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Friday, August 18, 2017


Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

- Jaws started flapping Tuesday morning when word came down that the Riders traded for Vernon Adams Junior from Montreal. Make no doubt about it, this trade is for next year because he won't see much playing time ahead of Kevin Glenn.

There is also talk this could either be A) the Riders send Adams to Edmonton in a deal for James Franklin or B) the dream Chris Jones has had in getting Franklin has gone up in smoke. I'm not convinced it's "B", but if he is traded before the season is over, I will feel that way.  No team is getting a young quarterback for a couple of months and then losing him before free agency. Any deal will be a sign and trade. That would be the smart way to go. As for "A", I don't see that happening.

- The new Commissioner of the CFL has made quite the impact in his first month on the job, and he isn't stopping in his quest to get the league back on solid footing.  Randy Ambrosie hit the ground running with his immediate tweak to the challenges, to the solid decision to release the "Diversity is Strength" t-shirts early.  And now he is considering making a change to the playoff format.

Sorry, but East vs West doesn't do it for me. Yes, an Eastern team won the Grey Cup last year, but it was a team that was under .500 who got hot at the right time and capitalized.  For years, I have favoured having the top two seeds get a first round bye with 3 playing 6 and 4 playing 5 in the first round of the playoffs.  You then have your CFL semi-finals the week after that followed by the Grey Cup. At the end of the day, I want to see the two best teams competing.

- When do we start to stand up and say Winnipeg is for real? We've seen this act before, and we've seen how it ends. #swaggerville. Have fun while it lasts.

- When news came out Tuesday that Regina and Mosaic Stadium had been put on a list for potential venues for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, I raised my eyebrows.  Many questions went racing through my mind.  Is the stadium big enough?  Is there enough room for the teams, fans, dignitaries, etc. etc that would be needed? Why would FIFA look at Regina when there are much bigger venues like BC Place, Commonwealth Stadium and yes, even the archaic Olympic Stadium in Montreal?

However, after processing all that, I though 'why not?'  Yes, I will admit the chances of Regina having a small part to play in the world's biggest sporting event would be remote, but there are a lot of good people in this city and this province that could make it happen.

- Two sure signs that hockey is right around the corner: 1) My Hockey News yearbook arrived in the mailbox and 2) The Pats held their annual Wickenheiser Golf Classic. Rookie camp starts right away and then main camp which will lead into what should be a tremendous winter at the Brandt Centre!

Some don't like the new Pats 100 logo that was unveiled.  It doesn't do anything for me, but I'm not in it for the logo. I'm in it for the performance. If the iconic logo we have known for years was going to be front and center on the jersey, I might have been a little upset, but its not.

- The Oilers have now locked up Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, and there is talk of a second dynasty about to erupt in the Alberta capital. Let's put the brakes on that talk a little. Connor and Leon are not Crosby and Malkin. They also are not Kane and Toews or even Yzerman and Fedorov.  The blocks are there, but the onus is on Draisaitl.  He is making an awful lot of money and has been rewarded for one good season, and one good playoffs.

- With Draisaitl signing for what he did, what does it mean for guys like Mitch Marner, Max Domi, Dylan Larkin  and Matthew Tkachuk? What about Patrik Laine?  I think its a given Auston Matthews will make McDavid money as he deservedly should.

- What are the best  sports podcasts out there? (besides Sportscage!!) When I go for an evening walk, I usually listen to the Cubs game if they are playing or will find something to listen to for the 20-25 minutes that I am out and about.  I can't sit at a computer and listen to podcasts while doing things  so what are the best ones out there?

- Congratulations to the Swift Current 57's. They made it back-to-back WMBL championships Thursday night at home. The defending champs were close to seeing their run end a few times in the playoffs, but they found a way.

- The Regina Thunder are back on home soil after losing the season opener to Saskatoon last weekend. I am guessing Scott McAulay and company will be looking for a much better effort than the one given against the Hilltops when the Edmonton Wildcats come a callin. Game time is 7 o'clock. If you can't make it, it will be on Access.

- That's all I got. Have a great weekend!


Dex said...

The FIFA men wouldn't play on an artificial surface. Would be interesting to see how they handle that.

The Dan Patrick show is always entertaining. Primetime Sports on Sportsnet is usually a fun listen.

Anonymous said...

" If the iconic logo we have known for years was going to be front and center on the jersey, I might have been a little upset, but its not."

Try proof reading.

Anonymous said...

How about 5 teams making the playoffs? 1 gets a bye with 2 vs 5 and 3 against 4. Still three weeks of playoffs to enjoy!


BombersJets said...

If you think Mike O'Shea is going to allow anything close to Swaggerville talk to run thru the Bombers locker room you're out to lunch. This is a completely different Winnipeg team that can outscore anyone in the league. The D needs to keep improving but they're moving in the right direction. Quite frankly I hope you don't think we're for real but maybe you will after we sweep the season series from the Riders in a few weeks

Anonymous said...

Want to kill interest in the Grey Cup? Change the East/West format.I don't want a (ie) Calgary-Edmonton Grey Cup just like I don't want a Hamilton-Toronto Grey Cup. I don't care if one division currently is stronger. I don't care if the one Team only won 5 games.Anything can happen in one game. Even with an imbalance can anyone remember an uninteresting blow out Grey Cup? Well there has been 3 since 1980.
1984 Winnipeg 47 - Hamilton 17
1990 Winnipeg 50 - EE 11
1997 Toronto 47 - Sk 23
I hope you people get this nonsense out of your system. I want to cheer for a Western team and I don't care which one it is!!!!

