says Shaun Semple, President and CEO of the Brandt Group of Companies and co-owner of Queen City Sports & Entertainment Group. “The Pats’ Centennial Salute Homecoming Weekend is absolutely unique in its scale and will kick off the 100-day countdown to the 2018 Mastercard Memorial Cup with a bang!”

Headlining the Regina Pats Homecoming Weekend will be two outdoor hockey games at Mosaic Stadium. Saturday night will see up to 50 former NHL greats, including 14 Hall of Famers, lace up their skates in the All-Star Celebrity Classic. Sunday will feature one of the WHL’s top rivalries as the Regina Pats take on the Moose Jaw Warriors in the Outdoor Classic. The Pats have engaged BaAM Productions, producers of all four NHL Heritage Classics, to ensure that these contests will be world-class events.

“Ticket information will be available in the coming weeks," said Pats President Todd Lumbard. "At that time, information will be released on how your season ticket applies to the weekend of events. We are developing a plan to ensure our valued Season Ticket holder receives priority consideration for this historic weekend of celebration.”

The weekend will also feature the launch of the Regina Pats own charitable foundation at the gala Regina Pats Foundation Honours – a star-studded fundraiser that will give participants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rub shoulders with 50 of their NHL hockey heroes. Regina’s annual Waskimo Festival will also be part of the Homecoming Weekend with a winter wonderland of activities at Mosaic Stadium and a full range of events on Wascana Lake.

Rogers Hometown Hockey will be in Regina to cover it all – bringing their production team to the city for the entire weekend with a full range of programming in support of the Pats Centennial Salute event.

“The All-Star Celebrity Classic and Pats outdoor game will not only provide an opportunity for hockey fans to celebrate the 100 year history of the Pats, but will bring together many of the greatest players to ever play in the WHL,” commented WHL  Commissioner Ron Robison. “The Pats’ Centennial Salute Homecoming Weekend is a fitting way to celebrate the Pats 100th season and the incredible history of this storied franchise.”

The Pats have released a promotional video at, outlining plans for the upcoming event, with further specifics still to be announced.


Anonymous said...

Perfect !!

Anonymous said...

Lumbard's lip service to "Valued Season Ticket Holders" is laughable. I'm sure they will continue the nickle and dime approach that Cattell has embarked on this year. Exhibition game tickets no longer included in Season Ticket package, complimentary Cougar Men's hockey tickets no longer included. Concourse area reduced 30% for additional seating. Fantastic score clock screen size reduced 10% by adding time clock information to the bottom of the screen. The lower portion of the clock is now used as a sponsor money grab. As a "Valued Season Ticket Holder" I can hardly wait for the Memorial Cup price gouge info to be available.

dom said...

How many tickets do you have? I will buy them to my 5 I already hold and am pleased with. Do you remember the Parkers grease fire they created when they were owners. Get a grip bud!

Anonymous said...

2 tickets 15 year season ticket holder. I assume because the team has some success you're more than happy to get price gouged. Memorial Cup year they use the same approach as the Riders, don't like what's happening, someone else will take your spot. See what happens next year when the rebuild starts.

Anonymous said...

There's a new sheriff in town... Lumbard the name, Todd Lumbard.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the ownership group decided to gouge the season ticket holders this year. The first 2 playoff tickets, preseason tickets, Cougar tickets, Bring a Friend tickets, Outdoor game are not included. Hell, your seat isn't even guaranteed to the Mem Cup. You'll get a seat, but some season ticket holders will be moved for the Mem Cup. All while hitting us with a price increase. The season ticket numbers will drastically drop next year and they've earned it.

william weppler said...

These events sound great. Unfortunately won't be around that weekend but hope the weather co-operates as that will make it even better. This new ownership group sure knows how to get Pats fans excited, and I am sure will also bring a lot of "on the fence" WHL fans on board after the New Year with this in the offing.

Anonymous said...

The new sheriff has won the same amount of WHL and Memorial Cup Championships as the last one.

Brent Parker 0
Todd Lumbard 0

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2

Don't like it, don't go! Someone will fill your spot. You won't be missed! All it means is one less d-bag at the game and EVERYONE will be OK with that.

william weppler said...

Don't know about those folks complaining but nobody twisted my arm to buy a season ticket. I bought because I enjoy Junior hockey and the Pats are an exciting Team to watch. If you don't agree then don't buy.

Anonymous said...

Come out and see the best team in Canada play , Moose Jaw Warriors.

Anonymous said...

I like the team and the entertainment value provided by Junior Hockey. I just prefer a little kissing while I'm getting screwed. Don't like don't go, same marketing approach as the Riders.