Realty One

Monday, October 16, 2017


By: Staff

As we head Out of the Tunnel this Monday morning, I’m sure Rider fans are still wondering, “What the heck happened Friday night?”

If you were told that the Green & White were in the redzone nine times and only punted twice all game, it would be safe to assume that would be enough for the win. But (we offer you the saying that everything said before “BUT” is B.S.) of those nine entries into the red zone, the result was only a pair of touchdowns, six field goals and a Jonathan Rose interception in the end zone. It all added up to a 33-32 comeback win for Ottawa over Saskatchewan.

Granted that's still 32 points, and for as well as the Rider defence has played the last couple of months, it should have been enough to seal the victory against a Redblacks team that will finish the season under .500.

So, what did happen? Simply put, the Riders couldn’t cash in on their multiple opportunities and allowed Ottawa to hang on like grim death for three-and-a-half quarters before finally coming alive late in the fourth.

Ottawa is much better than their 7-9-1 record states and are looking more like the defending Grey Cup champs than they did when the Riders visited Ottawa just a few weeks back. Quarterback Trevor Harris returned to form in the second half and looked fully recovered from a shoulder injury he suffered on September 9th against Hamilton.

The Redblacks were able to protect Harris, they took some chances (Brett Maher’s successful fake punt), converted on every opportunity given to them (interception return for a TD) and in the end the Riders didn’t step on Ottawa’s throat when they had the chance.

Let’s hope this is a tough lesson that the Green & White will learn from.

To be successful in the final three games of the regular season and into the playoffs, if the opportunity to put a team away is presented to them, THEY MUST take advantage of it.

It is not all doom and gloom for the Riders. All they need is a win or a B.C. loss and they return to the playoffs for the first time since 2014. Plus, the offence is looking like it’s starting to get back into form and the special teams look great.

The remaining three games will be a great litmus test of where this team is at heading into the post-season. It starts Friday night in Calgary. The last time the Riders visited the Stampeders, it was a nightmare. The 27-10 loss looked a lot better on the scoreboard than it should have. Kevin Glenn was sacked five times in the first half and the offence could generate just 252 total yards.

To knock off the Stampeders for the first time at home this season would send a message to the rest of the CFL that the Riders will be incredibly difficult to deal with in the playoffs.


Fans caught a glimpse of him on the field Friday night  wearing 84 and not the customary 89 during 2007 Grey Cup team celebrations. That was a bit of a throwback for Getzlaf as 84 was his number the first year he came to the Riders which coincidentally was the year they broke their lengthy Grey Cup drought. Fans will now get to see him back on the field for real as the Green & White signed the veteran receiver this weekend and should bolster a beat up Canadian receiving core. If he does see the field, it will be interesting to see what number he will wear because Duron Carter has put 89 to good use already this season.


- The Winnipeg Blue Bombers all but sewed up a home playoff date with their 26-20 victory over the B.C. Lions on Saturday, but it wasn’t all rosy. Maurice Leggett will be out the for the rest of the season with a torn Achilles suffered when he recovered a short kick at the tail end of the game. The 31-year-old linebacker was more than likely going to be their team nominee for defensive MVP and will be a huge hole to fill for the Bombers.

- It’s all but over for the Lions but it’s not their defence’s fault. They held Matt Nichols and the Bomber offence out of the end zone and limited them to just 262 total yards. After the roaring start the Lions had to the season, there will be a lot of questions for Wally Buono to answer about his team in this off-season.

- The Edmonton Eskimos are now winners of back-to-back games with their 30-27 road win in Toronto. Mike Reilly now has a full assortment of tools at his disposal. With Derel Walker returning to form after his NFL shot, Brandon Zylstra turning into one of the top young receivers in the game and the addition of C.J. Gable to the backfield have been a boon for the offence. The glaring omission is Adarius Bowman. The veteran receiver has just 29 catches for 293 yards this season with just a single 100-yard effort.


It was a wild semi-final Sunday in the PFC and when the dust settled, it will be an all-Saskatchewan final.

