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Friday, August 25, 2017


Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

- Here we go!  The Riders and Eskimos meet at Commonwealth tonight in a contest that Rider Nation is anticipating. Can they put in a decent road performance? Can they compete with the first place Eskimos? Will we see another effort like what we saw in Calgary and BC?

- The win against BC was fantastic, and take nothing away from Chris Jones' crew for that effort.  That effort will be forgotten quickly though if Mike Reilly and company mollywop the Green & White. We have seen the good in this team, and we have seen the bad.  If we see the bad tonight, some will check out and their anger will rise.  That is understandable.  
While it should have been done a couple of weeks ago, it is time for the '17 Riders to show us what they are.  If they are on the bottom end of a lop-sided score, they may have already done that and we were just too blind or optimistic to see.

- Who does Trent Richardson think he is? He made it very obvious he wanted to use the Riders and the CFL as a stepping stone back to the NFL. Perhaps Mr. Richardson should have had a chat with Ricky Williams to see what life is like in the CFL. He obviously thought the CFL was a league he could just dance through even though he hasn't played in years. The guy couldn't get it done on the small NFL field, so I doubt he could get it done on the bigger CFL field. At least Vince Young said all the right things when he was here.

- Congrats to Nik Lewis! You can hate him all you want Rider Nation, and many of you do, but you have to respect him for what he has done.  The next closest active player to Lewis is Weston Dressler. He has a long ways to go and Lewis isn't hanging up the helmet anytime soon.  Like Kevin Glenn, the next stop for big Nik is the Canadian Football Hall of Fame!

- Give Winnipeg credit as they snuck another victory away, but when they start playing the Western teams we will see what type of squad they are.  The record says to buy them, but I just can't. Are you?

- My campaign to "Remove the Rouge" took a hit Thursday night at the end of the Bombers-Alouettes game.  SIGHHH!!

- Kent Austin firing himself is admirable, but I don't think it changes a lot. Something major has to be done. Austin has two years left on his contract, so I don't think Bob Young wants to let him go.  He may have no choice. How did it get this bad there?

- Want my thoughts on "the fight"?  I could care less about Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. Does anyone think McGregor even has a chance in this one? If there were MMA rules, the feisty little Irishman may stand a chance, but this is boxing which is something he has never done.  I'm not wasting my time or my money on this one. If you are, have fun wherever and however you're watching. If McGregor comes out and says I want you again in an MMA match, don't be surprised.

- Many were getting a hold of me Monday morning when it was announced the WWE was returning to Regina in a couple of months with the "RAW" brand being highlighted.  It's great to have WWE come back to the Brandt Centre because it has been too long. Part of that is because of you though because you haven't bought tickets.  Let's make sure that doesn't happen this time so that they will return.  I would be there in a heartbeat, but I will be in Edmonton that night calling the Rams-Alberta game in the afternoon while sitting down at Rogers Place to watch the Senators and Oilers that night.  If it weren't for that, I would be in there though, and there is no doubt about that. C'mon Regina, get your tickets for this one and have some fun.

- The Saskatoon Blades are going back to their Pac-Man look. I approve, but I would love it if the Killer Zamboni logo returned. Oh yes, I would!



Anonymous said...

Put me down as another one who could care less about the fight!

Eskimos by 20 tonight

Anonymous said...

Three thoughts on your column
1. Nic Lewis is actually a pretty good guy when he takes off his game face, congrats to him
2. Without putting pressure on the Riders this game is huge for the Riders as are the Labor Day and Banjo Bowl games, hope they bring their A++++ game and play smart football.
3. I could care less about watching two people beat the crap out of each other

Anonymous said...

Congratulating Nik Lewis on his achievement without saying what he achieved...that's some quality writing.

Anonymous said...

Reilly throws for 350 and 3 TD's. 37-20 win. BOOK IT!

Anonymous said...


Don't know who Big Nik is?
Didn't watch the game or see the hype leading in to see what he was about to do?
Don't worry about being gutless and not having the sack to put your name to things. Many others do it too.

Scruff, no mention of the Pats? Have you been down there yet? Any truth to the rumours the Kings are sending Wagner back? He would have a Brooks-like season if he does come back.


mister winnipeg said...

