Realty One


Sunday, October 8, 2017


TORONTO - Tyler Crapigna's 18-yard field goal with seven seconds remaining earned the Saskatchewan Roughriders a hard-fought 27-24 win over the Toronto Argonauts on Saturday night.

Toronto tied it 24-24 on Ricky Ray's 19-yard touchdown pass to S.J. Green at 11:19 to cap an 85-yard, 10-play drive. The Argos finished the march without stalwart running back James Wilder Jr., who left following a 12-yard completion after taking an incidental helmet-to-helmet hit from Saskatchewan's Henoc Muamba.

But Canadian Brandon Bridge responded by marching Saskatchewan 64 yards on 11 plays to set up Crapigna's game-winning kick. The Riders were helped by an illegal contact penalty on Toronto's Alden Darby following a second-down incompletion.

Bridge was a major factor for Saskatchewan, completing 20-of-28 passes for 292 yards and the two TDs in relief of starter Kevin Glenn. Bridge relieved Glenn in the first half after the veteran completed just three-of-eight passes for 29 yards.

Bridge came in with Saskatchewan trailing 16-3. The 25-year-old native of Mississauga, Ont., capped a smart nine-play, 75-yard drive with an eight-yard TD pass to Namaan Roosevelt to cut Toronto's half-time lead to 16-10.

Then after Lirim Hajrullahu's 74-yard single put Toronto ahead 17-16, Bridge found Caleb Holley on a 75-yard scoring strike on the final play of the third. He followed that up by hitting Bakari Grant for the two-point convert to give the Riders a 24-17 advantage before a BMO Field gathering of 15,102 that featured plenty of green jerseys.

For the third straight game, the Riders linked arms during O Canada. It's a show of unity following U.S. President Donald Trump's controversial remarks about NFL players kneeling during the American anthem.

Saskatchewan (8-6) earned its third straight road win to move into sole possession of third in the West Division standings.

Toronto (7-8) suffered its first loss in four games and will have to wait to clinch a playoff spot. The Argos could've secured a playoff berth and home game with a victory.

Ray was 30-of-37 passing for 341 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. Wilder Jr. ran for 72 yards on 13 carries while adding seven catches for 90 yards.

Toronto's defence was minus starting linebackers Marcus Ball (foot) and Bear Woods (upper-body) and defensive lineman Cleyon Laing (undisclosed). Ball went on the six-game injured list after being hurt in last weekend's 43-35 overtime win over Hamilton but Woods was deactivated Saturday after being tested for an unspecified ailment Friday.

Akeem Jordan, who played eight NFL seasons with Philadelphia, Kansas City and Washington, was activated from the practice roster and took Woods' place in the starting lineup. Ken Bishop took Laing's spot.

Trent Richardson, the former Alabama star, made his CFL debut with Saskatchewan. The five-foot-nine, 225-pound Richardson had five carries for 20 yards.

Crapigna finished with four field goals and a convert.

Martese Jackson scored Toronto's touchdown. Hajrullahu added three field goals, a single and two converts.

Before Bridge's late-half heroics, Ray's 31-yard touchdown pass to Jackson 20 seconds into the second broke a 3-3 tie. Toronto had to settle for Hajrullahu's 16-yard field goal at 6:50 after Ray couldn't connect with a wide-open Armanti Edwards in the Saskatchewan end zone.

Ray drove the Argos to the Saskatchewan 16-yard line but again they had to settle for Hajrullahu's 19-yard field goal at 12:56.

Richardson's first CFL carry resulted in an 18-yard gain for Saskatchewan, with 15 coming on an unnecessary roughness call against Toronto.

(Canadian Press)


- What I'm most concerned with is getting the ball at midfield, big wind, and don't get points. In a tight game against a Ricky Ray-led team, you've gotta score points. That was frustrating. Then we had them off the field and ran into the kicker and they went on and scored. You're talking about a 10-point swing there. We needed to be better there, but in the second half we controlled the ball well and did what we had to do late to win the game.

- In pro baseball, if someone's slow during an inning, they call in relief. That's all we did with Kevin. He wasn't feeling it tonight, I didn't feel like, and they were getting to him. That's not his cup of tea. He's a great leader and he'll start the next game. You guys can debate it all you want, but that's the way it's going to be.

- You're talking about two very good football teams we just beat. Hamilton is a great team too, which I told you, and you all looked at me like I'm crazy. We beat the Grey Cup champs in their park and then beat the number one team in the East. They've very well-coached with great players and we made just enough plays to win two games over those teams.

