Realty One

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Matt Smith/
The Saskatchewan Roughriders held a closed practice on Thursday as they prepare to face the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Saturday's Banjo Bowl at Investors Group Field (1:00 pm, TSN, 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network).

With accusations that the Riders faked injuries in last week's 38-24 Labour Day Classic victory over Winnipeg, there's talk CFL referees may look to penalize Saskatchewan for such tactics in Week 12. However those rumours haven't yet spread to the Rider locker room.

"That's the first I ever heard of that," snorted Rider lineman Brendon Labatte. "I don't know how you dictate what's real, what's minor or what's a little nick. I was out for three plays last week because of a hand issue. If they're going to look to flag me for something like that, that's a pretty subjective call."

Rider defensive lineman Eddie Steele was one of the players accused of "faking" injury last week, but says that talk is hogwash.

"Football's a fast, physical game," said the Winnipeg product. "Player safety first, you know what I mean? I don't care what people on the outside think. If I'm hurt, I'm not going to jeopardize myself. I'm going to go down. I don't know how the other guys on my team are feeling but I can sure enough speak for them in saying we're worried about player health and player safety first. That's where we stand with that.

"Injuries are going to be kept in-house. When people are accusing us of faking injuries, that's not the case. We're worried about our health first."

Steele was asked if he expects the Bombers to resort to "selling" injuries in this week's return engagement.

"I don't know what you're talking about resorting to," Steele continued. "Injuries happen in a game and that's what's going to happen. I don't know about any planned situation to try and slow them down. I just know injuries happen in a fast, physical football game and that's how it goes."

Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones says the entire matter will be dealt with by the CFL's officiating department.

"That's pretty much for the league," Jones advised. "Player safety's one of our biggest issues and the league has addressed it as making it a priority. It's not my place to judge or comment on that."



Anonymous said...

Another pointless incindiary article from Mr. Clown himself. What no conspiracy theories to report on today? Give your head a shake, for someone so incensed that you were accused of this you seem to keep bringing it up and talking about it. We must be in your head Rod...lots of empty space in there ;)

Anonymous said...


The defensive players? Maybe if they had stayed down at the end of the play but they didn't. Then they decided they were hurt when they saw that Winnipeg was in a 'hurry up' mode.

The only one I'm buying is Labatte.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of your opinion on Sunday's game, you could NEVER implement this as a penalty. Imagine throwing a flag on a guy that turns out to be dizzy, has a concussion and is removed from the game. Not every player gets hurt and rolls around on the ground in pain.

Gayle said...

Rod, I would like to know why no one has talked about the centre of the WBB making that see saw motion that caused the Riders to have two penalties against us. IF one is talking dirty tactics this is one as well. He continued to do this motion all game. probably did this 20 times if he did it once. If, there is a coach that dreams up dirty tactics, O Shea is at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

I play football for Winnipeg, here's the scoop, we practice faking on field injuries. Its true, no bs. Keanu is our acting teacher, he lives here.

Anonymous said...

Jones should hire an actor to teach his players to keep a straight face when faking injury.

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious? MOS coaches his team with class unlike calamity jones who must've set some kind of fine record last year. Typical whiney Suckskatchewan Criders fan

Darryl. said...

Anon 1 Why do you even read this blog if this "another" article disagree with?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the players should taking acting classes so they fake an injury without being so obvious about it.

Anonymous said...

If the Riders were guilty of it, why didn't they get injured every time the Bombers went hurry up?

Maybe the Bombers went hurry up when a coach saw a player injured/limping and were showing utter disregard for the the well being of opposing team players.

Maybe its the Innipeg coaches who should be ashamed of themselves for setting "a new low in coaching etiquette"?

Anonymous said...

All I can say about this article is BULL SH_T

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the type of rule Jones would abuse - one that they cant penalize because of the focus on player safety. Have we seen injuries faked before? Absolutely - but usually its a desparation move in an isolated situation - Jones cheats more casually and frequently than most.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry bomber fans the rider fans are all coming with their green rider jerseys, and after the banjo bowl. I'll be going to the next big game . The red and white, of the stamps. Should be one for the ages. Hopefully they won't have receivers running into db's trying to draw penalties , hah .

Anonymous said...

Wonder if there is any good Cheese Stores in Winnipeg to go with all that Whine!

Anonymous said...

He's mad at Rod yet they have Doug "0 Grey Cups" Brown.

You can't write this stuff lol.

Hey Winnipeg fans on here. Stop whining about injuries. Maybe ask why you were down by three majors most of the games.

And yet they wonder why they haven't won a championship in three decades.

Anonymous said...

Take the tinfoil hat off there buddy. Only a Rider fan would be a) dumb enough to make that statement and b) dumb enough to actually believe it

Anonymous said...

must win game....for the bombers....should be a good one??....where's brad mcneil and his 2 cents....lmao