Realty One

Sunday, September 24, 2017


REGINA - Charleston Hughes wanted to remind the Saskatchewan Roughriders who runs the show in the CFL's West Division.

The outspoken Hughes didn't mince words following his team's 15-9 victory over the host Riders on Sunday.

"Not only do we have the most dominant front four in the league, our backup defensive linemen are making just as many plays as the starters, and we had our way with (Saskatchewan) today,'' Hughes said after a dominant defensive showing on the Riders' home turf.

The Calgary defensive unit, led by Hughes and Ja'Gared Davis, registered five sacks, an interception at the goal line and a forced fumble that came late in the fourth quarter to secure the victory.

Davis had three sacks and Hughes had two as the Stampeders improved to 11-1-1 and clinched a playoff berth. They also set a CFL record for 16 consecutive wins against a divisional opponent.

Saskatchewan slipped to 6-6.

"Just to be clear, (Saskatchewan's) offence didn't struggle today,'' Hughes said. "We completely shut it down.''

Calgary's offence wasn't necessarily sparkling, but it consistently moved the ball thanks to running back Jerome Messam, who helped set up all five of Rene Paredes' field goals.

Messam rushed for 127 yards on 23 carries. He wasn't a lock to play in this game after he suffered a vicious hit to his head the week previous.

"He has been fighting it all year. He really wanted to play today,'' said Calgary head coach Dave Dickenson.

"It was a game where a running back could have a decent game because they basically committed to taking away the pass. It was important for us to have that hammer inside and he played well.''

Saskatchewan quarterback Kevin Glenn, who sat out last week's game with a sore right (throwing) hand, returned to the starting lineup and was under pressure much of the game. He completed 12-of-19 pass attempts for 127 yards and was intercepted once.

Trailing 15-2 midway through the fourth quarter, Brandon Bridge replaced Glenn and rallied the Riders. Bridge hooked up with Devon Bailey for a 14-yard touchdown to make it a six-point game with about five minutes remaining.

The next time Bridge got his hands on the football, he marched the Riders into Calgary territory. That's when the Stampeders' defence made the game's biggest play.

"They were driving pretty good later in the game when Bridge came into the game,'' Hughes said. "We knew we had to step it up and do something about it and we did and we shut them down.''

Davis again found his way to the quarterback and while he was taking Bridge to the turf he stripped the ball and recovered it to secure the victory.

Calgary's Bo Levi Mitchell said his team's victory wasn't a flashy one, but still counted for an important two points nonetheless.

"Saskatchewan plays very well at home and they play with momentum, their fans are into it all day,'' he said. "We did a heck of a job stopping that today. We didn't allow them to get rolling. It wasn't our biggest and best game, but we played smart, manageable football and pulled it out.

"Stat-wise and touchdown-wise it might not be there today. Our all-stars aren't there and guys were stepping up and playing football.''

Mitchell completed 24-of-32 pass attempts for 222 yards.

The Riders had won five of their previous seven games and a win on Sunday could have moved them into a tie for third place in the division. Nonetheless, the Riders are very much in a position to challenge for a post-season berth.

"We're a playoff team right now,'' offered offensive lineman Derek Dennis. "The direction this team is going, people are starting to respect us as a football team. That might be the only win we could take away from this game. We wanted another W, but we'll get another crack at them in October.''

Calgary will host Montreal next week, while the Riders will travel to Ottawa.

(Canadian Press)


- Penalties were a very big issue. We had two or three explosions that were taken back because of penalties. No points there and that would've changed the outcome.

- Naaman's hurt and we have no update. It was a helmet-to-helmet hit but they called it. The proper call was made.

- When you can't get a yard, it's a combo of you're not good enough and they're a bit better than you are.

- When you can't protect, KG's a 38-year old guy. When you can protect, he'll cut you up. But when there's pressure in his face, he's not a runner. We don't want him to be a runner. He got a hit on that hand, but he came back in the second half and could throw the football.

- I thought Brandon was good but I wish he would've moved around a bit more on that last play. But he did a nice job late in the game of moving the ball and getting that late touchdown.

- We've played better football. We at least gave ourself a chance to win. We'll look at their runs but we were out of gaps and that's just discipline. We called all the same stuff, but it was us jumping out of gaps or being shallow in gaps. He had to pat the ball and came with screens, but we rallied well to the ball. Tackle-wise, we were decent.

