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Thursday, September 14, 2017


Johnny Manziel has put the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on the clock.

A league source said Wednesday night the former Heisman Trophy winner's representatives have requested the Ticats present their client with a contract offer. Manziel is on Hamilton's 45-man negotiation list, giving the franchise exclusive Canadian negotiating rights to the quarterback.

Any player on a negotiation list can request a team offer him a contract. The franchise then has 10 days to do so.

A CFL official said if an offer is made, the player has the right to accept or reject it. A rejection would result in the team continuing to retain the player's neg list rights for a year from the date the offer was turned down.

Should no offer be made, the player would automatically come off the negotiation list. That would allow any of the remaining eight CFL teams to put the player on their list, potentially kick-starting the entire process all over again.

Also during the 10-day period, Hamilton could trade Manziel's rights. But it's unclear whether the team acquiring those rights would still have to offer Manziel a deal within the original 10-day window or if Manziel's camp would again have to demand a contract to initiate a new 10-day deadline.

The CFL official added Hamilton could simply offer Manziel a two-year contract _ one year plus team option _ for the league minimum of $53,000 annually. Chances are good the offer would be rejected, thus giving the Ticats a year to work out a suitable deal with Manziel.

Hamilton put Manziel through a workout last month. Afterwards Kent Austin, the Ticats vice-president of football operations, said the club wasn't interested in signing the former Texas A&M star at that time.

Manziel has been on Hamilton's negotiation list since his college days. The Cleveland Browns took Manziel in the first round, No. 22 overall in the 2014 NFL draft.

He spent two seasons with Cleveland, posting a 2-6 record as a starter before being released in March 2016.

But Manziel would have to do more than sign a contract to play in the CFL. The league has said Manziel would also be required to undergo an assessment with domestic violence prevention officials and meet with commissioner Randy Ambrosie before it would approve a deal. In January 2016, Manziel was charged after being accused of hitting and threatening a former girlfriend.

He reached a dismissal agreement requiring him to complete an anger management class. Manziel also had to attend a domestic violence impact panel and take part in a substance-abuse program.

(Canadian Press)


3RD and 1 said...

I have no doubt in my mind that Manziel's Publicist has egged Johnny football to make this move. Simply because Hamilton is looking to dump the leagues most over paid ridiculously stipulated contract for a QB written in this Century. Heck probably ever written in modern times. Collaros is not worthy of a $550K entitlement. Let alone all of the over and above stipulations in the contract.
So Johnny is forcing Austin's hand. Manziels publicist knows there is another CFL GM that wants to take a serious look at Johnny football Manziel as well. We all know who that is!
I know for a fact that Johnny's stature and the way he plays. He is much more suited to be successful in the Canadian game than Chris Jones attempt to have ex NFL QB Vince Young catch on. Young just didn't have the ability to adapt to the CFL style of play. Much to difficult to manoeuvre his giant 6'5" frame. If your going to strictly be a drop back QB. Then you better have a great arm. Unfortunately that is not Young's strength. Where Manziel may have the all the physical goods needed to make it in the CFL. Not sure about the mental ability.
People should cut Jones some slack if he does take a serious look at Johnny. If ex QB Austin is looking at possibilities with Manziel then Johnny has what it takes to be a great CFL QB. He's young enough. We all know he has the right physical ability. It's just going to come down to his mind. Whether or not Johnny feels he can make the adjustments. Then keeping him clean and better educating the young man that any kind of physical aggression towards another person is unacceptable.

mister winnipeg said...

What's the point... we know how this is going to end.

Anonymous said...

Hamilton is going to give him an offer that he will most likely reject but keep him from being taken by any other teams for a year.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnny Football would be great for the CFL ... as an Argo QB, learning how to be a pro from Ricky Ray and how to play the CFL game from Coach Trestman. It would certainly boost the number of people coming out to their games. Regina would be too small a world for young Johnny.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong 3rd and 1. The league's most ridiculously stipulated contract for a qb this century, heck probably ever written in modern times was the initial player contract Saskatchewan had with Darian Durant under the management of Hopson, Taman, O'Day. True fact!

1st and 1 all the time

CM said...

He needs to come up here the is a shortage of young good QB's. Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, Sask, BC could all use him. He is only 2 years removed unlike VY. VY actually would be well suited to the CDN game, he has great feet. Super mobile. That said, He doesn't seem to have the drive to do it anymore, which is too bad.

Anonymous said...

Austin has stated they are not interested so again as an ex QB maybe he sees that Johnny is not suited for either the Cats or the CFL. I can see why Cats looked since they need a QB and Johnny might be available but they only looked because they have had his neg rights from waaaayyy back probably before he showed his true abilities and habits.

Anonymous said...

Montreal will take and overpay for him. They love overrated, and past their prime QB's

Anonymous said...

I thought that Austin said he's just not mentally ready to play football again.

Mamziel may feel he is but the Ti-Cats probably felt his head isn't in it.

Tim from Kansas said...

Johhny M is a play maker, he put up big passing numbers in college but he also ran for over 1400 yards in 13 games, so defenses couldn't pressure him like they normally would. If you brought pressure he'd throw, if you backed up in coverage he'd take off, and in doing so he won the Heisman.

But that style never seems to work well in pro ball. If you remember Vince Y in college, he was a 6'5" 225 pound Johhny M.

It would be fun for me to see what Chris Jones could do with Johnny. I don't think he's skilled at reading defenses, progressions, quick decisions and accurate throws. I suspect it would take some time, his instinct is to take off as soon as he feels any pressure.

I do like the way he's handling the neg list. Force Hamilton's hand when they're in disarray. It sounds like he wants to play, don't you think? I believe he made over $5M in Cleveland, so assuming he didn't waste all the money away he's good, and playing in Canada probably sounds like fun for him at this point.

GWil26 said...

How is Manziel past his prime?

GWil26 said...

That record clearly goes to Collaros....

Anonymous said...

If Ti-Cats think he's not ready for CFL than why not release him? Not fair to him or the league to keep him in limbo with no apparent interest in giving him a chance. If he does prove himself and it is a big IF he would be a HUGE draw for any team and also create interest down south. The CFL has to give him a decent opportunity even if it's only 1 in 20 chance he's successful. Risk/reward here could be huge

Anonymous said...

Maybe a small world is exactly what young Johnny needs.

Anonymous said...

Why release him when they can get something in trade? Apparently there are 3 teams willing to trade for him. Mtl (surprise) already identified as one. Argos & Riders probably the others.

3RD and 1 said...

I certainly don't disputed that Durant was way over paid as well. Especially getting the money he did for a year and a half of Injury. The only good thing is Durant was at $450 and Collaros is $100K more. Unfortunately with Durant the Injury plays into that. Both Taman and Austin and now Reed in Montreal are giving guaranteed money no matter what. That's the part that stings. I agree that since the Riders GC win in 2013. Darian Durant has done very little. Just keep in mind that in 2014 he did have the Riders at 8-2 before he was cranked on a dead play in Winnipeg. Since that day there has been nothing out of Darian. Collaros controls his contract. Including trades. Durant did not have that clause and that's how Chris Jones was able to trade him. Both Contracts are ridiculous but Collaros making an extra $100K and his added stipulations is why I'm suggesting his contract is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

The CFL needs Johnny.....maybe then someone...anyone will show up at the games that aren't in Sask, Wnpg, Cal and Edm.