- Kienan's a good back. He's on our team for a reason. Last year in the playoffs he was a big reason Ottawa won that game in the snow. He's a big back with experience and when we needed him on that last drive, experience won.



Anonymous said...

Back in the off-season when the Argos hired Trestman, I commented on here that the Argos are gonna be a force this season and all y’all dissed me. What do you think of that NOW??? At least Trestman treats his players with respect......not like Chris Jones who treats his players like cattle.

Just saying..... said...

Explain please

Willie said...

First half looked bad until Bridge took over the reins. Glenn did not have it at all and Jones made a very positive move by inserting Bridge. Riders seem to be a 2nd half team this year and that can get scary but they pulled it out again today and that was great.
Rod Black and that other Yahoo Ford are all for the East and they stunk the joint out and especially when they brought those 2 TSN Goofs on and yapped about nothing for 10 minutes without any broadcasting whatsoever. If they want to do that garbage wait until 2 Eastern teams are playing. Not when the Riders are there . We are much, much more interested in them. Way to go Green.

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, thanks for your input. Have another Pilsner...

Anonymous said...

To the first anon; I agree.

w said...

Bridge has out performed Glenn. The numbers do not lie. But the guy with the pee wee arm pulled after the first quarter is still the starter. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the all-Canadian winning drive (except for a play each by Carter, Grant, and the officials)?
Good ol' fashioned football.

Anonymous said...

If they hate Jones so much, then why did Knox and Foster resign here after their NFL stint.

Anonymous said...

You're a fool! You have no idea how Jones treats his players. No idea at all. Give this Chris Jones bashing a rest already.

The team is going in the right direction so let's be happy with that ok.

mark said...

A force that the Riders beat twice this year...what’s your point? Players love playing for Jones and are very loyal. Move along son.

Morgan said...


Morgan said...

Another huge win for the riders today! 3 out of the 4 remaining games at home now! Time to catch those bombers!!! Look out Winnipeg here we come! And we can't forget about those stamps... YOU SUCK CALGARY!!! BOOM!!!

Chad Cronk said...

How do you know how he treats his players? Can't imagine Knox and Foster coming back to the team if he treated them in a bovine manner.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Morgan. Look out Little Bo Peep!

Simon said...

7-8 is a force. Maybe in the East.

Anonymous said...

You know who Trestman's DC is, right?

Anonymous said...

Looking more and more like a Winnipeg vs Sask semi-final!

Anonymous said...

KG cannot run away from a 10 yr old. When you get pulled twice in 2 games with the game undecided, I don't care how long you've played in the league or how many grey cups you haven't won; you're not getting the job done and that's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

To all of the brainwashed blindmen out there:
Brandon Bridge is a Free-Agent at the end of the year.
Enjoy him while you can because the way Jones treats him he won't sign with the Riders.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to the Chicago Bears players. They couldn't wait for a change.

Anonymous said...

And you are????

Anonymous said...

Who won the game?

GangGreen said...

TSN are low-class fools.

Put Rider games on the main network and keep Jay and Dan out of the booth on Rider games.

Just because they're getting killed in the ratings by the sportscage -- you're not going to win any viewers in Riderville by parading these two clowns out and interupting the game. What a disaster.

Long live CKRM ... hope TSN goes bankrupt soon. It's worse than the old CBC garbage.

Lewis Grant said...

Enjoy him while you can because the way Jones treats him he won't sign with the Riders.

That's an incredibly ill-informed comment.

Last year Montreal cut Bridge (i.e. nobody would trade for him). And it's not like Montreal had great QB options. Bridge's career might have been over if Jones hadn't given him another opportunity.

Now, Jones just gave an extremely quick hook (only 8 passes thrown!) to one of the three best starters in the league this year, in order to let Bridge play in his hometown.

I think Bridge will be plenty loyal to Jones.

But we don't even need to rely on loyalty. Bridge will be aware of the obvious fact that there will be an opening for a new starter sooner in Saskatchewan than almost anywhere else in the league. Unless Ricky Ray suffers a career-ending injury, I don't see any other teams having openings for starters. (Maybe Montreal, but you think he's going back to that hot mess?) But we may well have an opening.

Dan said...

The first post above was an obvious troll comment that got effective results.......don’t fall for it guys.