- They've been the same team all year. They don't take penalties, protect the quarterback and run well. They're not pretty. They do all the same things. They're well-coached and they're disciplined. But from top-to-bottom, this is a very close game.

- We're 6-6. And we're fighting for our life. And now we gotta go over and play two road games. We've gotta get well, watch those teams on film, and go out and execute on a high level.

- We swept those Eastern back-to-backs last year. The guys are eager to get at it.

- We need to coach our run game harder and emphasize it more. It's important to put us in 2nd-and-medium. The guys need to know that. You need to be disciplined and the RB can't always be looking to bounce. Sometimes you have to go north-and-south, put your helmet behind your pads and go straight ahead.

- We've got a good football team, like I said last week. I know we dropped this game to a really good football team, but they came into a place that's hard to play. They were more disciplined and that's what we need to get to.

- We're a better football team than what we were in July. The guys have bought into the "team" philosophy and nobody's doing their own thing.



Anonymous said...

There's a very bad vibe to this game. Professional portsmanship kicked to the curbside, Calgary head coach Dickenson's actions utterly shameful disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

Well we learned one thing in the first half, Dave Dick is the bigest Dick in the Cfl and has gone past Chris Jones as the most dispised coach in the CFL

Anonymous said...

Thirteenth man, you mean about 17 with refs included sask...absolutely one sided. No wonder you rider fans wanted the challenge flags was so the refs could be on your side.

Anonymous said...

Wanted:three import offensive linemen. Must be able to block.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic coaching effort, Jones, take an effing hike!

Anonymous said...

There's an old saying in football, "Running backs are a dime a dozen."
Maybe the Riders should spend a dime.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jones.... The Team is Better but the Coaching needs to improve. Why wasn't Glenn taken out when he got hurt ? We were not running the ball and Glenn couldn't throw the ball. Do all you so called Coaches on the side lines not see that ?

Anonymous said...

Riders still have a game in hand and are tied with BC for the crossover. So winning this game would have been great but not a big deal. If we meet Calgary at the GC, The Riders should have by that time a plan to attack the Stamps defence.. Go Riders Go

Anonymous said...

Messam is still a BEAST. Wish he was still a Rider. Stamps were flat today I thought

Lewis Grant said...

Does Chris Jones feel the need to criticize Brandon Bridge in public after every game he plays? Am I the only one to notice this?

Sometimes I get the feeling that Jones only signed Bridge in order to raise interest in the team until he can get the QB that he really wants.

Bridge may not be a 'system QB' - maybe that's why Jones always seems so critical of him? But Bridge seems to have the raw athleticism and ability to put on his game face. Henry Burris was a bit like that too. Burris might have made his coaches nervous sometimes, but he put together a pretty darn good career. And it's not like we've seen much of 'bad Brandon' - he has 9 TDs and only 2 INTs in his career.

I hope I'm wrong in these speculations about Jones. Anybody else notice this?

Anonymous said...

Since nobody can beat Calgary this season, I am happy with today's effort.

Anonymous said...

What is up with the clock running on the Calgary penalty on our point after? We lost 20-30 secs. Clock never should have been running.

Anonymous said...

Six guys totaled 28 yards rushing, that's on McAdoo.

Anonymous said...

We need a running game. Cam Marshall's loss is huge. Roosevelt out on a dirty hit will hurt.

Dex said...

Stamps D-line is really good and was the difference.

Riders D was terrific.

LaFrance is a mediocre runner and a terrible blocker.

Glenn didn't understand why he was pulled? Zero points half-way thru the 4th and he questions the coach?

The bad Duron Carter showed up. Zero catches, awful penalties, and taking his helmet off and whining at his teammates on the bench. It isn't his job to correct the refs. He has been good/great at times, but not the last two games.

I hope Namaan will be ok soon. Hate to see a guy injured on something so unnecessary.

Was pleased the team locked arms for the anthem. However lots of fans in my section were texting, talking, and even saw a couple that kept their hats on.

Quick turnaround for what should be a tough road trip.

Best part of the game is they were selling beers in the stands.

Anonymous said...

Anybody that thinks we came close had better take off their green glasses.

