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Monday, August 28, 2017


HAMILTON - Art Briles, who was fired last year as the head football coach at Baylor in the wake of a sexual assault scandal within his program, has joined the CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats as an assistant offensive head coach.

June Jones, who replaced Kent Austin as head coach last week, made the announcement Monday. Austin remains with Hamilton as its vice-president of football operations.

Briles, 61, comes to the CFL with over 35 years of coaching experience, including stints as head coach at Houston (2003-07) and Baylor (2008-15). But Baylor's football program came under fire in 2016 when it was revealed university officials failed to take action following alleged sexual assaults.

A report found the football program under Briles mishandled multiple allegations of sexual assault against players.

After being fired Briles sued the school, but later dropped the suit.

Briles accumulated a 99-65 overall record as an NCAA head coach and was 3-6 in bowl games. He led Baylor to Big 12 championships in 2013 and 2014 and coached the school's only Heisman winner, quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Hamilton (0-8) is the CFL's only winless team. Jones will make his Ticats' head-coaching debut Sept. 4 against the arch-rival Toronto Argonauts at Tim Hortons Field.

(Canadian Press)


Ticats President Scott Mitchell told on Monday that they were fully aware of Briles' history at Baylor and they are intent on offering him a second chance. Mitchell added that the CFL head office was aware of Briles' hiring before today's announcement.



TORONTO (August 28, 2017) -- The Canadian Football League (CFL) has released the following statement:

The Commissioner is in continuing discussions with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats regarding the hiring of Art Briles as a coach. We will have no further comment until those discussions have concluded.



Anonymous said...

June's Jones and his posse not the solution for the CFLeague Tiger Cats. It's a different game from down south. Kent Austin can bide his time in the background re-charging his batteries until the need arises to re-enter the game as he choooses. The June Jones experiment will not work in favour of Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Rick Griffiths said...

Rod! I don't use Twitter but I read somewhere else that your comment on this story in Twitter was "none of my business". If true, shame on you! Violence against women is everyone's business

George Porge said...

The Briles hiring is already turning into a PR sh!t show. I really hope Hamilton corrects this mistake quickly. We don't need this kind of noise in the league.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick:

Get this through your thick f**ing skull. What goes on in Hamilton is none of Rod's business. Just like it is none of your business what is going on outside your little world as well.

Rod has three daughters so I think he is well aware of the situation.

Take your head out of your ass OK. The rest goes for anyone else being critical of this. Look in your own little world and stop trying to make yourself look good by criticizing others.


Anonymous said...

Art Briles hire Bull Sh*t !!!! Others out there better suited to the team organization/league.
CFL commisioner Randy Ambrosie, HTC team owner Bob Young need to intervene to stop this hire which badly tarnishes league image.

George Porge said...

Hey Bill - things that make the league look bad affect every team in the league - including the Riders.

Rod doesn't have a comment on the issue, or maybe he's being diplomatic. That's his choice. But this is something that affects him, you, and me whether you like it or not.

The only people with their heads up their asses are the ones who think that each team in this league lives on an island.

Anonymous said...


I am not sure if anyone on here knows what you are communicating other than finding use for profane language and venting yourself.

Rod, I quit visiting 3Down a couple of months ago because of inappropriate language on their site. There are real costs associated with so-called "free speech." I don't want to have to say good-bye to this site too.


Lee said...

Rod why would you make a comment none of my business...why twitter if you feel that

Anonymous said...

Why would the guy even be given a work visa?

Anonymous said...

Just another black eye for the cfl .

Anonymous said...

The CFL has to intervene here.

Rick Griffiths said...

Bill, sometimes a man has to stand up for what he believes in. Even if he has to take a few shots to the chops. Because Rod is such a highly respected public figure in Sask and all over the country, really (I live in BC and am a Rod Petersen fan), for him to come out and say publicly "none of my business" in the middle of that doo-doo storm seemed outrageous to me. Almost like he was promoting silence on issues of violence against women. And that silence by our brothers all over the world out there is what allows the violence to continue. We as men have to speak up so that other men will know we aren't going to stand for it anymore.

Anonymous said...

"Almost like he was promoting silence on issues of violence against women."

If Rod had said that he wished people would shut up about the whole thing, and suggested that very thing, you would have a point.

He didn't. Not wishing to comment is his choice and you have no right to expect any different.

Rick Griffiths said...

I disagree, Anonymous. He's a well known public figure all across the country and as I understand the situation, he commented on the topic publicly on Twitter. Don't try to convince me he didn't know he may get unpleasant feedback. Or that I'm not entitled to feedback. He's not a ignorant man. His comment triggered me and so I came here, to the source, to give him a chance to clarify or tell me to buzz off, or explain, or maybe to understand how I (and I imagine others) interpreted his comment, if he wants to. He can do so, or ignore me. I totally respect that. I put my name on it because I don't use Twitter and he put his name on his comment. OK? I had my say. Thank you

Anonymous said...

"Or that I'm not entitled to feedback."

That's exactly what I'm telling you. Rod having some degree of fame does not obligate him to publicly state his opinion to complete strangers. He didn't even have to offer the "none of my business" that he did.

Factually, he doesn't owe you a single thing. You may think he SHOULD speak, and that it would be the responsible thing to do, whatever. You're entirely entitled to that opinion and welcomed to share it (and he enabled you to). But he is not be shamed (on his own turf, no less) because he refused to stand in front of a podium for you.

Rick Griffiths said...

Anonymous, I meant to type FEED BACK rather than feedback. As in I think it's ok for me to feed back to Rod since he posted his comment publicly and it bothered me. You're right, I agree, he doesn't owe me a thing. That mistake make it appear that I felt he does owe me feedback. True, he didn't have to offer the "none of my business" statement he did. But he did offer it publicly and that triggered me and still does. I believe as men, even if we'd prefer to just stay silent, its important for us to speak out when a team in our CFL tries to bring in a guy like Art Briles. He chose not to stay silent and he therefor leaves hims elf open to feedback. So if you don't mind, I'll feed back all I want to.