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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Duron Carter and Chris Jones on Tuesday
REGINA - The Saskatchewan Roughriders are throwing a challenge flag on speculation that star receiver Duron Carter is on his way out of town after a fight at practice.

Head coach and general manager Chris Jones said there was an altercation Monday but won't give any more details, saying "that's football.''

"There's altercations at football practices and that's what happened. I mean it's a violent sport and that's what went on,'' Jones told reporters Tuesday at Mosaic Stadium in Regina.

"There have been fights broke out everywhere I've ever been. In fact some of the better teams that we had. I can remember Dwight Anderson and Brandon Browner (with the 2008 Calgary Stampeders) fighting four times on day four and we won the Grey Cup, so no it doesn't concern me in the least.''

Reports emerged that some players and coaches were being released or suspended after the fight.

But Jones said Carter remains with the CFL team.

He also wouldn't comment on disciplinary action.

"We're not going to sit here and just harp on something that was blown up quite honestly on Twitter,'' said Jones. "Football is a violent sport. We practise it hard. There's going to be altercations and that's the end of the story.''

The speculation about Carter's future was fuelled by Carter's own tweet Monday in which he said "It was fun while it lasted... love y'all.''

Veteran cornerback Jovon Johnson then tweeted that defensive back Sam Williams "did something unacceptable that triggered it.'' But Johnson also tweeted that "it truly wasn't that freaking serious!''

Johnson, who is one of the team captains, said he was trying to give some perspective without getting into details.

"There is a lot of stuff that people were talking about, that they didn't know what they were talking about,'' he said after practice Tuesday.

"It's definitely been blown out of proportion.''

Williams was not at practice Tuesday, but Johnson said Williams was sick that morning and it had nothing to do with the incident.

Carter, who was at practice Tuesday, said the fight was over "some football stuff.''

"That's how it goes down. You know guys get heated and words are said and then it's punches I guess,'' said Carter.

Carter also said he's getting off of Twitter to focus on a playoff run.

It's not the first time Carter has been in a ruckus in the Canadian Football League.

In 2016, when Carter was with the Montreal Alouettes, the CFL suspended him for one game for his part in a wild melee against the Ottawa Redblacks.

As Carter walked by the Ottawa bench after a touchdown, he bumped into Redblacks head coach Rick Campbell, knocking him over. The Redblacks rushed to Campbell's defence, throwing slaps and shots at Carter, who continued his celebration straight through the Ottawa bench area to his own bench, which was on the same side of the field.

Carter was released by Montreal in October 2016 after a feud with quarterback Rakeem Cato. He signed with the Riders in January 2017.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Hope it was not the same coach that was involved in the Johnathan Newsome debacle!

bdunc said...

Much ado about this thing took on a life of its own after false reporting and speculation. Anybody who has been around this sport long enough and hockey practices as well.. will tell you this happens all the time...didn't Hamilton have a big dust up at the start of the year and Austin came out and said the same thing CJ did. I must admit though as a long time reader and sometimes commentator on this blog and a fan of Arash Madani....he needs to have his feet held to the fire about this one guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh well, at least it got a few more people talking CFL for a day. Even the league was trying to milk it yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of testosterone flying around the football field.
But, we all know that the looney tunes will show up here.

Anonymous said...


Kevin Glenn set to win his first CFL Grey Cup Championship with the Saskatchewan Roughriders 2017.

Archie SCOOP Andruws

PS, jus call me Scoop. I have all your breaking football news and then some.

larry said...

It is amazing that an IDIOT from the EAST is trying to start something in the WEST. The Idiot Arash Madari would spend more time trying to make the EAST CFL teams more competitive instead of trying to bring down a Western Team. This just proves that the Idiots from the EAST are nothing but Communist A--HOLES.

Anonymous said...

Who coulda seen this coming? Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Roddy stirred some crap up to boost his ratings, How surprising...

Anonymous said...

It's all a moot point. You're gonna get stomped in stampland anyways. And the Dinos are gonna hang 60+ on the lambs.

Anonymous said...

Carter will play just drop it you guys, you just can’t stop blabbing about it . Wow give it a rest .