Calgary had the ball 12 minutes and 20 seconds longer than we did.

We're not even close so we have to sign Bridge to an extension and play him for the rest of this season just to have a chance next year.

Of course that won't happen because Jones is bent on Franklin so this will be another wasted year.

Anonymous said...

Carter did have a catch. Short pass for a first down

Anonymous said...

Stamps D-line was the difference in the win. Rider D also deserves credit for a good game in a great devensive battle. Messam sure got off the line with momentum again. I always like watching him run.

Anonymous said...

Stamps were flat? So what were the riders for everything but the last 8 minutes of the game.

Anonymous said...

Was not a dirty hit...look at the replay without the green glasses on, the hit was with the shoulder pad which is totally legal.

Lewis Grant said...

I'll give credit to the D. They bent but didn't break. Keeping the league's 2nd-best offense out of the end zone while often starting on a short field is no mean feat.

We may not be on Calgary's level, but we are a much better team than I thought we would be this year. So despite my earlier critical speculations about Jones, I guess in fairness I have to give him at least some credit for the positive arrows at the point.

The last third of the season will be interesting. A 10-8 season is not out of reach if - and only if - we can keep this positive momentum going.

Will be interesting to watch.

Simon said...

Agree 100%, he's lying there motionless and that little baby is out there ranting. Biggest whiner I've seen.

Simon said...

Don't know what you were looking at, Proulx couldn't even get the coin toss right and it went downhill from there. I've reffed amateur football for 25 years, and these guys are a joke. Dickenson takes a page from the Buono playbook, and stomps up and down the sideline ranting at the officials until they make a bad call in his favor.

Lee said...

Great d effort by the green guys, head and shoulders above last year. Great time to bounce back 2 eastern teams

Simon said...

Our Defence played very good.

Greensoup said...

Messam is the key to the Cowgary offense, take him away and they are very beatable.

Simon said...

I agree but thought our undersized (weight wise) rushers against their monster O-linemen was a factor too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

durant and his ridiculous player contract will be released outright while als trade up for Collaros, Jackson going the other way.

Anonymous said...

Again the 3 man rush with no blitzing line backers.Yes once in a while the 3 man disturbs the opponent's QB but mostly they can sit back, no pressure and wait until a man gets open.

Did anyone notice Calgary did not rush 3. They rushed 4 - 5 most plays.Glenn and Bridge were under pressure all game. Bo not so much. I HATE THE 3 MAN RUSH. Jeez why not try to blitz at least once a game.
Finally the Riders hardly ever rush the ball no matter what. Look at this weeks games and who won big time and who had a player who rushed over 100 yards. Only the winners. Time to rethink this shotgun offense. The shotgun draw seldom is successful.Maybe I am too old to enjoy this modern game. Teams used to have a fullback and a half back the D didn't know whether either would get the ball at any time or it was a pass. Now the D-line simply has to focus on the Riders QB. No rush expected and if they do the draw it is into the middle of the line that has the entire team closing in.

Finally, Why did the Riders try a fake field goal by changing the formation, then come a full stop to allow Vernon a few seconds to move behind the line signalling a QB plunge. This allowed the opposition time to see what they are trying to do. If you try a fake never allow the D to re-organize to stop you. Do ya think the other teams know Vernon is going to sneak not try a pass? Jeez so dumb.

Anonymous said...

The Riders have lost 2 of their last 3. Do we want to keep that momentum going? Stamps are a good team & we still have another game @ McMahon. Two Eastern teams, yes, but both away games & Argos are tough in Toronto. Should beat Ottawa as catch a break with top 2 QB's not healthy.

Anonymous said...

One game closer to seeing Jones' taillights.

Anonymous said...

