Realty One

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


The Roughriders returned to the practice field on Monday following Saturday's 48-28 loss in the Banjo Bowl.  Some notes:

- QB Kevin Glenn (pictured) was on the field but didn't participate. He left Saturday's game with a hand injury, but it wasn't bandaged on Monday. Brandon Bridge ran the offence on Day 1 but Glenn may return for Tuesday's closed Day 2 practice.

- Head Coach & GM Chris Jones said after the workout that Glenn's status is "day to day" and that it may come down to a game time decision. The Riders visit Hamilton on Friday.

- LB Jeff Knox practiced in #49 after being signed by the club on Monday. The 2015 Riders' team MVP, defensive MVP and Most Outstanding Rookie was cut by Tampa Bay on Friday. Chris Jones confirmed Knox will play against the Ticats.

- Jones couldn't/wouldn't provide an update on free agent linebacker Otha Foster, who was cut by the Baltimore Ravens last week. Jones said he prefers to only discuss players who are currently on the Rider roster.

 - The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the following roster moves:


  • International defensive lineman Tavares Bingham
  • International defensive back A.J. Jefferson
  • International linebacker Will Ratelle



Anonymous said...

Anything happening with Otha Foster, did he make a practice roster in the NFL after his release from Ravens?

Anonymous said...

Read his Twitter... interesting comment ,sounds like he is heading back to cfl but ? is where.

Anonymous said...

What about Otha Foster?? Land him and upgrade the already fairly good def backfield. Him and Knoxy would be great upgrades.

Anonymous said...

sincere SORRY (not!) coming out of Hamilton courtesy Big Cats Football to the west (sask) Rough Riders. (FYI;,you may know this already)_ try as you may this 2017 football season... you won't be playing against us in the November Grey Cup.

We're in the playoffs! Were in the playoffs!

Oskee Wee Wee,
Oskee Waa Waa,
Roughriders Eat'EN RAW this weekend!
Hear the Tiger Cats RoarrrRRRR!!!!

3RD and 1 said...

We need Glen Healthy and back behind center. As much as Brandin needs reps. Just not right now when we are still in the hunt.
We need to beat Hamilton and Ottawa and fight tooth and nail with Calgary.
Winnipeg is on a buy week. Then both the EE and BC still have buys. While the Riders are finished. We need to gain ground.
At this time last year we were finished. If the East wasn't so bloody weak. Darian would be in the same situation.

Anonymous said...

I read my 11 year olds notes to his buddy last week. The resemblance between his juvenile bantering and Oscars Wee Wee post. They are almost identical.
Once the season in Hamilton is finished and their fans are no longer holding onto a season being held together with needle and thread. The axe will fall from GM all the way down. They are basically living in life support right now.
The only HOLY MAKINAW they will be saying is HOLY I sure didn't see that coming. The snake has been Chopped off at the head and the tail

Anonymous said...

Hamilton Homer; you are correct that the bottom of the League Hamilton Tiger Cats will not be playing SK in November. In fact Hamilton will be playing ZERO teams come the Grey Cup. Not even in a playoff game. Either BC or SK will most likely come out if the East as the top contender who won both playoff games.
Now that there is film on slippery cooking oil Massoli. The chances of winning another game this season is minimal. Unless they catch another team having to play their back up part way through the game.

Anonymous said...

3rd and 1 dude you need to go to grammar school. its 'bye" week. Glenn and Brandon.

Anonymous said...

It has already been announced that Glenn "WILL NOT PLAY ON FRIDAY" !

chris said...

Why cut AJ Jefferson?? You can never have too many experienced guys in the secondary. Injuries will happen eventually

Anonymous said...

Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend that Otha Foster has signed with the Riders.

Anonymous said...

Bye, the teams have bye weeks. What do they teach you clowns.

Anonymous said...

Adding Knox and Foster give the Riders as good a linebacker corps as there is in the league. It should help in stiffening a defence that is still a little porous. The only thing really missing from the lineup is an elite QB. If we had one we could be in serious conversation regarding playing in the big game. Everything but...

Anonymous said...

Collaros on his way, insurance down the stretch which will get the Riders to the big game this year while winning it all. Then he becomes trade bait when "Franklin the Future" signs and arrives to play in Riderville 2018+.

Anonymous said...

No bodybin their right mind is going to take on Collaros. The guy has a $550K contract. In an 18 game season. That's just over $30K a game. Leaving $210K the rest of the way. Even when Collaros was playing at a high level. The is no way he is worth that kind of money. Even Doug Flutie in his best 2 CFL years didn't get that kind of money. Not to mention every other loop hole Collaros agent had tied up for him. That Contract reads like Collaros owns the Hamilton TigerCats.
The only reason his name even surfaced in SK. Is Austin called Jones because if having a 38 year old starting QB. Who by the way is playing sensational.
Jones will find a great QB to lead the Riders. It won't be somebody else's way over paid under achieving QB.
In SK the position of QB should stand for Quit Bitching. That's all fans in this Province do.
I hope Rod and Luc find a way to have SK fans focus their angry lack of football knowledge on our Competitors. Other wise the fish bowl is going to spew its ulgy vision and send every new decent signal caller on a inexwsy train out of town.