The Regina Thunder went on the road and upset the Edmonton Huskies 24-21 at Clarke Park in Edmonton. Regina trailed 11-4 after the first half but outpaced the Huskies in the second half to get to their fourth PFC Championship game.

They will face the Saskatoon Hilltops who outlasted the visiting Winnipeg Rifles 28-21. Logan Fischer led the way for the Hilltops with 105 yards on the ground in the victory.

This is Saskatoon’s 11th-straight PFC final and the fourth time they will face the Thunder. The last time was in 2013 when Regina won 21-16 en route to their only Canadian Bowl title.


The Regina Rams (4-2) needed a little extra time, but in the end, they clinched a playoff berth with a 58-55 victory over a much improving Alberta Golden Bears team. Atlee Simon ran roughshod over the Golden Bear defence with 206 yards rushing and a touchdown while adding another 59 yards receiving and two more scores. Ed Ilnicki matched Simon on the ground with 201 yards rushing for Alberta (who fell to 1-5 with the loss).

It was too little too late for the Saskatchewan Huskies. The UBC Thunderbirds held off the visiting Huskies 29-25 despite letting up 23-fourth quarter points. Michael O’Connor threw for 466 yards and three touchdowns in the winning effort. With the victory, UBC (4-2) stays tied with the Rams for second in the Canada West, while the Huskies (2-4) dropped their fourth in a row and are just one game ahead of both the Manitoba Bisons and Alberta Golden Bears for fourth.

The Manitoba Bisons (1-5) gave the number two team in the country all they could handle, but in the end, the Calgary Dinos (6-0) escaped Winnipeg with the 36-27 victory. Manitoba led 27-20 heading into the fourth quarter, but it was all Calgary in the final frame with 16-straight points. Defence led the way for Canada West’s top team with four sacks, two interceptions and two forced fumbles.

This week:
Saturday, October 21st (All times local):
UBC at Manitoba 2:00pm
Saskatchewan at Alberta 1:00pm
Calgary at Regina 2:00pm

Brendan O’Leary-Orange – Rec
University of Nevada
6’4” 210lbs.
Hometown – Toronto, Ont.
Class – Rs-Soph.

After seeing limited action as a redshirt freshman, O’Leary-Orange is having a solid sophomore year with the Wolfpack. The Toronto native broke out Saturday night in a 44-42 loss to Colorado State. He had four catches for 111-yards and his first NCAA touchdown.

Brendan has a great football pedigree. His father, Doyle O’Leary-Orange played in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Ti-Cats.

( Staff)


Anonymous said...

Any chance the ride s blew this one on purpose just to get the crossover and go to the cup from the east? Just saying

Anonymous said...

When you haven't clinched a play-off spot I doubt go into playing with that mentality and worse things may happen such as the Lions all of a sudden making a run at you. Don't get me wrong by saying the Lions aren't playing well but I believe they are better then what they are playing right now. Don't take things for granted with not having a play-off spot clinched.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 wins the award for stupid comment of the day and more will be coming

Anonymous said...

The offensive play calling is weak. I like Kevin Glenn, but that snarly CJ, should have put in BB in the 4th to change things up.

Morgan said...

Solid win for the Prairie Thunder yesterday! It's cool how you can watch the games live on YouTube. They have links to the games on the PFC website. Watched it on my tablet as I watched the Vikings pummel the Packers. Twas a good Sunday!

3RD and 1 said...

Sorry Rod Pedersen and staff article. You have a mistake. The EE did not win on the road to beat Toronto. There were a few fans st this game. Not like Mosaic but far more than Toronto. The win came in front of 26,738 spectators on a chilly, damp night at The Brick Field at Commonwealth

Anonymous said...

Offense clicking. Special teams clicking. Defense? No so much. They have to stop rushing 3. Use a 3-4 defense if you must but that means a linebacker is coming on almost every play. Jeez Also set up the pass by using the run especially at the beginning of the game. It puts the D on notice that a run is possibly coming and the D-line just can't pin their ears back. Jeez again.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn lacked the ability to finish drives, and threw some very costly picks, in a big game. Who woulda thunk it? Oh,right anyone who has watched him play over the past 17 seasons.

