Realty One

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Jason Halstead/
TORONTO -- The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today:

Ottawa REDBLACKS defensive lineman Zack Evans was fined for a high hit on Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Matt Nichols.

Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Duron Carter was fined for violating the League’s social media policy.

As per league policy, the amount of the player fines was not disclosed.


Anonymous said...

Why ? Why wasn't the Calgary player suspended, intent to injure.

Anonymous said...

You Rider fans are SO delusional.......this was NOT an intent to injure, it was NOT a helmet to helmet hit, it was NOT taking a shot at a vulnerable player. It WAS a shoulder hit which, unfortunately, contacted Roosevelt's head when Roosevelt, HIMSELF, lowered his head. Roosevelt was NOT in a vulnerable position----as a ball carrier, he should have expected to be tackled, and was. The hit was penalized, because of the uproar, and whining by the big crybaby himself--Duron Carter. Peace out!!

Anonymous said...

I think non-Rider fans such as yourself posting on a Rider blog are delusional and choose to turn a blind eye. The league is trying to cut down on injuries to players, one way is tackling when a player is vulnerable. Roosevelt was vulnerable catching a pass across the middle. That's why it was a penalty, and because rules are not set in place yet to fine a player on a hit like that there isn't a fine.

Roosevelt takes another step and is able to assess the situation before he is hit it's not a penalty.

@mrt_man said...

Carter has a lot of talent... I wish he wouldn't make it so hard to cheer for him.

Hopefully we don't have another game where he gets us more penalty yards than receiving yards this week.

Anonymous said...