Realty One

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


As the Saskatchewan Roughriders returned to the practice field on Tuesday following Sunday's 38-24 win over Winnipeg in the Labour Day Classic, the club denied accusations from the Blue Bombers that they were "faking" injuries in the fourth quarter of that game.

Bomber tailback Andrew Harris asserted that the Riders conveniently went down with injuries to halt play while Winnipeg was running their hurry-up offense, trying to score in a hurry and make a comeback.

"Stalling tactics?" questioned Rider DT Ese Mrabure, who was playing with a broken right hand. "I heard that before but I took a shot and I went down. That's basically what went down."

Cameras showed what appeared to be Mrabure smiling as he left the field for the mandated three plays.

"I wasn't even smiling, to be honest," Mrabure continued. "It looked like I was smiling but a trainer cracked a joke. Coming off, I was wincing in pain. Really. It looked like I was smiling, because my teeth were showing."

Mrabure maintained that all the Rider injuries were legitimate.

"Yes," Mrabure said. "Yes sir. Yes sir."

Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones said he was unaware of any complaints by the Bombers regarding the timely injuries, and contends they were all legitimate.

"They (Winnipeg) play a very up-tempo style," Jones revealed. "Again, the guys get fatigued."

Blue Bomber radio colour commentator Doug Brown - a Hall of Fame defensive tackle - Tweeted that the Riders going down in the fourth quarter was "a new low in coaching etiquette".

Meanwhile star Rider receiver Duron Carter reiterated his Monday Twitter rant that he was spat upon by a Blue Bombers fan before Sunday's game even kicked off. That fan was subsequently booted from the stadium and Carter's not asking for any further punishment.

"It's just spit!" Carter joked on Tuesday. "It's just spit. No police, none of that. I don't think the dude was allowed back into the stadium. I think that's good enough. Everybody makes mistakes."

NOTES: Chris Jones announced running back Cameron Marshall and returner/receiver Nic Demski will be unavailable for the team's Week 12 game due to injuries sustained in the Labour Day Classic.

The Riders visit the Blue Bombers Saturday at 1:00 in the Banjo Bowl on TSN and the 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network.



Anonymous said...

The Bomber schrill Brown is doing a good job of getting the local media to focus on this non-event rather than the questions on why you clowns lost! Why don't we start with the fact you are overrated and your stadium smells like a barn!

Anonymous said...

The absolute sweetest and most incredible thing that could wipe away a lot of the past few seasons misery. Would be to take it to the Bombers in their own stadium.
For the Riders to once again start hard and fast and score quickly and score often. Taking the crowd right out of the game.
To see that Bomber nose picking fan that's been shown so many times on video. Along with the other 33000 Bomber fans sitting there in stunned silence.
Then watching them leave their own park in the 4th Qtr; surrendering because their team is down four scores and they can't do squat on offence. Man oh man would that be sweeet.
The Rider players have turned this season around and are playing like [=S=] STUDS. If they come out of Winnipeg with a solid victory then they will be labeled Sensational Studs wearing Rider green.
Go Riders Go
Kick some Bomber butt. Make life partners Boomer and Buzz run back and hide in their cozy little love nest.

Anonymous said...

I hear Gainer's clan is pissed! Them Bomber mascots are headed to a fowl supper!

willy said...

Now that everyone has read the truth to all of this I believe that it is time for the ones that threw Rod Pedersen under the bus to step forward and apologize to him right here and right now. Many people sound off about things before knowing the truth and Pedersen gets all the blame for it . He wrote on here what was true fact, and now that it is considered as being true by not only the player that was involved but the explanation by the Coach Mr. Pedersen did NOT make up this story as many of you believed and blamed him for stirring the coals for Winnipeg and the Banjo Bowl..
Let us see how brave you are now by stepping forward with a simple "Sorry Rod". That's all it takes.

Anonymous said...

I've been around long enough to celebrate all four Rider Grey Cup victories and I agree with Doug Brown it was "a new low in coaching etiquette."
This new low came from the guy that was complaining about Dave Dickensen's play designs not long ago.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like sour grapes to me , players have been doing that ever since I can remember , 50 years, when they have no time outs left and they get cramped up ,you have to.

Anonymous said...

So the Bombers were sprinting out from the sidelines and trying to snap the ball quickly to catch the Riders off guard. Does that sound sportsmanlike? So the Bombers were trying to play a trick, and avoid having to beat the Riders mano a mano, and some of the Riders, maybe on their own, may have been taking the initiative to go down to stop this Bombers’ trick. Good move! Smart. You could try to say that what the Bombers were doing wasn’t against the rules, but what the Riders did doing wasn’t against the rules either. The player just has to come out for three plays. So Doug Brown is mad because the Riders found a way to stop this little trick the Bombers have been trying to pull. Wah-wah-wah! You got your butt kicked Brown! Stop crying and man up and deal with it!

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud Anon 2, we haven't even played the game yet! Cut the bluster, yer gonna be looking petty stupid if Wpg turns the tables on us. Enthusiasm good/ blowhard bad!

Anonymous said...

Not only did the guy smile, he stuck his tongue out in a mockingly way. Go ahead take a look at the play on TSN when he is walking back to the bench.