Anonymous said...

That 'Swaggerville' thing was a different era Scruffy. Different management, different coaches and different players.
Odell Willis had the most 'swagger' and now he's an Eskimo and he was pretty much silenced last night.
The time to admit the Bombers are upper echelon is now.

Dan said...

I know exactly when the next version of swaggerville crashes down......labour day weekend!!

Anonymous said...

No Scruffy, the Adams trade is for this year as well as moving forward. If you listened you would hear Adams will be active in short yardage immediately. One of Bridge or Williams will not dress each week.

I don't believe it has anything to do with Franklin. Whats wrong with franklin, adams and williams QB's next year?

Anonymous said...

Let's not get ahead of oursleves. Mosaic was listed as one of many POTENTIAL locations. Now it is up to Evraz to put a bid teogether to become a reality - which may include having to make a grass pitch - for an exhibition match!

It wont happen because the Roughriders say it won't.

Anonymous said...

Then you have 3 teams left? 1 team gets a bye through 2 rounds ... You better rethink this.

Ryan said...

The Bruce Pritchard podcast about the attitude era of the WWF is always an interesting listen. Same with the Eric Bischoff and Jim Cornette podcasts. Jim Ross always has on some interesting guests. Those are just for us wrestling fans.

Anonymous said...

Piffles Podcast is one of the best for the Riders and the CFL

mister winnipeg said...

"When do we start to stand up and say Winnipeg is for real?"

Will back to back pastings at the LDC and Banjo Bowl convince you?


Anonymous said...

Gotta go with Rod earlier saying the feeling is when Franklin gets traded it won't be to the Riders. You gotta stop pinning your hopes on other people's players, dreaming those teams will trade them your way. Enough of the Eskimo envy. You wanted their GC coach, you got him, I'm sure Esks aren't missing him. You want their backup QB, clear admission he's better than what you got yet you think playoffs are ahead with what amounts to Eskimo 3rd stringer if Franklin is your #1. What's next - Hervey as GM?? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

You were just about beat by mostly a practice roster of the Eskimos...your going to get a wake up call in the rematch and the Stamps will beat you anyway also. Don't get to worked up yet because not even half way through the season

Anonymous said...

Remember a while back when Ottawa had 5 wins and just about deat Edmonton 14 and 2 , that grey cup. That. 5 teams making the playoffs is interesting, 1rst place gets a by , so still 3 playoff goes

Anonymous said...

This got me thinking. I am a supporter of East/West divisions. The lack of parity has become something of an issue in recent years, and is highlighted again this year. If playoffs start tomorrow, the Riders are out despite having the same record as first in the East. BC, having a better record than the entire East division, would take Ottawa's spot as third in the East with the crossover.

What if we re-imagine the crossover?

What if (in years when the Crossover comes into play) the second best team gets the other division's bye? Or depending on standings, they seed in the playoffs as if they were in the other division?

It becomes more complicated standings-wise, but it improves the chances of the best teams meeting in the Grey Cup.


Anonymous said...

"Remember a while back when..." Dude that Grey Cup was 36 years ago. I want even born yet. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

So in the last 20 years the east has won 8 grey cups so a 60-40 split and fans think this is dominant western champions.. if you want one division explain who will show if Toronto plays Hamilton in the grey cup in regina.

Anonymous said...

All the stadiums that host CFL teams have artificial turf, as do a majority of US football stadiums. So, unless FIFA is going to pay to rip out the turf and put in natural grass, they will have to play on artificial. They should already realize that if they want to have the World Cup in North America. If it's up to the cities to do it, then enjoy paying about $1000 per ticket to cover the cost.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Brad, but 5 teams making the playoffs doesn't work. So 1st place gets a bye then the other 4 play each other. That then leaves 3 teams. So 1st place gets a bye for 2 weeks???? Never going to happen dude! Do the math!!!

BombersJets said...

As opposed to losing to the Esks like every other team has so far this season regardless of the injuries.. I'll take the win gladly. I respect Edmonton and in my opinion Mike Reilly is the best player in the league. You could very well be right and the Bombers may lose to the Esks and Stamps. I wasn't talking about those games though. Doesn't change the fact we've got a good shot at taking 3 wins from Sask

Anonymous said...

No Professional sports league that wants any degree of respect can't reward incompetence. It's an 9 friggin team league, not division. You don't divide it 5-4 and think you have something. The fans that pay and support their teams shouldn't have to swallow hard and watch a team with a substandard record move on to the playoffs. And they in turn they are sent to next year country! How can anybody say that a BC vs Winnipeg Grey Cup would be less than a Toronto vs Calgary GC. What about a battle of Alberta? I don't want to see a sub .500 football team in the playoffs when a team .500 or better sits at home. A .500 team winning the GC is only a selling point in ancient eyes. The best should be in the final game, not the cockeyed system dictating it.

Anonymous said...

Draisaitl is a stud!

Anonymous said...

The Piffles Podcast? Who submitted this? I am guessing Piffles. What a wannabe jock-sniffer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the WMBL. It's a great baseball league that is getting better each year.

Anonymous said...

"if you want one division explain who will show if Toronto plays Hamilton in the grey cup in regina." EXACTLY my point.
You are going to pay big bucks ,sit in the cold, and get excited to cheer for...Hamilton? Toronto? What about the battle of Alberta? Who in SK cares? We love the Riders and in the Grey Cup we cheer for the Western team even if we hate them for the rest of the year.