Are you joking Scruffy? WBB beat the Riders and Eskies and narrowly lost to BC. Only Calgary beat them clean. Will back to back Rider defeats in the next two games convince you the Bombers can hang with the other western teams? :)

Anonymous said...

Could also care less about the WWE...(this is not even a sport)...does anyone realize that this is FAKE?? At least Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are throwing REAL punches at each other.......

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he having shoulder surgery and out for a good while ? If he returns it'd be huge ! Love his speed and guts. His hands.. not so much :-) his forcheck and back check leaves a big hole to fill if he's gone

Don Mitchell said...

I love the hypocrisy on the Sportscage with you, Duke and Luc. I'm no means a supporter of the Bombers but lets compare the records of the Bombers and Eskimos at this time.

Eskimos 7 wins 1 loss
5 of those wins came against the East.
4 of those wins came against the RB's and the TiCats (and they barely beat them each time)

Winnipeg 6 wins 2 loses (not counting this week's win against Mtl)
5 of those wins came against the East.
2 wins against Mtl and the other 3 against the remainder.

Winnipeg beat Ed

So how can you say that Winnipeg's record is junk while the Eskimo's record is stellar?
Please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

You and everyone on the cage called Winnipeg a grease fire last year and talked about being "Winnipegish" yet have staunchly defended the Riders through some very questionable practices. Cant see the forest for the trees? Yes, I believe that the Bombers are for real and will finish no worse than third with a good chance at second. If they can keep Nichols healthy, which can be said of almost any team. When the starting QB goes down, most teams struggle. Time to acknowledge that right now being "Winnipegish" isn't necessarily a bad thing and being "Riderish" is still a huge question mark.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the fight...WHO CARES!!! Just a huge money grab for the promoters, fighters and bookies. This will not save the sport of boxing. Boxing, MMA, WWE all the biggest waist of TV watching in sports, along with any type of car racing.

Anonymous said...

He's a receiver. Figure it out.

Tom Hallick said...

Mister Winnipeg, they won't take the Bombers seriously even if they sweep the Riders over the next two weeks. If the Riders beat Edmonton tonight, I'll take them seriously. But at the moment, I don't and can't. They're neck and neck with BC as "Most Disappointing Club" of 2017. Never mind the slapstick going on in the East Division.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon Blades team will play like a Bunch of Zambonis again this year or should I say "Zombies" ? This team will stay on the lower side of the standings as usual and Saskatoon Fans are about as interested in this team as Regina will be the WWE . Saskatoon NEEDS a AHL franchise and that's all there is to it.

Anonymous said...

Riders will win tonight. Esks have been very fortunate in winning 7 games and are now in a free fall. BOOK IT

Anonymous said...


Winnipeg has won three games in overtime. All 3 are games they really shouldn't have had an opportunity to go to overtime in.

Ottawa is not as bad as their record indicates. Just look at their scores.

Winnipeg has been as fortunate as Ottawa has been unfortunate while Edmonton is just getting the job done.

If you want to believe in the Bombers, you go for it. I would take Edmonton ( a healthy Edmonton) over Winnipeg any day of the week. I would take the Riders over Winnipeg.

Medlock can't bail them out all season, but O'Shea is willing to take that gamble.


Anonymous said...

And Regina needs a football team.

BombersJets said...

LOL Gerry - Get your facts straight at least. Bombers have 2 wins in OT over Sask and Montreal. While you could argue they should have lost more games they have proven to be resilient and deserve each win they have posted. While they may have been lucky against the Als the first go around you could also argue that they should've beaten BC so their record is right around where it should be. Either way though these next 2 games are going to be a lot of fun! Labour Day and Banjo Bowl haven't meant this much in years!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more bomberjets guy it's gonna be great and I'm so glad we're both relevant (I think) again .. Berne Nichols is playing great but might be running into a buzzsaw here in our D. Home and homes are tricky .. look at ours with bc recently. . Who knows what team shows up. although I'm ecstatic we seem to have arrived the bombers have about a year of maturity as a great team on us but it's cfl who knows ha!!!! I predict another lopsided win for the good green guys on Sunday .. bummers won't be able to get over our crowd but unfortunately they're gonna give it right back to us the following Saturday in a close one. Either way it's gonna be great . Go Riders!!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above Bernie Nichols is/was a hockey player