As for Duron "immature fool" Carter, IF ""It's just spit!" Carter joked on Tuesday. "It's just spit. No police, none of that. I don't think the dude was allowed back into the stadium. I think that's good enough. Everybody makes mistakes." THEN why did YOU make such a big issue of it on Twitter, etc????

Anonymous said...

I agree that it sounds like sour grapes. Who said the injuries are not legit? Any team Wally has coached have used various tactics to their advantage
during a game. Edmonton perfected the practise of faking an injury and that's why players have to leave the field for three plays


Anonymous said...

Been happening forever, they changed the rule 30 years ago requiring the "injured" player to sit out 3 plays. Time to move on, I'm sure the haters will find something else to whine about.

Anonymous said...

Jones should hire someone to give acting lessons to the fakers.

Anonymous said...

Hey moron! If someone was to spit on you, what would be your immediate response? Seeking medical testing to satisfy the lingering question of doubt of what if? What if that spitting person is carrying disease? Diseases carried in human saliva these days, who knows? Your ignorance to the issue asnine, grow up! Attending game day city police, Mosaic Stadium personel need to get their act together to their payed duties, spitting on anyone is assault. End of subject.

Ryan said...

guys get hurt. Guys cramp up. Some use it as a pause to get a rest. Edmonton was rumoured to ice its field before games. BC was rumoured to use artificial sound. Teams will use tactics to win. O'Shea used a sleeper play. He had the offence snapping the ball before it was even blown in by the refs. The riders may have cramped up. Running into an online The running back tondo it again 3 seconds later. Could have caused a cramp. We don't know.

Fact is the riders scored more than Winnipeg and made more plays.

CuriousCatholicGent said...

Yeah, and Mike O'Shea wasn't the king of the "challenge flag playbook" before Ambrosie changed the challenge rule! �� How many cheap extended drives, scores, and wins did he get the Bummers with that kind of despicable and unsportsmanlike behaviour? Pot, meet kettle!

Doug Mc said...

I have been around to celebrate all four Rider Grey Cups too. Doug Brown is the guy that came to town when the Bombers were 7 and 0 and the Riders were 0 and 7 and said the Riders didnt deserve to step on the same field as them. ( Riders beat the Bombers in both ends of the LDG and the Banjo Bowl ).You are suggesting that you dont think any of these injuries were legitimate. Bombers were trying to rush the play and take advantage of the defense, so I would be disappointed if the Riders didnt recognize that and try to counter act it.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that matters is who the better team is on game day. Last week it was Saskatchewan, this week it will likely be Winnipeg simply because they are playing at home.I say likely because back to backs are tough to win. HOWEVER, I do believe this Rider team is just hitting it's stride and we haven't seen the best of them yet. What a great chance for them to step right into the race for playoff position.

Anonymous said...

Doug Brown is just as full of baloney now, as he was when he played, so why bother listening? Players have been going down with questionable injuries since they started making the ball out of pigskin, so to suggest that this is a new low, is pretty rich. I can see the smile on Doug's face as he writes it! As for pot stirring, there is none better than our Roddy, so Brown still has a ways to go. This is hype, people. Don't burst an artery!

Anonymous said...

Whose the goof ragging Carter. He makes it enjoyable to watch a game.

Anonymous said...

"ragging Carter"?? He thinks he's so self important. WHY did he even bring this issue up?? Surely, he's gonna jinx the Riders on Saturday. Sure the guy has some talent, but he's always about "LOOK AT ME!!". You get up close and taunt the fans, you deserve what you get.....and then the sucky baby goes to Twitter afterwards to rant like he's more important than the team......There's no "I" in there Carter?? (if you can even spell??)

Anonymous said...

Taunt the other teams fans? They're in OUR HOUSE, damn rights they should be taunted. You show up wearing the other teams colors you paint a target on your back. Carter is a great talent, and he has shown he deserves to be here!

It's not very often, or at all, that before a game the other teams fans are already spitting on your players. That is uncalled for, he was simply trying to give the fans in the endzone a great experience.

I think the ragging on Carter guy is a Bomber fan, hiding in anonymity on a Rider blog.

CM said...

Carter is good get over it. More athletic talent than any receiver in the league. Who cares if he's look at me. So was Michael Irvin and Cowboys win nothing without him. No player should be spit on regardless if you taunt the VISITING fans.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hey Anon saying there's no I in team. There is in WIN and that's what Carter did. He and his team took it to the Bombers and walked away with the WIN.
What a dumb post. The only people that don't like Carter is the opposing team fans. Especially Bomber fans. Milt Stegal walked around blabbering just as colourful stuff when he played. Did Rider fans give you a hard time about it? Did a Rider fan spit in Milts face? The answer is No to both. Because the lowest form of the lowest fan will always be a Bomber fan.
Both Carter and Stegal blabbed all game long. Both players backed there talk with their play. Drop it already. It's not like Carter came and told you things about your Mama. He is who he is and his play says it all. He's the best receiver in the league. Hands down. Jealousy is for the weak minded fan. Is that you?

3RD and 1 said...

I have to chuckle with Anon #8 giving Anon #2 a hard time for simply suggesting the sweetest possible way to wipe away the last couple years misery would be to take it to the Bombers.
Man give the guy a break. He was only explaining how to wipe away pain. He wasn't suggesting that's what was going to take place. Why be a dudes dream kill. Man there are some owlie people out there.
Even Susan Boyle sang.... I dreamed a dream. LOL