Great win! Team is one of the teams to fear the rest of the way in 2017. Not a team anyone will want to face in the playoffs. The future looks bright. Go Riders!!

Anonymous said...

THe Riders are real. They find ways to win. Isn't that they way good teams work? I wonder how many Jones haters are actually EE fans? The good news is good teams find a way to win. That is the 2017 Riders? All in all I still hate the 3 man rush but if the team wins using it then fine.
A lot of CFL teams are going to a balanced attack because the D is only planing for the pass. Hello 3 man rush. I have always said if you get the running game going the passing game will work much better. Remember Kory Sheets and the running game in 2013? That is when DD was the most successful. Nobody could just bull rush the QB because if they did Sheets would rip off huge gains. Hello Jerome Messam.
Finally I watched how much improved Kienan LaFrance is getting. His blocking is better and when called he rushes around the end well. In the middle on the delayed draw, not so much.
Happy Thanksgiving Rider fans. The best is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones is still young at head coaching..but has done a good job building this team.The record reflects it,And this Rider team is getting better each game.The team lost a few close ones early but are winning those type games now.Watch out in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Just exactly how does Jones treat him? Like a backup quarterback maybe? Like a guy who has never been anything but a backup but has played more this year than any other year? Like a guy who maybe has some future but when you're in the middle of a playoff race you have to stick with your veteran but still gives him a chance to play and is developing faith in me? Like that boy that is terrible. I am so tired of all you jackass Chris Jones haters. Go cheer for some other team and get the hell off of this bandwagon. Brandon bridge is developing nicely but all of you that would like to have anointed him starter after his first completion absolutely no idea what you're talking about. You've never played or coached or managed a football team yet Chris Jones has been involved with more Grey Cup teams and you can count yet you still no more than him. What donkeys!!!

3RD and 1 said...

First Anon comment can’t drink Pilsner. His handle is White Horse in Red as well as a few more and the comments are coming out of Calgary. Posts identicle word for word comments on 3downnation. Always and I mean always is the 1st to comment on every single Rider article in the biggest negative way possible. He’s still hurt by the way Jones dissmissed Huffnagel when he left Calgary for Toronto. On top of that is the biggest green with envy Calgary fan you will ever come across. I’m talking obsessive compulsive like. In fact his handle is in the dictionary under OCD.
Best to worry about Bo the Twitter Ho and his up coming Western playoff collapse.

3RD and 1 said...

So mess with the wining system right. Did you ever stop to think that the opposing defence gets rattled when they can no longer pin thier wars back. If Jones announces Bridge the starter. Then the opposing defence can game plan. If Jones is winning what are you bitching about????????
Why do some jokers have to try and control what’s working. Man I’d hate to see what the people around you have to live with.

Anonymous said...

Black and Ford turned the broadast part of the game into a real amateur hour. First Black should be canned, he is terrible with his little sayings he uses over and over. Then they add those 2 TSN goofs in the broadcast booth who think they are funny and they joke around and talk about nothing for 10 minutes wrecking the broadcast. Do they actually think that adds value to the game!!!!! These broadcast look like a local public television broadcast. The TSN broadcasts are turning into a joke. Then they add those cameo tidbits from the sidelines about things we don't care about and miss part of some plays. Come on TSN do better or pack it up.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic attendance again in the "Centre of the Universe" If the Fans didn't turn out to see Doug Flutie who will they turn out to see? Has anyone done any research at all as to why this so? The league should investigate and determine residents reluctance to attend. Too many choices for the entertainment dollar? Not cool to be a fan? To difficult to travel in traffic to games? Waiting for an NFL franchise? Well what? How can you fix a problem if you don't know what the problem is?
Consider this, marketing the hell out of buggy whips won't sell any. The problem is nobody uses them anymore. Get the point?
Congrats to the fans who did spend their money, made the effort to go to the stadium. They were rewarded with a good game. Outcome not to their liking but they shouldn't complain about the entertainment value.

Scott Thompson said...

In Jones we trust!

Anonymous said...

3rd and one you nailed it both times AGAIN.
And I agree with TSN basher, what a waste of air time. They missed an exciting game while they bantered about.


Anonymous said...

Ottawa will be very tough to beat on Friday now that Trevor Harris is back running their show. Rider offense will need to really click for 4 quarters to keep the game close.

