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Sunday, September 3, 2017


2017 Saskatchewan Roughriders Fan Day on Labour Day Classic weekend was easily the greatest Fan Day EVER! Not only did thousands of Rider fans stream through new Mosaic Stadium to get player autographs and enjoy interactive exhibits, the team unveiled statues of franchise legends Ron Lancaster and George Reed. These photos are from poolmaster Larry Schwentke ...

The statues were unveiled at 2:00 pm at the newly-named "Legends Plaza", just northwest of the stadium beside Confederation Park. Lancaster is in his fabled #23 and shown handing off the ball while Reed is running away from defenders in his legendary #34.

George - who retired as the CFL's leading rusher - was on hand for the unveiling, and got choked up when he addressed the crowd of hundreds. Of all his accolades, this might be at the top.

George waits for the unveiling on stage with Rider President Craig Reynolds ..

The "expression-less" look George played with was captured by the artist ..

Lancaster's daughter Lana Mueller was on hand to represent the family as Ronnie passed away in 2008 ...


The statues are a perfect compliment to the 13th Man statue which greets fans at the Northeast corner of the stadium.

And Larry Schwentke himself got the chance to meet and pose with Rider boss Chris Jones. Jones spent at least an hour on the concourse Saturday greeting fans and posing for photos.

Now it's time to go beat the Bombers!



Anonymous said...

Those statues are fantastic! So glad George Reed is still a part of Rider Nation in person to see this happen. Ron Lancaster's daughter must have been so proud! These two statues are just the best choice in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Not sure i have seen any headcoach do autographs on family day... Shivers used to put on a discussion for fan questions. Tillman as well. It is good to see.

Anonymous said...

George Reed, the greatest of them all.

Anonymous said...

Should be interesting as to how the new stadium and its design deals with the strong NW winds today for field conditions for players in the Big Game.

Anonymous said...

Reed and Lancaster relate very strongly with every SK Senior football fan and then down to the age around the very late 40's. Every other true Rider fan still knows, understands and respects what George and Ron represent. 2 Rider players that stuck with the team from the very beginning to the end of their careers. They played on a Riders team that had 10 cents for every $5 the EE had. Yet the Riders remained very competitive while both Ron and George played. Once George retired the team with Ron still at QB started their free fall to the basement of the West and then they staid there for a very long time.
If there would have been a salary cal during Ron and George's playing years. There is no doubt in my mind the Riders would have a few more Championships.
Back then it was the BIG City's like Edmonton and Toronto that simply purchased just about every good player in the league. It's been said by many different people close to the EE back then. Hugh Campbell was know to say "What was the player offered by the other team?" Well then double it! What Hugh wanted for the EE Hugh got. No one could compette.
During the 5 years in a row the EE won the Grey Cup. They had what was called a taxi squad. Today it's a practise roster and it's a lot smaller in the amount of players now. Apparently the EE taxi squad talent was so good. They could have taken the field and beaten any teams starters.
It's sad that money was spent that way instead of paying the League All Stars the way they should have been paid.

Anonymous said...

George is total class and good job coach Jones meeting fans like that

Lewis Grant said...

Glad to see they've immortalized the right players (as I had suggested before the season began).

Great to see.

Two issues that are minor, but should have been fixed:
1) Why isn't Ronnie throwing the ball? He was a QB.
2) If he's going to be handing off the ball (i.e. to George), shouldn't they be facing each other? (Or how about making it statue with two people, Ron handing off to George, thus celebrating the two together?)

Anyways, these are a lot better than the other one.

Anonymous said...

Lewis...I asked a couple people that EXACT same 2 questions.

Anonymous said...

See Chris, George is not an enemy spy.

Anonymous said...

Not bitching, but the Lancaster statue doesn't do the man justice. Where's the simulated throwing motion?

Anonymous said...

The Ronnie & George show it was a performance for the ages. So happy to see the statutes of these two Saskatchewan Icons!!