Realty One

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Photo: Cindy Adachi
LETHBRIDGE - The Regina Pats dropped a 2-0 decision on Wednesday night in Lethbridge to the Hurricanes in Gam2 of their 4-game road trip.

The two clubs skated to a 0-0 tie after 20 minutes but in the final five minutes of the second, Dylan Cozens would score his seventh of the season and it was 1-0 Lethbridge going to the third.

Regina outshot Lethbridge 18-8 in the final frame but couldn’t beat Stuart Skinner.

Ryan Vandervlis added some insurance with his second and the Hurricanes took the two points, 2-0 the final score.

The Pats outshot Lethbridge 36-24, the powerplay was oh for one and the penalty kill one for one.

Tyler Brown made 22 saves in the defeat.

Quick Hits
- The Pats were shutout for the first time this season and for only the second time going back to all of 2016-17.
- Emil Oksanen led the Pats with seven shots on goal in the defeat.

What’s Next?
Pats (8-6-1) are back in action on Saturday night in Red Deer against the Rebels at 7 p.m. on 620 CKRM. Next home game is Wednesday November 1st against the ICE. Tickets are available at, the Brandt Centre Box office and at all Regina Safeway locations, Safeway Funzone tickets are just $13 plus tax.

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Anonymous said...

This team is such a mediocre hockey team right now it's not funny. Their play is and should be considered an embarrassment for a Memorial Cup host. They are not improving and waiting for injured guys to come back will sink them. They need some moves yesterday and a rebuilding of this group needs to happen. It's what happens when you pay far too much for one player. Now Paddocks hands are tied at a time he really needs to start the upgrading process. Too many younger guys around on a team that was supposed to be built on 19 year olds. Maybe that has more to do with the fact they have nothing to trade to get those type of players. This win one lose one will get them nowhere. A.500 Memorial Cup host.

Anonymous said...

You're an embarrassment of a fan, suck it up Princess you don't run the team. Paddock will make moves when he needs to. Being the hosts mean he doesn't have to panic and make stupid trades right now. He will right the ship, have a little faith.

Anonymous said...

This is sad so far.

Anonymous said...

The Pats are 8-6-1, it's not the end of the world. There is no question they are in need of at least a couple high end players and probably two or more veteran depth guys.

Fans need to understand there are moving parts during the course of a season. It will more than likely cost a team more to make a big splash early in the season. There are handful of teams that are going to see how the season plays out a bit more before they pull the trigger.

It can also be very difficult to sell tickets for a team who has committed to rebuilding for the season. Revenue is always an important part of the equation especially in small markets where an extra 200-300 walk up per game could be the difference in breaking even.

Throw in the uncertainty of Austin Wagner's status and you have a nice puzzle. I'd much rather Paddock take his time and make the right moves than rush trades now because the team is only two games over .500. If the WHL trade deadline comes and goes and the Pats haven't addressed their needs, that might be a good time to start complaining.

william weppler said...

Skinner kept up his great play just like last years playoffs...we were all over them in 3rd but couldn't put one in on him. Kudu's to him and Canes Team - well done.
Never heard post-game comments but can't see that coaches would be too displeased with overall game. Thought they played well enough to deserve at least a goal but that's how it goes at times.
Anyone hear why Steel didn't play after 1st period?

Anonymous said...

You Negative Jerks ! A few games into the season and the Pats lose a few and all of a sudden the SKY IS FALLING IN. Give your head a shake and see how you feel when the season is half over.

Anonymous said...

You know when the Blades beat you, you're in trouble.