Loved the Jay and Dan bit during the TSN broadcast of the Rider game. Nice change of pace for a few moments.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones is the most polarizing coach I've ever seen. There's nothing in the middle, you either like him or loathe him.
What I'm getting at is that not all those Jones bashing posts originate in Alberta. You can be a Rider fan and not like the coach.


Anonymous said...

I guess Jones and the Rider TEAM has silenced all the idiots who said Riders would not win any games, would not beat any top level teams, would not win on the road, would not beat any western teams etc, etc etc. Now you have to realize JONES, knew what he was doing,got rid of overpriced underachievers signed good players and signed players who played for him before. So much for players hating him. GO RIDERS

Anonymous said...

They were worse than that Will Ferrell doing curling at the Brier. No wonder they are on midnights.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! So, so sick of hearing Rod Black call Bridge "Air Canada" and "taking it to the house", and droning on about topics completely extraneous to the game at hand! Missing most of a Rider drive with those four goofs trying to be comedians was too much. I had no idea who the 2 "guests" were and couldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

Bridge has a gun for an arm, and has performed better than I thought he would. His mechanics are wacky though, he seems to throw off of his back foot more often than not and just looks wonky. Whatever works I guess.

Anonymous said...

Ill never be a chris jones fan. But, I find Im a little more supportive of the team when anyone but Glenn is in at QB. Zero interest in watching his third go-round with the Riders. Most boring and uninspiring QB of all time.

3RD and 1 said...

The last 2 posts are interesting. I agree with the comment that the mechanics of Bridge are very different. That's being polite. First I want to say I have become a believer in Brandon Bridge. I honestly didn't feel he had that much game in him at this point of his career. Now it's only one game but what a game it was.
With Brandon's mechanics it's almost freaky. You can tell the the Dlinemen that were after Bridge were caught off guard on how Brandon can deliver the ball. As mentioned above. Several times it was off his back foot. Which usually means no accuracy and certainly no power. Yet that wasn't the case. On top of that the arm positioning and follow through happens so fast it looks like Brandon dosent have any technic and no follow through. Yet the ball looks like a tight spiral on a rope with great speed. All football logic states that his passes shouldn't work. Little loan work as well as they do. When running Brandon delivers the ball before the defender chasing him even realizes it's gone. I'm stoked.
As for the Glen comment I'm sorry I just don't agree. Glen has played very well at times this year. Far better than Durant did the past few years. Glen has either won the game or kept us in it with a possibility of wining at the end of the game. Except 3 contests. Those 3 games the whole Rider team didn't show up.
As long as Glen is given 4 to 5 seconds behind Center he can get it done. However if they are bringing the heat time after time like the Argo's game and the protection isn't there. That's not Glen's fault the receiver hasn't had time to get open. Ven on quick routes. Glen wasn't even getting 2 seconds before he was getting pressured.
What made Brandon Bridge effective in this game is the schemes that Chamblin had drawn up against Glen. Hell he use to be Glens head coach. So once the drop back QB was replaced with a QB that can slide the pocket with the Oline to one side of the field or the other. Buying and extra few seconds which is huge! Had Chris Jones announced Bridge as the starter a week ago. Then Chamblin would have had his schemes to shut down a mobile QB and then Glen's technic would have worked.
My favourite Grey Cup run is still the 1989 season. Going into a 16-2 EE Western final with a 9-9 team. Without a hope in hell. The EE shut down Austin and he leaves the game after having the crap beat out of him. In come a different style QB in Burgess. Well low and behold the EE defence couldn't adjust to the switch and the 9-9 Riders go on to beat the mighty Evil Empire and then the most xciting Grey Cup ever. Winning a 43-40 decision.
So just be happy we have 2 good QBs as that's what is needed to be successful in this league. Last year it was Harris and Burris. Again 2 different styles of game.
Go Riders Go

Kelly Markwart said...

Must have been a late-arriving crowd...missed the Anthem!

Anonymous said...

I too have changed my mind on Bridge. Watching the way he made plays and zips the ball, along with his great energy, reminds me of a CFL version of Dak Prescott or Deshaun Watson. If the Riders are to beat the Bombers in their park in the play-offs and then take on the Stamps our best route to winning is with Bridge.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard much about the Thunder, did they win this weekend?

Anonymous said...

No. I will not be happy with our current QB situation. Youre missing the point - Glenn as a player, his style, skill set, his demeanour, all of it are boring and unappealing to me. Win or lose, im uninterested.

Anonymous said...

Love bridges sidearm sling, right on the money