Anonymous said...

If Rider fans would have stayed to the end of the game instead of abandoning the team after the first half they would have known what the heck happened Friday night. So much for the greatest fans, 13th man moniker.

Telling it like it is.

Unknown said...

My take on the game is again the play of Glenn. Two picks that cost us huge points. One of the picks may not have been his fault but the only guy near was a redblack. Glenn for some reason makes rookie throws at crucial times during the game. He has been doing this his whole career. If anyone thinks Glenn can end his grey cup drought please give me a reason why. Bridge offers us the best chance but without playing time he too will not succeed. We need to reverse the qb roles because as per usual Glenn will cost us.he is way too predictable and our o line can't keep guys off of him for 3 to 4seconds

Anonymous said...

Ya right... the Loss was Kevin Glens fault. Nice try dufus! When you have your team up by 12 points and you defence has to make a stop. But fails miserably with man on man coverage and blows the game. It’s all Kevin Glens fault.
Let me guess you probably think Darian Durant would be leading this team to the promised land.
I’m thinking nothing more than a shizt disturber. Looking to start something.

Anonymous said...

Glenn did not cost us the game but he did not win it either. Bridge would have offered some mobility in the red zone and kept the defense honest. We have no run game to establish short 2nd. Only seems to work to get the final 1 or 2 on a 3rd if it gets to that point but all the FG's indicate lack of successful plays or play calling and no one to carry them out when they are correct.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn's fault?????? get your stuck up head out of your A$$. This is a coaching loss......FIRE JONES NOW!!! (and his O/C and D/C too).

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn_ 387 yds passing, enough said to that subject. Harris and his offense weapons, plus Sk no prevent defense, team penalties lost the game. 12 point lead with little time left to play should have resulted in a win. 32nd of story. Next!

Anonymous said...

Your point is?

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't matter who the running back is, without adequate blocking by the line the best anyone can hope for is 2-3 yards. Trying to establish the run under this situation only leads to second and long each time with many two and outs. If the run doesn't work then why keep trying.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those who think Glenn is to blame should read Vanstone's column today. Very accurate assessment of what happened and why Glenn shouldn't be blamed.

Anonymous said...

I do think that. He was effectively the starter from 2009-2014,and 2016 so seven seasons. Three grey cup appearances, in that time. Thats almost 1 out of every two seasons. Not to mention the 2011 and 2016 Rider teams had zero chance of actually competing, regardless of who the qb was.

Glenn is who he is. He's low risk, low reward. He has the skillset to be a great backup,a guy who can fill a gap for a stretch of games and minimize the drop off in offensive production. His killer instinct has always been below average.

Anonymous said...

My point is that it sucks watching this team with Kevin Glenn as the qb.

Anonymous said...

Read it. Still think Glenn sucks. If Durant threw for 400 but settled for six field goals, hed get lambasted around here. Whats fair is fair.

Anonymous said...

This loss is on the defence. Up by 12 with 5 minutes to go you have to shut the opposing team down and they didn't. Leonard's roughing the passer call was a huge blow and it was a penalty. No penalty and the Riders have the ball at mid-field with 3 minutes left, game should be over even if they move the ball 20 yards and get a 7th field goal. Defence did their job the past two weeks but for some reason Friday night they went to sleep in the final minutes. Where were the dedicated fans??? Lots of empty seat in the final minutes. It was chilly but not that cold, I've sat in a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

Durant throws for 140 yards per game and people think he's the greatest quarterback ever.

Anonymous said...

Who's the DC? Oh yah, now I remember.

Anonymous said...

Well 6 field goals on 6 attempts says our kicker is A1 . But maybe finishing a drive or two on one of those attempts would have done the job . Glenn's fault maybe ? He's what 17 years in the league and never won the prize and in some yrs been on very good teams . Sorry Rider family we aren't going to do it with Kevin ...