Lewis Grant said...

Of course, Jones never confirmed that Carter would be playing on Friday. Jones might be toying with the media here. But if he's serious and they're considering internally suspending Carter (or others?), it's a big deal.

Still as many questions as answers.

And sure, maybe it's not a big deal. It's true that the media always loves to stir stuff up around Carter. On the other hand, Carter does have a past.

Lewis Grant said...

Apparently I'm not the only one who still has more questions than answers.

Anonymous said...

Jones not giving an affirmative to DC playing is just Jones not revealing his starting line-up period!

Anonymous said...

by the way, a 202 in bowling is pretty good. Way to go Duron

Anonymous said...

Captain Obvious

Anonymous said...

You guys gossip like a bunch of old ladies.

Big Buckerroo

Anonymous said...

Something a bit strange here. Yesterday on The Sportscage Rod was at a loss as to what the kaffufle was all about.
Today, in intevriews, it seems he was a first hand witness to the dustup. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Consider the source that blew it out of proportion.

This is the same 3 down nation that still hasn't provided any proof that the Riders worked Johnny football out.

The website should be called 3% truth down nation

Lewis Grant said...

Jones not giving an affirmative to DC playing is just Jones not revealing his starting line-up period!


But then why did he say on Monday that Crezdon Butler, despite his bad game against Ottawa, would definitely be starting in Calgary?

It's convenient that only now does Jones 'not reveal his starting line-up'.

Anonymous said...

Ahh the Riders and their faithful...always trying to distract from the dumpster fire. Where there's smoke there's usually fire and there is certainly a lot of smoke around the Riders. Look west (and maybe east) and you'll see how a real CFL team(s) is run not the Regina circus

Anonymous said...

Yup...cue the haters. I agree with the comment above that some of you clowns (media included) like to spread gossip like old ladies at a canasta tournament (with great respect for those old ladies, who do less of it than what I've seen here).

Grow up, people. Teams have dust-ups. Anyone who has coached or played knows this. Those who sit with their fidget spinners in front of their do not. Carter's a mercurial talent...but he's also been a pretty good team mate. Just look at Jovon Johnson's comment (he being a defensive back) that Sam Williams did something to Carter he probably shouldn't have.

In any event, this is not a circus as the idiot above seems to think. It is, though a young upcoming team that may not be ready for prime time this year...but next year people... best be looking over their shoulders.

As for you seriously think that it is credible to have a coach encouraging a fistfight, when the guy involved just caught 200+ yards worth of passes with those hands?

This is a case of his Toronto Blue Jays being out of the running and a nice opportunity to throw a little gas on a situation he is 3500 KM's away from.

Anonymous said...

We’re gonna make bo run, flush him out flush him out, flush him out ,

Anonymous said...

If the people in Toronto don’t know who Brandon Bridge is, that’s their tough sh..... they won’t support t.o. Anyways, why waste another good player in that marketplace .. I.e. Doug flutie, Ricky Ray ? Nuff said

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the trolls and their faithful... always trying to distract from their inability to handle the rising of a powerful CFL franchise and HUGE fan base. A fan base that took the team on its shoulders and rose it up from the ashes of a fractured and dying league that had choked itself so badly in a failed expansion into the US of A. A team that has and will always pay its players, coaches and costs. Even if that meant swallowing it’s pride which turned out to be a Rider Pride booster. Unlike teams like Calgary screwing Doug Flutie out of a Million dollars. Or BC guaranteeing a win or a free ticket. Only to make it next to impossible to collect when they were wrong. Or the Bombers with a leaky mess of a new stadium with everyone suing everyone else. That’s why you never hear crap about a stadium that’s only a few years old. Or the BC Lions that can’t be sold because of current law suites. Or the EE firing a successful GM mid season because he had grown to big for his britches and would tell the League and team President where to stick things.
But hey, let the trolls call out names and make unsubstantiated comments while they hide behind their anonymous stupidity. Stand back with your mouth open in amazement of what you are witnessing. Greatness is upon you. Watch the empire grown and learn.

CFL over see’r.