Man what is your deal. Just a ridiculous uneducated football comment. Why do people like you figure you know more than the GM Head Coach.
Brandon Bridge isn’t even close to being a starting QB in this league. His talent level will never, ever be more than a back up.
In Hamilton he had a single 1st down in the second half. He had seven 2 and outs.
To say people are wearing green glasses is ridiculous. What fricken game were you watching. The Riders D held Bo to zero TDS. The scores 5 field goals. The Riders have taken huge strides since July!
Calgary took out SK #1 offensive threat with a head shot. That right there is the difference of at least 1 TD. All that was needed to win this game. Open your eyes man. The difference of the 12 minutes in Calgary’s favour was due to their running game. Holding on to the ball while the clock ran between plays.
Just like Bridge SK RB LeFrance is no where near starting caliber. He had 1 good blizzard snow game last year where he had traction and the defenders did not. Other than that LeFrance is a back up. With the Riders #1 RB out with Injury we had no running game because we chose to play a Canadian at that position for now. I know Jones will address that look at what Toronto has done at RB through injury. They found probably the best back the league has ever seen.
To suggest that the Riders should take Glen out now is sucicide. Glen is still by far the Riders best option. If our Oline could have given Kevin a little more time. Things could be very different. Plus Glen has a couple more years left in him. He is playing at a high rate. Compare his stats. Don’t go by your emotions after a tough loss. Both Henry Burris and Tom Brady have won Championships at 40. There is lots of time to find a replacement at QB. 2 more seasons!
In 2013 the Riders didn’t beat Calgary until the playoffs. But you want to write off the season. DUMB!

Anonymous said...

Esks sign franklin long term trade reilly to the Als

Anonymous said...

We are closing the gap with happy with that.

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned the conditioning of our D. I was waiting for them to tire and Cal to score big early. Impressed.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree that the Riders aren't the same caliber as Calgary. 6 point loss. You can't win every game, and for a fanbase who wants the entire team fired, that was a tight match. Was it fun to watch? Nope. But one or two plays from a win.

Love the fire Jones, headlight comments. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Not a dirty hit and did to deserve the penalty; what's the defender to do when player lowers his head. You all insult Dickinson but you have the biggest cheater/whiner in Chris Jones. Calgary out you in your place and proved you are a pretender and not a contender. Whenever the Riders lose the rest of the country celebrates as we won't have to hear the Rider fans arrogance all week, although judging by the comments here we'll be stuck listening to their whining about how they somehow got screwed out of a game they had no place winning

Clarkenstein said...

Playing the class of the league you soon find out how your O and D lines stack up. On this day both lines were totally, TOTALLY outclassed. On the D side only rushing 3 didn't help. Was there ever really a blitz called at the right time? On the other side Rider QB's were under constant pressure and it showed by the lack of completions. Now the good news.. this loss is good. Riders have a chance in the playoffs if they finish 4th. They don't have a snowballs chance in hell if they finish 3rd.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see your taillights.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post except for the Argos finding the best RB the league has ever seen comment.

Anonymous said...

One loss to the BEST team in the league by far and the CFL 'Best Fans' are right back to piling on Jones and Carter. You idiots make me sick! We lost to a team we are not good enough to beat. end of story, They are a great team and their defense is stellar, they shut our guys down all day, it happens. If the Riders crap the bed out east then maybe you can be down on them but for the love of god shut up over this loss.

Jones has put together a solid team that will get better as it goes, and is far better than what Chamblin and Taman left him. Duron Carter has done for more good than bad, but of course you whiny bitch and moan (because Jones cut Dressler and Chick and trade DD) jackasses are just waiting for things to go wrong to jump on him. What a sad existence you lead. Go be Bomber fans.

Anonymous said...

Yes I noticed jones always seems critical of bridge, I don't know why he brought him here if he doesn't seem to like him, perhaps it's just temp. Till the seasons over like , the one guy says, With some weaker teams coming up , I think they should throw him or the other guy far more quickly, even if glen is doing good, get them some meaningful game time.

Anonymous said...

That game had something very different about it, very edgy, very chippy. Don't care what anyone says , if you hit a player so hard you knock him out, it should be a penalty, and if the coach stands on the field and yells and screams about the call it should be a penalty on him as well. Very disturbing to see Dave Dickinson act like that, thought he was a better man. If all that matters is that the Stamps win the Cup and you lose your everyday common decency in the process you really haven't won very much at all.

Anonymous said...

I think you need glasses period. The helmet and shoulder hit him at the same time. I was at the game and witnessed it . You could hear the helmets when they hit. If you think that was a clean hit you are clueless about football.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone always want the backup qb. They are not ready and it is not time to let them learn.

George Porge said...

The player who caused the helmet-to-helmet hit on Roosevelt should be fined...

...after he finished with his concussion protocol.