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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones confirmed Tuesday's TSN report that linebacker Otha Foster is returning to the team after being released by the NFL's Baltimore Ravens.

"He's here," Jones said after Tuesday's closed practice, and confirmed Foster has signed a contract with the CFL club however he wouldn't disclose whether Otha will play Friday at Hamilton.

Meanwhile regarding an update on Kevin Glenn, Jones said the quarterback "feels better" today after missing Monday's Day 1 practice with a hand injury and will be re-assessed on Wednesday.

Additionally, the Riders announced they have signed international kick returner Marcus Thigpen to the practice roster.          

Thigpen (5’9 – 195) is a veteran of 36 CFL regular-season games and 50 NFL regular-season games between 2010-15.

The dynamic returner made his CFL debut in 2010 by taking the game’s opening kickoff 93-yards for a touchdown. He later added a 118-yard missed field goal return for his second touchdown.    

The Club also made the following roster moves:


International defensive lineman Royce LaFrance
National kicker Brett Lauther



Anonymous said...

Wow. I wonder whe gets released?

Scott Thompson said...

Too bad things didn't work out down south. That being said you'd look great in Rider green Otha!

Anonymous said...

Great news. In Jones we trust!!

Russell Cone said...

Who is the odd man out now? Johnson? I hope not, I think JJ has been solid.

Anonymous said...

Johnson is safe at corner back, Foster will probably take the job from Dargan.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Saskatchewan Mr.Otha Foster.

Anonymous said...

Another great player return. To all the idiots who said no-one wanted to play for Jones, if you are correct, why are players returning? It would seem you are full of s--t

Anonymous said...

I still remember watching Thigpen years ago when he arrived in the CFL with the Riders before getting cut and becoming a star with Hamilton. Out of football for a while, at 31 a bit younger than Chad Owens, but worth seeing how much gas is left in his tank.

Clay P said...

Some lovely moves. As I have said many times, give Mr. Jones time & he will build a big winner here, barring any serious injuries.
Welcome back to Foster & Knox .
I hate to see any player on any team get injured. Hope the best for Glenn & Marshall.
Too bad about Lulay & Harris.
Clay P

Anonymous said...

I guess this means the flyin hawaian's day's are done..too bad..Thigpen is a burner tho..

Lewis Grant said...

The dynamic returner made his CFL debut in 2010 by taking the game’s opening kickoff 93-yards for a touchdown. He later added a 118-yard missed field goal return for his second touchdown.

Of course, he did so for Hamilton, a week after we released him!

I'd like to hope that we can make up for it now...but he is 31.

Lewis Grant said...

Great to have Knox and Foster back.

But they may need some time to get back into things. I seem to recall in the early aughts that George White left for the NFL after setting a team record for tackles. Then, when he came back mid-season, his job had more or less already been taken by Reggie Hunt and Jackie Mitchell. (My memory may be a little off - anyone else recall this?)

Anonymous said...

I find myself wondering how old Thigpen is. The article doesn't say but he can't be a spring chicken.

Anonymous said...

Why would you think Johnson gets released? SMH.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Marcus Thigpen still has legs. He was a serious threat when he played in Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

I'm not taking no chances! Going to Safeway and swiping my member card now that Thigpens back in the CFL. A kool million dollars in my hand... looks good, thanks Marcus.

Bill Wilkinson said...

That's right

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod... I discuss football with many CFL fans across the league. Mainly through online sports blogs. Most of which have a protical. The minute any person comments negatively towards the CFL or uses derogatory and or disrespect statements towards others. Are usually warned and may even have points taken away if the blog is using a point value system.
It sure keeps discussions at a respectable level.
No matter what Teams site im at. It certainly looks like Rider fans are the most unlinked fan base in the CFL. It may be nothing more than jealousy.
I'm just wondering if you have thought about changing or adding in more rules.
Even in this blog I see a poster being called a name because of a simple spelling error. The ones that really go after people are just down right rude and nasty.
I know that giving your readers full almost full autonomy on wording. Maybe drawing more readers. However those readers are usually key board warriors that are looking to strike and then move on. Not real worthy readers of the blog and usually just insult people, their team and individual players.
Just wondering if we could clean up the joint

CM said...

Like all 3 moves. If there is a weak link in the D its OLB's. Would be nice to find a replacement for James in the middle, they missed him in Wpg. Thigpen was dynamic in the NFL too.. hope he has some gas left in the tank. Jones does look to get better everyday. He saw the 20/25 yard line stsrting point last game too. Not good enough. Calgary always has good field position. Hopefully Thigpen can bring that back.

Anonymous said...

The smellier Rod can make this blog the more money he makes. That's all Pederson cares about.